Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – Discover What You Are Missing!

My name is Cory and I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 2 years now. In my Wealthy Affiliate Review, I will show you the ins and outs of Wealthy Affiliate from the perspective of an actual member. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned everything I needed to know about affiliate marketing and how to set up and run a successful online business from scratch.

You are probably here because you want to know more about the Wealthy Affiliate program and community. Or you are interested in getting started in affiliate marketing and want to learn how you can start your own online business and make money online. I will show you how to do all these things and give you an opportunity to join the best affiliate marketing program and community on the planet!

Starting your own website can seem overwhelming at the beginning especially if you know nothing about building a website or how to write articles. But with the right tools, training, and mentors you can succeed in the ever-growing and exciting world of affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate has those tools and training to get you started and successful. All that is needed by you is your desire and persistence to take action and build your online business. You can do this!

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Product: Wealthy Affiliate

What is it?: Wealthy Affiliate is a nurturing online community dedicated to helping affiliate marketers start and grow their online businesses.

Price: Free Starter Membership – No Credit Card Required!

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that consists of Entrepreneurs dedicated to making money online and building lasting and successful online businesses. All the training, tools and expertise is at your fingertips when you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

My Rating: 98 out of 100

My Story

Cory HaasnootI became a member of Wealthy Affiliate in November of 2018. I started out with the Free Starter Membership that most people who join WA start out with. But after sampling their tools and training I quickly upgraded to the Premium Membership.

Since then I haven't looked back. I have built many affiliate websites in various niches since then and I'm now making money online. When I started I knew a little about how affiliate marketing worked but over the years I have learned the ins and outs. I have also learned that you can make money online.

Starting and growing an online business takes time and dedication just like any other business. But with the help of WA, my dreams of owning an online business have become reality! You can do it as well. Nothing is stopping you but you. So take action and try out Wealthy Affiliate for free.

A couple of things for you to consider joining me inside Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Starter Membership is FREE – No Credit Card Required
  • I Will Help You – If you need help getting started I will help you along the way just say the word!
  • Be Dedicated – All that is needed from you is a dedication to learn, do and earn. If you take action with a never-give-up attitude you will succeed.

Join Me Inside Wealthy Affiliate Here

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Unofficial WA Logo


Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing platform that's dedicated to providing all the tools and training necessary to start and grow a successful online business from the ground up. If you are just getting started in the world of affiliate marketing or have been around the block but are struggling then Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect program for you. There are people from all walks of life that belong to WA from doctors to lawyers to regular 9 to 5ers. We all work together helping each other grow and build out our dreams in the form of online businesses.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate. Many have succeeded and are making a full-time income online because of Wealthy Affiliates training. Those who bash WA are the ones who have given up too early in their online journey. If you continue with your online business even when it seems like it's not working out you will find success. Affiliate marketing takes time, effort, and patience for success to come. You have to stay in the game for the long haul in order for your business to succeed.

Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you can make as much money as you like with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. But it's up to you to put the time dedication into it. The more you put into your online business the more you will get out of it. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will a successful online business.

Check out these success stories at Wealthy Affiliate:

Wow! March '16 – Best Sales Month $41,350.30

Officially a Six-Figure Business – 2018 Year-End Report

My Blogs Earned Over $100k Part-Time in 2018

There are hundreds if not thousands of more success stories just like this within Wealthy Affiliate. You could be the next successful entrepreneur just like these people when you join up with Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliates Approach to Affiliate Marketing

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

You are probably wondering how does Wealthy Affiliate work? I will outline the basics for you so that you have an understanding of the structure of affiliate marketing and how you go about setting it all up. The structure consists of 5 steps. They are:

  • Pick a Niche
  • Pick a Domain Name
  • Build a WordPress Website
  • Get Traffic to Your Website
  • Earn Affiliate Commissions

Next, I will explain each step in detail.

Pick a Niche

Find Your Niche

The first thing you need to do is pick a niche. There are thousands of different niches you can pick from. You want to first think of something that you enjoy doing like a hobby or a sport. You want to pick something that you truly have a passion for because you will be spending a lot of time immersed in the subject when you are growing your affiliate website.

