What is Total Life Changes About? Another Pyramid Scheme?

What is Total Life Changes About

Welcome to my Total Life Changes Review!

Chances are, you’ve heard about different companies that offer instant solutions to weight management problems or earning extra income. In today’s society, more and more companies are emerging in order to try and solve these problems. Most of which are multi-level marketing companies.

What is Total Life Changes? Total Life Changes is one of those multi-level marketing companies that focuses on the health and wellness niche. Starting from a basement small-time business, it became a million-dollar company with thousands of distributors and millions of consumers.

A multi-level marketing company (MLM) is only considered legit when 1. They have actual products/services to sell,

2. If there’s a presented residual income and

3. If the founder of the company is real. One of these MLM companies is Total Life Changes.

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor in Total Life Changes, then I suggest that you read the entire article.

I will be discussing the brief history of Total Life Changes, the products, compensation plan, the reviews from users and distributors alike, and my final thoughts if Total Life Changes is considered a scam.

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Total Life Changes. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Total Life Changes is for you!

Total Life Changes  Review Summary

Product Name: Total Life Changes

Founder:  Jack Fallon

Product Type:  Multi-level Marketing

Price:  With more than 20+ products to sell, Total Life Changes covers all product lines in the health and wellness niche.

To become a distributor for this company, you must purchase their Business Starter Kit worth $39.95 and must maintain 40 personal volumes in order to be considered as an active distributor.

Best For: People who are generally interested in weight loss, health, and wellness. Also for people who love personal selling and recruitment.

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No

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