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How To Make Money With Amazon Associate Program

As a marketer myself, I know how hard it is to make a good living online. I’ve looked at just about every kind of opportunity there is – from small incremental freelancing to trying to start six-figure marketing plans. If you have tried, I’ve probably done so, too! That’s why I believe I can offer you some solid advice here when it comes to making money online.

When it comes to making money directly from the internet, one common issue that we can have is grasping just how hard making money online is. It’s a challenging thing to get right, and often takes no small amount of effort – and luck. It also takes a lot of planning, preparation, and placement of ideas. If you wish to start making a living online, then you might want to read into the Amazon Associate Program.

This has become a go-to program for many people and is one of the best ways to make a living without having to build a website. So, if you want to know how to make money with Amazon Associate Program techniques, read on. I’m about to show you how this works.

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What is the Amazon Associate Program?

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How to Make Money OnlineSo, before you can start learning how to make money with Amazon Associate Program selling, you need to understand what it actually is. I am going to assume that you know what affiliate marketing is (selling someone else’s product on their behalf and receiving a cut of the sale for sending them the purchase).

It’s so powerful as it takes out the next to have your own product, your own shipping service, your own stock, etc. – you refer someone to buy from the dealer you’re an affiliate of, and they see you rewarded financially for your efforts.

If you have a blog or a website, you can easily build it around recommending products that you can find on the Amazon Associate Program. That is stupidly powerful. It allows you to earn around 4% on commission for every sale that you make someone else.

Affiliate marketing works as you are given a unique link that is given to you as part of the program. You use that unique affiliate link instead of linking to the product as you normally would. Now, if someone were to click on your link and then be convinced enough to purchase through Amazon, you would receive 4% of whatever the cost of the product is.

You can start selling the goods of others and in return make a small cut on the sale. It’s the perfect place to start for most affiliates with genuine ambition.

Why should I use the Amazon Associate Program?

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There are many pros to becoming part of the Amazon Associate Program and being an affiliate for the largest online retailer on the planet. Just some of the reasons why we recommend that you look to use it as the basis of your affiliate business include:

  1. Amazon is one of the most commonly visited websites on the planet. As such, people will be happy to buy from Amazon; recommending Amazon goods is a pro, not a con!
  2. One of the other factors that make the program so good is that it is free to join. Unlike other affiliates, you aren’t expected to prove yourself with traffic quotas before joining.
  3. With thousands of products to pick from, it’s easy to make how to make money with Amazon Associate Program regardless of the kind of industry or niche that you work within.
  4. For that reason, you can easily make sure that you can get the help that you need thanks to the small army of tools the AAP offers you to work with for improving sales.
  5. Unlike other affiliate programs, you get all manner of metrics so that you can see what is selling and what is being ignored so that you can adjust and adapt to market needs.
  6. Amazon has excellent customer service, so if you are going to have problems with a customer, then they can easily make sure you can get the support you require.
  7. Deposits and withdrawals aren’t limited to how you can receive them, and you can get a direct deposit right to your bank account: no cheques that bounce or never go through!

A nice hidden bonus of the Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Associates ProgramThe other MAJOR gift we feel that we have to mention is the affiliate methodology. When you want to use this system, you’ll see why it’s so easy to learn how to make money with Amazon Associate Program.

The fact is that you don’t even need someone to buy the item that you recommended them to look at on Amazon with your affiliate link. In fact, if they buy something – anything – on that visit, you get a commission on that as well!

So long as they buy within 24 hours of clicking on your link, then anything they buy on Amazon in that period could be credited to you in the form of a commission.

So, as you could imagine, you could quickly start to spike up your earnings using the AAP. All it takes is someone who has a few items in their basket to check them all out at once when they click on your affiliate link, and you could be getting plenty!

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Things to consider when using the Amazon Associate Program

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  • That being said, it’s not all going to be plain sailing. One thing to think of is that you have a $100 minimum payout. So, if you are still starting out, you might be waiting a few weeks before you can get that first payment in the door.
  • Another issue is geography. If you are part of the Amazon US program, then you can only promote products on Amazon US. If a British reader then goes to buy the same product on Amazon UK, you will not get the commission for that.
  • One other part of being in the Program is that you are not allowed to promote product links via the link. It’s a weird rule, as ‘the money is in the list’ so it will mean having to link people instead to read your blog post on your actual website. While not a big deal, it will somewhat stunt how much you can do with your Amazon affiliate links.
  • You might also raise eyebrows at the 4% commission rate. Yes, that is much smaller than the average 6-10% you get on most other affiliate programs. The ease of use, the trustworthiness of the Amazon name, and the product variety, though, more than make up for that.