For example, let's say you are really passionate about football. You pick the niche of football which is pretty broad so you might want to niche down and pick a more narrow niche in the football niche. You could start a website on football equipment or football skills and tips. You would then focus your attention on writing about the specific topics that you picked.

Two years ago I made a website about football crock pots. This is a very narrow subject in which I wrote reviews on the different football teams and the crock pots that sell on amazon with those team's logos on them. The site makes me money to this day. I would recommend that you pick something a little broader than football crock pots but you get the picture. All of this is explained in the training in the Wealthy Affiliate members area.

Pick a Domain Name

After you have chosen a niche you will need a domain name to go along with your niche. The domain name is what your website address will be. For example, when I picked the football crock pots niche I came up with footballcrockpots.com as my domain. You want something that relates to the niche that your website will be about. You can purchase domain names right inside Wealthy Affiliate and they even have a search that you can do to see if the domain name that you want is available.

Build a WordPress Website

Site Builder

Next, you will be turning that domain into an actual WordPress website that you will start building your online business upon. It's easy with Wealthy Affiliates Site Builder. It literally takes minutes in SiteRubix (which is their website building tool) to build the basic structure of your website. Once it's built it's ready for you to add amazing content to.

There are 4 Simple Steps to building a website within SiteRubix. They are:

  1. What Kind of Website Do You Want to Build?
  2. Name Your Website
  3. Choose The Look Of Your Website
  4. Build Your Site

It's that easy and WA's software does the rest for you.

Get Traffic To Your Website

Website Traffic Chart

Getting traffic or people to view the content of your website is one of the most important steps to the success of your website. To get traffic to your website you want to write quality engaging content that search engines and people want. You do this by learning SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is the key foundation of any successful website. Wealthy Affiliate has all the training to get you to where you want to be in regards to SEO and content production.

There are two types of traffic:


You are taught how to acquire both these types of traffic inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Here's a breakdown of how to get traffic to your website.

1. Keyword Research:

First, you need to do keyword research which is finding keywords that people are searching for in your particular niche. All of this is in the training that's provided to you and Wealthy Affiliate has a handy dandy keyword research tool called Jaaxy that takes the guesswork out of your keyword research. Check out Jaaxy below:

2. SEO Friendly Content

Once you have your keywords you will want to write content on the topic of these keywords. The content needs to be written in an SEO-friendly manner so that the search engines like Google and Bing pick up on it and rank it on the first page of the search. Wealthy Affiliate teaches in-depth about how to write for people and search engines so you can achieve the best results and drive tons of traffic to your website.

WA has its own content editor that you can write your content in and include images before you post it to your website. When your content is the way you want it just hit publish and your article will be automatically published to your website. This is all done without having to log in to your website. How awesome is that?

3. Using Social Media

Lastly, you will be taught how to use social media like Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. to promote your content.

4. Earn Affiliate Commissions

Now that you have all that in place you will start to see sales and money in your bank account. This doesn't happen overnight it takes time and patience but as long as you keep at it sales will follow. Once your visitors start to trust you then they will start to buy from you. So keep that in mind when building out your website. To gain this trust it helps to have an about me page with a picture of you so that people can relate and see that there is a real person behind the website they are visiting. Once they know this and start to trust you they will come back again and again to read more of your content.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate training modules

In this section, I will show you all the training modules that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. You will learn everything you need to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing with WA top-notch training programs. Also, premium members can create their own training videos or written courses to share with the community. This is a great opportunity to learn and grow as an affiliate marketer. It's also a great way to meet and engage with others inside WA.


  • Getting Started
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Making Money
  • Mastering Social Engagement
  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

As a premium member, you get all the above plus what's called the Affiliate Bootcamp where you are taught more in-depth about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Bootcamp – 7: COURSES 70: LESSONS

  • Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Content, Keywords, and Conversions
  • Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Brand Building
  • Knowing your audience and catapulting your referrals
  • Bing, Yahoo and the power of PPC
  • How to run effective PPC campaigns

As you can see there are hours of insightful training so that you can learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Once you have mastered these lessons you will be well on your way at making money full-time online.

13 Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate classrooms

There are also 13 classrooms that are updated with courses and videos on an ongoing basis.

