Nevetica: Is It Just Another Scam?

Welcome to my Nevetica Review!

If you’re a pet parent in search of the right products for your pet’s nutrition, this company may have what you’ve been looking for.

Perhaps, you can also have the opportunity to share this discovery with like-minded people who has the biggest love for their pets! Could this also be a chance for you and them to make profits along the way? Let’s find out!

I introduce you to Nevetica!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Nevetica. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Nevetica is for you!

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Nevetica Summary Review

Product Name: Nevetica

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing Company

Price: $199.99-$475

Best For:  People who have the biggest love for their pets, would love to share this opportunity of offering high-quality products to other pet parents and for those who can turn this into a chance of earning profits.

Summary: Nevetica is far from being a scam. This company just wants to bridge the gap in providing the best nutrition for everyone’s pets and help you build a career in this industry. Even so, there are quite a few red flags you might want to put into consideration before signing up for this.

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No

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As time passes, different business models are being implemented everywhere. It’s no surprise that despite all that, multi-level marketing never seems to go out of style.

Why is that?

I guess it’s that even people have the knowledge that it is close to impossible to become a millionaire at that industry, they still have high hopes at it.

Let’s say an uncle of mine had reached the top of the ladder at some networking company and keeps inspiring others about the possibility of becoming one too… I don’t want to say that he’s giving false hopes, because he actually attained it with hard work. And many have been just one of the first people to become a part of that business venture.

But today, imagine the number of people who are struggling at this point just to get to another level of an executive rank… If you join now, in what place would you be at?

A few may have been at the top of Mt. Everest, others are having difficulty to catch up and you? It’s like you’re still home trying to pack your things to travel there. You get my point.

But that’s what Nevetica will tell you. They’ll give you an opportunity, you might not resist. But after this review, I may change your mind. Who knows?

We will see about that!

What Is Nevetica?

Are you ready to change not just your pet’s life but yours, as well?

Nevetica will give you the chance of both!

This company created in 2016 is devoted to providing the pet parents their needs and wants for their loving pets! Who doesn’t want that anyway?

We all had to make sure that we are giving the best for our pets in maintaining and improving their overall wellness. Through the means of advancing technology, education, and the endless innovation of products, anything is possible.

But, can their business opportunity have the capacity to give an individual more than the ideal income they are pursuing?

We will see about that!

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Product Line

nevetica products

Nevetica is endorsing that its products are made of high-quality and in every transaction, you will have the security of having it delivered fast and safe.

This company’s niche is rare, even though it’s all about health and wellness; the products are not intended for humans but for our beloved and adorable pets!

As they claim, they are the first full-service venture committed to creating customized products that are made specifically for your pets.

Products available will cover your pet's nutrition, oral care, and hygiene. Plus, there are also home goods you can choose from. Merchandise can be availed per piece or in bundles.

If you’re interested in any of them, you can check out their catalog for more details!

You might not believe this, but they are also offering apparel! But this time, it’s for humans!

nevetica apparel

And if you’re a devoted distributor you can have a business card or banners customized directly at their website:

custom print business cards for nevetica distributors

How To Make Money From Nevetica

We all know that it’s not a practical choice to join any MLM company that has been operating for decades now. It’s like throwing away your money and just making the people above you get richer.

So what makes Nevetica any different? They are offering this ground floor opportunity.

You’d be invited to join today, because when would be the best time to become a consultant if not now?

Anyway, the opportunity they are talking about is giving you the chance to be the first consultant in your area and grow a team of your own.

This is an ideal and the most suitable time you can enroll in a networking company. When you have the chance to be one of the first, you better not let that pass.

Becoming A Consultant

Once you choose to enroll as a Pet consultant, you’ll be required to do the following:

  • Provide the necessary information
  • Set up payment for $199.99, you can enter a coupon code or gift certificate obtained from Nevetica for discounts.
  • Set up your replicated site.

As easy as that, you can immediately be a part of their team and start recommending products to pet parents you know!

Inclusions for this package: training manual, banner, Nevetica Magazine, and other sales materials. Unfortunately, there were no other specifics about what products you’ll be receiving once you purchase this pack.

There are also different packages you can choose from. You know MLM’s, they are usually a pay to play system. I believe this tactic just benefits the company more than you do.

Nevetica Product Pack ($475): 

There’s not much information given about this pack but, this allows you to get started on selling their products and it includes all of the products in the Nevetica Shopping portal.

