Is Vasayo a Scam? The Liposomal Leverage

Welcome to my Vasayo review! Sit back as we explore the ins and outs of this health and beauty company! From the owners to the products discover the facts behind this MLM company. We will be answering a few questions about the MLM company Vasayo so you can make an informed decision on whether you should join them or not. First off you will be answering the following question:

Is Vasayo a scam? No, Vasayo is just one of the many MLM companies that focuses on the health and wellness sector. Their goal is to provide the market with products that have the latest technological advancement, Liposomes.

Although their products cost more than the usual beauty products that are offered by other companies. The Vasayo compensation plan for their “brand partners” is by a binary pay structure.

Overall, their products are legitimate (although not yet FDA approved), but I wouldn’t recommend going all out on your investment for the company.

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Vasayo. This is an honest review to provide you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Vasayo is for you!

With all the multi-level marketing companies in the world today that focus on health, beauty, and wellness, it can be quite a challenge to find one company that is legit starting from their products to their compensation plans. This is where you can check out Vasayo.

Not only do they claim that their products are backed with Advanced Delivery Technology that is absorbed more by our bodies, but they also intend to build a stable and long-term organization for all their brand partners.

Vasayo Review Summary

Vasayo LogoProduct Name: Vasayo

Founder:  Dallin Larsen

Product Type:  MLM

Price:  $200 – $900

Best For: No one

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: No

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Vasayo History – Foundations to Become a Global Brand

Globe with hands around it.

As someone who wants to invest your money, it’s fine that you’re looking into the background of the company that you’re interested in. Is Vasayo a Scam? Let’s take a look at how Vasayo started, their management team, and plans for the future.

A quick background on the founder of Vasayo, Dallin Larsen. Dallin is a well-known person in the direct selling industry with the experience of more than three decades.

Being the founder of MonaVie in 2005 and managing to upscale the annual revenue of MonaVie by 2008 to almost $850 million, he was able to create a solid career in the world of the multi-level marketing industry.

Coming out from his retirement, Dallin and his team did the soft-launching of Vasayo in January 2017, and, just after 5 months, they officially opened the business by May 2017.  By 2018, they were already able to give out millions of commissions to their Brand Partners.

So how do they become a global brand? By enabling Asian businessmen to influence their business strategy.

Along with Dallin and Karree, they are joined by Dan Zhu, President of Asia-Pacific and Co-Founder, who handles the executive management and Daniel Picou, President and Co-Founder of Vasayo, who is involved in direct selling.

This gives them the advantage that they need to enter the market of the Asia-Pacific region. They already have offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and are currently doing the needed groundwork both in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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With this kind of background, I can confidently say they’re coming off from the right track and this assures you that you would need if you’re planning to invest in their company.

What Separates Their Products From The Rest?

Liposome bubble.

For starters, from plants to processing and packaging, all their products come from the USA. Although a number of their ingredients are mostly used in Chinese herbal medicine.

Their advantages? Advanced Delivery Technology by creating liposomes.

Vasayo claims that most of the traditional supplements that are taken orally are not being absorbed by our body properly because of our natural gastric acids. This is where the liposomes come in.

The liposomes create doubled-layer spheres or “bubbles” around the nutrients in the product that enables it to be intact while passing through our digestive system (gastric acids).

The nutrients in return are then absorbed by our bodies and are utilized more effectively. Although Vasayo puts a disclaimer that the above statements are yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, they use these liposomes in all their product lines.

Vasayo Product Lines & Ingredients

Vasayo Product Line

As a multi-level marketing company, they would need products that they could sell to entice their potential buyers and brand partners. So what are the products that you can use if you invest in Vasayo?

 Like what I mentioned earlier, this company uses plants as their ingredients that are used as Chinese herbal medicines. Some of their product lines are the following:

  1.  Neuro MicroLife Nutritionals – Vasayo claims that their product Neuro helps nourish the brain to enhance its performance in memory, focus, clarify, and overall brain function. Some of the ingredients that they use for this product are:

    1. Guarana – the seeds of guarana have twice the power of your typical caffeine which is typically known to improve mental performance and provide alertness.

    2. Gingko Biloba – this ingredient goes back to the thousands of years for Chinese medicine. People take this with the belief that it improves their memory and sharpens the mind.