The classrooms are:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Website Development and Programming
  4. Everything WordPress
  5. Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  6. Authoring and Writing Content
  7. WA Affiliate Program
  8. Keyword, Niche, and Market Research
  9. Social Engagement and Marketing
  10. Video Marketing
  11. Email Marketing
  12. Pay Per Click Marketing
  13. Local Marketing

You have every aspect of starting and growing an online business at your fingertips inside Wealthy Affiliate. I couldn't run my business without it.

Live Training

Every Friday night Jay Neill Wealthy Affiliates live training coach has a live webinar about various aspects of affiliate marketing from growing a local SEO business to using typography on your website. He always provides informative advice that you can follow along with and learn. These webinars are recorded so you can watch them anytime at your convenience.

I personally watch these live pieces of training every week to grow my Knowledge base and thus grow my business. Knowledge is power and you definitely get that here.

Expert Classes

Something new this year is live expert classes that experts in various fields of affiliate marketing study hold live classes that you can watch and follow along with. You will find a wealth of information by attending and engaging in these live classes. All aspects of affiliate marketing are covered in these well-put-together classes. The expert classes are also recorded so you can come back and watch them at your leisure.

 Wealthy Affiliate Community

People holding hands

Wealthy Affiliate has 1.4 Million and growing every day! The members all working together to build their online businesses! This is truly a pay-it-forward community. It's more like a family than a community. We all know that making money online is a reality and everyone encourages each other to achieve success! You can ask as many questions as you like in the chat forum or search for answers in the community wealth of blog posts and training classes.

I have joined other similar programs and communities about affiliate marketing on the internet and non of them come close to the feel of the Wealthy Affiliate community!

WordPress Hosting

Business man holding cogs and the word wordpress


You get WordPress hosting with a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. You can have up to 25 top-level domains with this one account. This is unheard of in the industry! That alone saves you hundreds of $ a month. With a premium plus membership, you get 50 top-level domains and 50 free domains for a total of 100 domains with one account!

The servers that your websites are hosted on our lightning-fast and very secure with SSL Certificates. Your visitors will not have to worry about security when visiting your website. Google loves secure websites and will rank you better in the search engine page results because of it! Here's what's included in the Webhosting at WA:

  • Automatic Website Login
  • Secure Servers
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • 24/7/365 Website Monitoring
  • Bandwidth for 500,000 Visitors a month
  • Domain Email
  • Site Analysis

WA has you covered in regards to website hosting.

Site Support

Keyboard with on-site support button

Top-notch support is also provided for your website. If you run into any technical issues Wealthy Affiliate's round-the-clock site support will answer and fix issues within mere minutes! I have never seen a better support system on any of the others websites that I belong to.

Live Help

You get Wealthy Affiliates live website help 24/7. Any website issues will be resolved with a quick support ticket and site support will walk you through whatever the issue might be.

Live Chat

You can use the live chat 24/7 to get quick answers from members of the community.

Wealthy Affiliates Generous Referral Program

Wealthy Affiliates Referral Program Details

Wealthy Affiliate has the best referral program around with nearly a 50% commission structure on all sales through your affiliate links.

  • Starter Members earn $4 for special offer referrals then $11.75 a month thereafter as long as their referral stays an active premium WA member.
  • Premium Members earn $8 for the first month that their referral is a premium member and $23.50 every month thereafter that the referral continues as an active premium member.

If you are a premium or premium plus a member of WA and you refer a premium plus member you get a whopping $46.50 in recurring monthly commissions as long as your referral stays a Premium Plus Member.

There are also yearly upgrade options that your referrals can take advantage of and they are:

  • Yearly Premium Cost $795 and your commission would be $365 for the year per referral
  • Yearly Premium Plus costs $995 and your commission would be $465 for the year per referral

So you can see that the commissions can quickly stack up and if you have enough referrals that upgrade you can make a full-time income from the Wealthy Affiliate referral program alone!

Final Thoughts

All the tools and training are available inside WA so your online business can be run in one place saving you a ton of time and energy!

If you are getting started in affiliate marketing or have been frustrated in the past don't frett give Wealthy Affiliate a try. I know I'm glad I did over 2 years ago and I haven't looked back. If you join here I will personally mentor you within Wealthy Affiliate so that you can get started on your road to an online business and financial freedom. Let's do this together. I can't wait to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate!