We don’t know whether it’s true or not. Best stick with the primary package if you really want to be a consultant.

Nevetica Tech Pack ($24.99 per month):

I do hope Nevetica can be really more enthusiastic in providing details of what their potential consultants will pay for. I really find it bothersome that you will be asked for payments you do not even know what exactly you’re paying for. Come on?

This tech pack is free for the first 30 days, so I’m assuming this payment is probably for the replicate site you will be provided. To be honest, it’s very pricey just for that.

Timing is vital to success. You won’t want to let a very nice deal to just pass you by. Nevetica will entice you to join their company today. When is the better time except for now, right? If you can do it today, why would you still wait for tomorrow?

But could this opportunity be a practical choice?

Compensation Plan

I’m not really convinced by any compensation plans of whatever multi-level marketing company. Not that I hate them, but being a realistic person, the difficulty of being a part of that industry is literally being explained by the terms of achieving bonuses and incentives.

At most, MLM companies have the most unrealistic requirements and that’s not new anymore.

Do people really love the challenge? If you do, will you be able to work your way through the success ladder of Nevetica until you finally reach the top?

14 Levels of Executive Ranks

  1. Nevetica Pet Consultant
  2. Senior Pet Consultant
  3. Area Pet Consultant
  4. Regional Pet Consultant
  5. Director
  6. Area Director
  7. Regional Director
  8. National Director
  9. Vice President
  10. President
  11. International President
  12. Diamond
  13. Blue Diamond
  14. Black Diamond

You may have known a few people who tried their best to find success in an MLM company but unfortunately failed… Mostly, the real reason is the obvious difficulty of getting on the second level of the multiple ranks available. Kudos to those who really made such breakthroughs from achieving to be on top.

12 Potential Ways To Earn From Nevetica

  1. Personal Sales – this allows you to earn as much as 35% of cash bonuses weekly. More customers, more bonuses.
  2. First Order Bonus –  a 15% bonus will be given to you only if first orders are made by your personally recruited downline. This bonus is applicable up to 3 levels deep. If you become a Regional Director, there will be an additional 5%. Potential of earning up to more levels will only be applicable if you have at least one Regional Director from your downline.
  3. Unilevel Bonus – worth of 10% Sales Volume Bonus or more up to six levels deep will be paid according to your executive rank.
  4. Turbo Infinity Bonus – once you’ve reached the title of President this guarantees your percentage bonus on the sales volume that exists at every level in your business. This simply means that you earn from everybody’s sales!
  5. Income Match Bonus –  up to 25% of the commission of your downline’s income within the first 6 generations of the group. Once you’re an International President or above, you will have an additional 8%.
  6. Leadership Advancement Bonus – this is a one time bonus when achieving leadership ranks. You will earn from $1,000 to $100,000.
  7. Global Pool Bonus- as the company grows, this bonus grows. This is for top leaders of the company that is entitled to a quarterly award. It’s 1% of all the qualified sales volume from the monthly sales of every distributor in the company. It is nationwide and potentially, worldwide.
  8. Nevetica Sponsored Incentive Trips – top leaders that are qualified may be given an all-expense-paid trip to exotic places, yearly!
  9. Executive Leadership Council –  This is another all-expense paid trip, but this time it’s a meeting with fellow executive leaders along with the president of Nevetica! You will also be given gifts from the National Nevetica Convention.

Here are 3 more promotional offers that will be given to you upon activation:

  1. Management Level Ranking Bonus – one-time $100 if you become a Regional Pet Consultant and another $500 if you achieved to be a Regional Director.
  2. Matching Management Level Ranking Bonus –  another one time-bonus but this time this can be received if you have helped one of your downlines achieve the management level ranking bonus!
  3. Car Bonus – If you think Mary Kay is the only MLM company that offers career car programs, well it’s not. When you qualify for this program, you will have a $1200 per month towards a car of your choice!

As much as I would want to give you a more detailed explanation about their available compensation plan, but that’s the specifics I could only acquire.

If you prefer, you can watch this video from Nevetica:

Sure, being a part of a business however small has its own struggles and it’s never easy to earn money, but it will never be easier if you join an MLM company. Only if you have what it takes, the exceptional skills on recruiting and direct selling, and the chance of being one of the first distributors. Plus, the endless patience and perseverance!

Thinking about working your way up the ladder at networking companies is hard enough already. You see, it’s usually not that complicated to comprehend how you can achieve commissions or certain rewards. But, how you do it is the tricky part.

