What is doTerra About? (An Imitation?!)

doTerra essential oil bottles with the words is it an imitation? The Unbiased review.

Welcome to my doTerra MLM review!

Have you experienced having trouble sleeping or getting too stressed out that you don’t know what to do? Ever experienced having joint or muscle pains that you needed creams or oils to relieve the pain?

Chances are you may have heard about essential oils from a family or friend of yours trying to convince you to use their products or even recruit you as their downline.

What is doTerra? doTerra is one of the many multi-level marketing companies that offer multiple essential oils for your various needs. This may be effective if you’re the user, but selling it is a different story.

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with doTerra. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not doTerra is for you!

While doing my research for doTerra, I didn’t find any article that showed the complete “package” of the company which is why I created this article.

Here, you will know the history of doTerra, the products that they offer, the process they follow for production, their compensation plan, reviews and complaints, and my final thoughts of the company as an MLM.

Sit back, relax, and let’s start.

DOTERRA Review Summary

doTerra logo

Product Name: doTerra

Founders:  David Stirling, Mark A. Wolfert, Robert J. Young, Dr. David K. Hill, Emily Wright, Corey B. Lindley, and Gregory P. Cook

Product Type:  Multi-level Marketing

Price:  It will only cost you $35 to get the wholesale membership to doTerra.

They have multiple packs to offer, but their Introductory Pack only costs $26.67 for non-member and $20 for members which already includes 3 5mL essential oil bottles.

Best For: People who love to use essential oils and do recruitment


doTerra is one of the leading MLM companies that offer essential oils in the market today. Coming off from a previous essential oil company as well, the founders created a separate company that stands with their beliefs. They have created their own essential oil certification program to ensure that they only sell the best.

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

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