Promoting yourself as part of the Amazon Associate Program

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Now that you know why the AAP is of such rich benefit to you as an affiliate let’s look at something else: how do you entice people to click on your link so that you can make money with the Amazon Associate Program? How do you promote yourself?

  • You could write a blog. You could start up a blog that reviews X number of products in that particular niche. Just remember to have a niche: having a blog that reviews everything and anything often means little traffic of value as you’re trying to be an expert for everyone.
  • You could write product reviews. Similar to the above, you could start up a website that creates written and video reviews of products. Try and review it from an individual perspective, though. For example, an artist and a decorator would have different uses for the same paintbrush set: what angle could you write most convincingly?
  • Pick popular content. Another simple tactic is to create a website that is all about just looking at the top sellers in a particular niche. It would mean doing a lot of writing and reviewing as the top sellers change all the time. It will, though, produce plenty of value for you to enjoy picking up over time, and it does mean promoting products you know are popular.
  • Social media content. Another right way to promote yourself is to become a social media name. Creating easily shared social media content such as blogs, videos, and infographics with the links embedded within could be great for making sure you get lots of traffic.

Joining the Amazon Associate Program

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Before we wrap up, we wanted to show you just how easy it is to get started.

  1. Start by visiting the Amazon Associate Program website. Sign-up with your chosen credentials. Be sure to read their Terms and Conditions carefully.

  2. Now, start looking through their catalogs using keywords, product names, etc. to see what pops up that you could see yourself promoting and selling.

  3. Work out the best method for promotion and see what tools Amazon gives you. For example, you get ad scripts that you can use in the middle of a blog post.

Once you do this, you will be already well on the right path to get started. It’s now up to you to choose your advertising medium, your products, your traffic sources and set your budget. All of that can be a hard thing to select without expertise, though. What should you do when that is the case?

How can I get started using the Amazon Associate Program?

Well, as I have mentioned above, getting started is a piece of cake. However, I know that you probably don’t want to go it alone. Again. Nobody wants to try and start a new business opportunity without some cast-iron guarantee it’s going to have at least a chance of going well. That is why I recommend that if you wish to learn how to make money with Amazon Associate Program solutions, then you look at joining Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate ProgramWealthy Affiliate is the ideal program to be a part of when you wish to push yourself further forward as a marketer. It’s a tool that does a lot for affiliates like you who don’t want to have all the stress of other marketing methodologies. One thing that is great about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is just so easy to get help. Other membership programs can feel like a bit of a battle for position: this is not the case here.

It’s coached by someone who you can trust known as Jay Neill: Jay is a bit of a mastermind when it comes to affiliate marketing. Alongside Kyle and Carson, the two founders of Wealth Affiliate, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Learning through a platform like this is going to be useful for you in the long run, I believe. It helped me to make the most of using the Amazon Associate Program and enabled me to push my profits further up as I worked online. If you wish to use the AAP, then you probably do want to get some help: at least in the beginning.

==>Review of Wealthy Affiliate<==

Should I start using the Amazon Associate Program?

While nobody can tell you what to do with your own money, I recommend that you try it out.

By taking out much of the stress and work of traditional affiliate marketing, the AAP is an excellent way to help make sure you can get a good start in building up your online empire and making sure you have the chance of making it big.

Yes, it’s tough. Yes, it’s going to take a fair amount of work to do this as you had intended. So long as you are serious about the opportunity, though, there is no reason at all why you need to struggle with the Amazon Associate Program. I recommend that you at least try it, though; with so many features and so many benefits, you can only stand to receive some help from it!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.

Top 3 CBD Oil Affiliate Programs | Get In Early!

CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for a hot-trending affiliate market to start an online business in than you will want to look into CBD oil affiliate programs.

The CBD oil industry is booming right now and set to explode in the future. The legalization of marijuana is going global, and the health benefits of CBD oil products are catching on as well. So if your looking to get into this market the time is ripe for significant success moving forward!

I have reviewed the top 3 CBD oil affiliate programs that are worth looking into and taking action on them to cash in on the major potential that this industry provides. The following are the 3 top CBD oil affiliate programs that I believe will benefit you moving forward.

CBD Pure

CBD Pure Affiliate Program

Company Name: Nutra Pure LLC.
Brand Name: CBD Pure
Corporate Headquarters: Vancouver, WA
President: CJ Montgomery
BBB Rating: A+
Years in Business: 6
Commission Rate: 40%

CBD Pure is a brand owned by a company called Nutra Pure. This company was started in 2012 and has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. They offer one of the highest commission rates in the industry at 40%. CBD Pure has my top rating for CBD oil affiliate programs. Nutra Pure LLC is also incorporated in the UK as well, and they have an excellent track record of paying their affiliates on time every time. They also provide a product that is well tested and proven to work for those suffering from a plethora of symptoms from pain in the joints to depression. Their products have no known side effects.