Ugly Truths Revealed

No Transparency

We all wanted a very detailed compensation plan, a full income disclosure statement, proofs of claims, and all that. Unfortunately, Nevetica is lacking in those very important things.

Untested and Unnecessary Products!

I don’t know about you but, I wouldn’t want any of my pets to use products that are never even tested!

There is no proof that products were tested and proven safe. Also, there are complaints that they are actually toxic to pets.

Being a reasonable person, I seriously don’t think that the merchandise Nevetica is offering is what my pets really need. For those who are very serious and keen on taking care of their canines or felines, sure go for it. If you also have the money to spend and that much devotion for your pets, then why not?

But for me, it’s never going to be a necessity. You wouldn’t believe how stray dogs in the Philippines can survive longer than dogs who are pampered-well by their owners. To think that those stray ones are exposed to unkind weather, feeds off from trash and has no warm place to stay, but can actually manage to live long.

Anyway, my point is, some things aren’t practical to buy when you can use the money for it on something else that’s more important.

Unknown Owner!

If you will build a company that you’re so confident that it will be famous for its products or whatever, wouldn’t you want to take credit for it?

I’d like my name written all over everything when people mention the success of my business.

Unfortunately, the owner of Nevetica may not like the attention, that’s why he/she doesn’t want anyone to know them.

Or perhaps, they’re afraid of being sued whenever they end up being filed a lawsuit?

Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter. I think it’s always necessary for any individual to know who started the business they’re going to invest in.

From there, you’d already have the idea of whether this company can be trusted or not.

What I Like About Nevetica

Free Pet Assessment!

We all wanted what’s best for our beloved pets, but we all know how usually expensive veterinarian fees are! Nevetica is offering a free pet assessment wherein an expert would solely rely on the details you will provide them via forms available at their website or phone app.

Biologists and veterinarians would make this assessment and recommend your products that your pet may need to improve their health! This is quite an advantage but it sure is an expensive one when you have no choice but to purchase the products already. Anyway, I just liked the fact that Nevetica is willing to help you improve your pet’s lifestyle as well.

One-Stop-Shop Phone App!

I have always been a fan of convenience. If there would always be a way I can do multiple things in one place, and at one time, I’d do it. Good thing, today’s technology has granted us that privilege.

Like LegalShield, Nevetica has its own mobile application too.

This app will help any pet parent to have immediate access to training videos, quality support, tracking their pet’s health and all that!

nevetica phone app

Usually, the internet is not as reliable as you think it is. This only applies to certain points, like reading reviews of certain products or even businesses…

It’s so easy to create a fake profile and say something nice about something as a review when it’s not entirely true.

I hope you also try to consider this fact when investing in any venture. Because, as much as you want to believe their promises of great income or the benefits you might potentially get… there is also a possibility that none of it is true. Worse, you wasted your money for nothing.

Here are some complaints about Nevetica’s phone app. I did try to search it on App Store but nothing appeared for me.

A few may have appealed scripted to me, but I don’t know for sure. Also, there are other claims that the phone app is non-existent, but Nevetica says otherwise.

nevetica phone app reviews

Is Nevetica A Scam?

Nevetica may have sounded like a pyramid scheme from all its red flags but it’s not. This company is not a scam. Though there’s a lot of information they’re lack to provide and red flags are everywhere, this company is established just a few years ago. I might say, it still needs a lot of time to prove itself. Regardless of that, I wouldn’t vouch for this company despite its unique niche.

What I Would Recommend

Any business, however unique it claims to be, competition is inevitable. Difficulties are also something you cannot avoid.

If you can have the opportunity of choosing between becoming a part of a business where you pay a lot for the salary is big, but the success rate is low or… to an investment where you pay little, but the percentage of income potential is high and definitely passive? What would you choose?

Ideally, we’d want the one with a promise of a huge income but being practical, we’d settle for a passive earning that goes for the long run.

So why settle with an MLM company that promises so much but doesn’t really help you with anything?

How about going for affiliate marketing where most people you encounter will help you grow in that industry? And you have the assurance of having your investment return tenfold?

If you want to learn more about how you can do all these,

check out Wealthy Affiliate today!












  • free pet assessment
  • unique niche
  • own mobile app


  • no transparency
  • untested and unnecessary products
  • unknown owner
  • complaints/no positive feedbacks
  • expensive cost to join

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