  2. Sleep Micromyst MicroLife Nutritionals – the main objective of this product is particularly obvious. It helps you feel relaxed and restore your natural cycle in sleeping. What are the ingredients?

    1. GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) – a neurotransmitter that helps the brain to be more relaxed and enables you to have a more normal sleep cycle.

    2. Vitamins B2 and B6 – helps produce hormones in the brain called melatonin that encourages the body to have a normal sleep cycle

  3. V-Slim Weight Management – Unlike other products in the market that focuses extensively on weight control, V-Slim Weight Management has ingredients that boost your metabolism, reduces cravings, and helps maintain your blood sugar levels. Some of its ingredients are the following:

    1. Slimaluma (Caralluma Fimbriata) – used in Indian medicine, this cactus-like plant suppresses your hunger and appetite for food.

    2. Gymnema Sylvestre – also used in India, this ingredient enables your body to maintain your blood sugar levels.

    3. Garcinia Cambogia – this contains HCA (hydroxycitric acid) that boosts your metabolism, also helps maintain your blood sugar levels, and slows down your stress hormones.

Vasayo Tools


To start, this company has its own cloud-based platform wherein all their back-office do their work which is called VCloud. Not only does this allow the company to have less overhead cost, but they can already focus their strategies and strengths to their products and support their brand partners.

In this platform, brand partners can view from their computers or smartphones and check their commissions, up-to-date status of the orders, run reports, shop, enroll other people, and communicate with their downlines.

Sounds enticing right? Wait until you see their compensation plan and the company’s plan for their brand partners.

Vasayo Compensation Plan

Although Vasayo’s products have leverage against their competitors, their compensation plan for their affiliates and brand partners is one-step ahead from the rest.

If you think that Vasayo is the company for you, check out their compensation plan below:

Vasayo has a simple binary pay structure wherein a brand partner will have 2 legs to build his team. With high volume and the more balanced, your 2 legs have, the better chances you have to increase your ranks.

Vasayo has a total of 18 commissionable ranks that you can qualify for. The higher your rank, the better the commission, and incentives. Having balanced legs and personal referrals are the easiest ways for you to succeed in this industry.

Before going deeper into the compensation plan, it’s easier to discuss the terminologies first.

  • PV or Personal Volume – is the volume that you generate through personal sales and referral signups.

  • GV or Group Volume – is the volume that your downlines generate and referrals.

  • Active Customer – is someone who purchases within 4 weeks with at least 35 volume

Bonus For Customer Sales

  • If you enroll as an affiliate or brand partner for Vasayo, you will get 20% of all of the sales from your Customer’s Volume weekly.

  • If you happen to enroll a brand partner and have 4-7 active customers, you will receive a $40 bonus. But if they have 8 or more active customers, then you will receive an $80 bonus.

  • 50% of all Customer Volume is rolled upline.

Bonus for Team Commission

  • When your team reaches the cycle of 240 CV or 480 CV, you will be paid $28 per cycle.

  • If your cycle reaches the cap of 1,000 per week, you will receive $28,000 per week.

Additional Opportunities

  • If your personal referral Brand Partner purchases any product package from Vasayo for their initial sign-up, you will automatically get 15-30% of the sales per package.

  • If you have 2 personal referrals for Brand Partner, you will automatically get a $50 bonus.

  • If both of your personal referrals provide 2 more Brand Partners each, you will automatically get a $100 bonus.

  • Leadership Bonus Pool

  • Product Introduction Bonus

  • Rank Advancement Bonus

  • Vasayo also offers a 2.5% Executive Check Match that gives out 7 generations deep

Residual Commissions

If you reach the required quotas per rank as a Brand Partner in Vasayo, you will be able to go up higher in the ranks easily and get paid out more. So what can you get from Vasayo if you reach their requirements? Check out below.


Cycle Cap Total Commissions
Starter Group 100 $2,800
Bronze 200 $5,600
Silver 300 $8,400
Gold 400 $11,200
Platinum 500 $12,500
Peril 600 $14,000
Blue Sapphire 700 $19,600
Ruby 800 $20,000
Emerald 900 $22,500
Diamond to Imperial Black Diamond 1000 $25,000
Crown Blue Diamond and Higher 1000 $28,000

Complaints, Customer Service & BBB Rating

With the massive boom since the start-up of Vasayo, there are only a couple of complaints that I’ve found on which is a good point to take.