CBD Pure Product Line

CBD Pure offers a line of products of varying doses of hemp oil. They also provide a line of products of hemp oil for pets'. So if you are looking to get into the pets' health and wellness niche, this would be a great product to promote within that niche. Here is the line of products you can promote as a member of their affiliate program.

Human Consumption:

  • CBD Hemp Oil 100 MG
  • CBD Hemp Oil 300 MG
  • CBD Hemp Oil 600 MG
  • CBD Oil Softgels 750 MG

Pet Consumption

  • 1 Bottle CBD Hemp Oil 100 MG
  • 3 Bottles CBD Hemp Oil 100 MG Each
  • 6 Bottles CBD Hemp Oil 100 MG Each

The CBD oil that Nutra Pure manufactures' comes from the finest organically grown hemp plants that provide the purest cannabidiol around. The hemp plants that they use for their CBD oil are grown in the naturally fertile soils of Colorado. CBD Pure also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee to its customers that is unheard-of in the industry.

CBD Pure' affiliate program is well worth joining if you are going to build an online business around CBD oil. With 40% commissions and a proven product that works, you can make a good living by promoting their products.

==>Join The CBD Pure Affiliate Program Here<==

CBD BioCare

CBD BioCare Affiliate Program

Company Name: Kushy Enterprises LLC
Brand Name: CBD BioCare
Headquarters: Largo, Florida
Principle: James M. Pitts
Business Entity: Limited Liability Company
Years in Business: 2

CBD BioCare has been around since 2016. They provide an easy to follow pay structure that is one of the most generous in the legal marijuana industry. There are five tiers in CBD BioCare’s pay structure. The first two tiers you are a sales representative. As a sales representative on the first tier, you get paid 20% commission rate up to $999. On the second tier, you get a commission of 25% from $1000 up to $4999.

The 3rd and 4th tiers of BioCares' commission structure you are considered a sales manager. The third tier you are paid a commission of 30% from $5000 up to $14999. On the fourth Tier, you are paid a commission of 35% from $15000 to $24999. When you get to the 5th tier, you are considered a CBD CEO and you are paid a commission of 40% from $25000 on up.

For referring people to the CBD BioCares affiliate program, you get a 10% commission on what they sell.

CBD BioCare – Product Line

There is a lot more to choose from in CBD BioCares product line compared to CBD Pure. The following is their product lines:

  • CBD BioCare – This product includes CBD oils
  • CBD BioSkinCare – CBD creams and topicals
  • All-Natural – CBD BioSkinCare – The same type of products as the regular BioSkinCare but without any of the added chemicals
  • CBD BioPetCare – In this product line, you will find CBD oils for your Pets.

Check Out CBD BioCare Here


CBD Fx Affiliate Program

Company: Vapeco
Brand Name: CBD Fx
Director of Operations: Allyssa Phillips
Headquarters: Chatsworth, California

This is the third of the top three CBD oil affiliate programs. CBD FX offers Many great products in the CBD oil market. They offer more CBD oil products that I have seen in one company before. The following is a list of the products available from CBD Fx.

  • CBD Vape juice for e-cigarettes
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD oil
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD for pets'
  • CBD drinks
  • CBD terpenes
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD vape pens and Kits
  • CBD concentrates
  • CBD for pets'

It's amazing how many products are available on the market. Hemp is the new cash crop! CBD Fx makes many of these tremendous hemp-based products. With this affiliate company, you will have no problem finding CBD oil products to sell to your target audience.

The affiliate program that CBD FX offers is an excellent one. You get a nice 20% commission on the products that you promote and sell. The affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days so when a person clicks on your affiliate link they are yours for 90 days. CBD FX pays you by PayPal, Check or Bank Transfer. The payout thresholds are as follows:

  • PayPal: $100 Threshold
  • Check: $200 Threshold
  • Bank Transfer: $1000 Threshold

For The CBD Fx Affiliate Program Click Here

Start Today

To recap my pick for the top 3 CBD oil affiliate programs are:

  1. CBD Pure
  2. CBD BioCare
  3. CBD Fx

These three CBD affiliate programs have in my opinion the best CBD oil products on the market today plus they have an excellent commission structure. They pay on time, and you can trust that they will provide top quality support to their affiliates and customers.

The time is now to start an online business around the CBD oil industry. If you start now, then you will be up and running ready to take advantage of when this opportunity takes off. And by the statistics growth in this industry is going to skyrocket in the near future. So, take full advantage of these affiliate programs and do a successful business out of the CBD oil market.

==>Click Here to Start Your CBD Oil Online Business<==

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and I hope you found this information useful.