Take a look at the inside of Wealthy Affiliate in the video below:


Affiliate Marketing Coach

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It's free to get started. Begin Your future business right here! No credit card required!!

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  • Top of the line Support
  • All The Tools You Need For Success
  • Lightning Fast Hosting


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12 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – Discover What You Are Missing!”

  1. I have been a member of WA for nearly a year now, and the community is truly amazing. You get soo much help and if you follow through the training step by step you soon see things happening.

    Although I haven’t reached my goal yet, I have achieved many things. Its something to try if you want your own freedom. It’s just like a job. 

    You have to work hard for it, and nothing happens without it. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Wealthy Affiliate has the best community of affiliate marketers around. You will reach your goals in time as long as you keep applying the skills you have learned in WA! I know you will succeed! Thanks for sharing your story of WA with my readers!

      Here’s to our success!!



  2. I am also a Wealthy Affiliate Member. I am doing it as a Home Stay Mom. And I totally agree with you. Good effort in discussing and showing what to expect inside Wealthy Affiliate.

    I used to work with it, 2-3 hours a day for 8 months. Now, I am giving it 4-5 hours a day. A totally novice in computer technology when I started, not even a Facebook or other social media hopper.

    And now, I am on my ninth month,  have not yet reach my goal as well, but people reading must not wander why we are pursuing. They should not. Because once they get in and follow the training instructions, success is just at the tip of the rope they will pull in. Progress is inevitable and success is a commitment to harvest.

    • All the necessary training for success is within Wealthy Affiliate. All that’s need is a willingness to learn, do the work and you will start to earn and succeed! It takes time but it’s well worth the effort once you see the results!

  3. I love the way you described wealthy affiliate as a nurturing online community. It is not just a training platform but a community of affiliate marketers purposed to helping each other grow. Both training and tools are geared towards bringing out the best in you. I have been a part of this community an d I have enjoyed the trainings you highlighted. Good platform, good tools and a great community 

    • Very well said. Anyone interested in starting an online business should definitely give Wealthy Affiliate a shot. I’m glad to see you’re enjoying WA and all it has to offer! I can’t think of a better community to help you grow and succeed in affiliate marketing!!

  4. First of all, I have to say that your article is super advanced. I read it with great interest, and so many things made me think. Since I have been a wealthy affiliate member for a year, I know what you are talking about in this article. The community here is very supportive and has not yet come across a wrong answer to my questions. I want to mention that you made me seriously think that I still need to go through this Bootcamp training I haven’t done yet because I’m pushing it all the time. Thank you for a fascinating article.

    • Hi Lea, yeah if you haven’t gone through the Bootcamp training yet you certainly should do that. The training is key to success with affiliate marketing and WA has the best training around! 

  5. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. I have gone through the review of Wealthy Affiliate you provided, and I find it to be well presented and organized. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 9 months now, and I hope to make my first sale soonest. I know joining Wealthy Affiliate was not a bad idea at all, thanks for sharing this motivating review.

    • You’re welcome! If you have been working on a continuous basis for 9 months you should start seeing results soon. For a new website, it usually takes 8 to 12 months before your content starts ranking in Google. Once you get on the first page of Google you will start seeing traffic to your website and hopefully with that sales.

  6. Hi Cory, I like your site. It’s coordinated and very easy to navigate. 

    Of course, I too am a member. Have only been for two and a half months. I have one website created in Bootcamp. So I too am promoting wealthy affiliate. I have a ways to go yet. Haven’t had much traffic yet, and only one referral. I keep posting the best content I can. I have faith. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best program available on this planet! If it can’t be done through wealthy affiliate? Then I’m done!

    So are you getting many conversions? How long have you been in the program? Is this your only website? What are your other sites? Niche?

    Anyway, great job, 

    Wishing you peace and prosperity.


    • Hi Larry, I have been with WA for about two and a half years now. I have learned everything I know about running an online business from WA. I have many other websites in different niches. I don’t regret joining Wealthy Affiliate one bit. 

      You will see results in time. Persistence and patience wins the day in affiliate marketing. Keep pumping out that content and success will find you!


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