What amazes me the most is that their back-support customer service is active and resolves the complaints as best as they can. Most of the complaints that they got are buyers of their products and they gave out a full refund.

The Better Business Bureau gave a B+ rating to Vasayo for their ability to respond and resolve customer complaints. Although, they were unable to respond to 1 complaint.

Is Vasayo a Scam?

So is Vasayo a scam? No, it’s not. It has actual products that you can sell and has a solid compensation plan.

Even if you’re a newbie or is already experienced when it comes to joining multi-level marketing, I believe that it would be safe to join Vasayo and become their Brand Partner.

But you have to take note that their products are more expensive. And compared to other products and you might have a hard time doing personal selling.

Affiliate Marketing Recommendation

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  • Advanced Delivery Technology in the product lines
  • Great back-office support
  • Competitive Compensation Plan
  • VCloud Tools and Technology


  • Expensive product lines
  • Complaints and Refunds
  • Low chance of repeat buyers

10 thoughts on “Is Vasayo a Scam? The Liposomal Leverage”

  1. Hello Cory, thank you for sharing this really helpful article about Vasayo. I have even invested a couple of times to join the business by my friends and little did I know it’s just another MLM company which I have vowed to stay clear off. This company has a very fine niche and it would be good to feel their products work but they are too expensive to buy. The pricing and mode of business are way too off me.

    • Vasayo is an expensive venture to get involved with. A minimum of $200 to get started and their products are on the high end as well. So unless you have a chunk of change to spare and are a really good salesperson I wouldn’t recommend Vasayo as a money-making opportunity.

  2. Thanks for the detailed review of the Vasayo company but I must say that it is glaring that this company just like other MLM companies does not have our best interests to heart and that is the reason they have decided to offer MLM business. 

    The fact that they are in the health and wellness niche alone is enough reason not to join for me because of the competitive nature of the niche. It might not be easy at all to win sales. This is great to see here. Thanks

    • The health and wellness niche is extremely hard to gain a foothold in because it’s so saturated and competition is fierce. The government also regulates anything that is related to health so you have to be very careful when promoting anything that has to do with products that promote health.

  3. A very interesting article! Thank you!

    It’s quite nice to see an MLM company that actually has potential and is not so overwhelmed. Maybe this is because it is reasonably affordable and new!!!

    I am usually very skeptical about MLM companies such as Vasayo because I believe only the top-level individuals usually actually make money. With VAsayo only being around since 2017, I suppose this could be an opportunity to actually be at the top  (or at least mid) level and therefore there is a real opportunity to make some money.

    I’m still not convinced about the product(s) though. If they were really as good as they claim, then why wouldn’t they be available on the high-street?


    • Hi Lawrence,

      Vasayo is new and they really haven’t been around long enough to prove that their products are all that. And with any MLM opportunity, you need to bring in a lot of people in order to make a decent income. If you can get in on the ground floor you have the best chance for success.

      But more times than not the founders of the company and early investors are the ones who make the majority of the money.

      Affiliate marketing is a much better way to go if you want to make money online!

  4. Good day Cory. The article about Vasayo is helpful. Through my experience, I found that MLM companies have very expensive products and most people cannot afford it. Does the investor really making money and is the investment safe? 

    Because if the people below the 2 legs are not doing what they should do, leaves me with a question mark. Vasayo company is like all the other MLM companies. This business model does not have the marketer’s interest at heart.

    I would not recommend Vasayo as a money-making opportunity, especially in the health market. Regulations are very strict in every country of the world. 

    • The health market is a tough one to get into and if you represent a company that sells health care products you put yourself at risk of a lawsuit if the company sells harmful products to its customers. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want any part of that.

      That’s one of the reasons I steer clear of MLM opportunities, especially in the health and wellness sector. Even if the products are good they are usually overpriced which makes them even harder to sell to the public.

  5. Personally, I would stay away from companies that preached ‘Advanced Technology’ products using MLM marketing. It’s shady because these products are sold by distributors who don’t necessarily have the appropriate qualification to talk about health and fitness. Their statements are largely driven by rewards and not based on their thorough knowledge and genuine interest in helping others. 

    • I agree! Advanced technology is usually just a gimmick to sell more of their products. MLM is mostly only about the almighty dollar and not helping people.


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