Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses | All On One Site!

So you’re tired of the rat race and looking for the best affiliate marketing training courses to help you get out of that dead-end job. Well, I know where you can find the affiliate training courses that will help you do just that, and the best part is they are all on one website! You don’t have to scour the internet and jump from affiliate course to affiliate course. The best courses are all on a website called Wealthy Affiliate.

There are hundreds of lessons that you can go through at your own pace. These courses are designed to teach you in the most efficient way possible. Wealthy Affiliate also provides many classrooms on everything you need to know about how to run a successful affiliate business. And talk about training videos. There are hundreds of hours of affiliate marketing training videos that are taught by Wealthy Affiliates training coach Jay. He is a fabulous teacher and knows his stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing, website building, SEO, keyword research, and much more.

World-Class Affiliate Training

When you become a member of the Wealthy Affiliates community, you get world-class training through their numerous affiliate courses. We will dive deep and explain the training courses that Wealthy Affiliate offers. First, you start with:

The first group of affiliate marketing training courses is called Online Entrepreneur Certification. This training has 5-course levels and 50 lessons of in-depth affiliate marketing training designed to get you started in affiliate marketing. These are step by step lessons that help you learn fast about the world of affiliate marketing and best practices.  


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

Lesson #1 Get Rolling!

In the first lesson called Get Rolling, you are introduced to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. This lesson is an introduction to the Wealthy Affiliate community and all that it has to offer. The lesson walks you through how to set up your WA account and gives you all the vital information you need to help you navigate the site efficiently.

Lesson #2 Understanding How To Make Money Online

The second lesson in the OEC training course you are shown the world of affiliate marketing and how the process of making money online works. This lesson dives you into the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, and you will be asked to set some future financial goals for your online business.

Lesson #3 Choose A Niche

Lesson number 3 shows you how to go about choosing a niche that you will build your affiliate marketing business around. A niche is a specific segment of a market which will consist of your audience. A niche can be a hobby that you enjoy doing, something you are passionate about, or products that you enjoy using.

You will want to pick a niche in something that you enjoy or want to learn more about because you will be spending a lot of time thinking and working on your niche, which will be your business. You don’t want to pick something you are not interested in otherwise you will not enjoy working on your business, and it will end up seeming like a JOB, which is what you are trying to replace.

Lesson #4 Building Your Niche Website

Lesson 4 goes into building your website. In this lesson you are shown how:

  • Choose The Kind of Website You Want
  • Choose Your Domain Name
  • Choose a Website Name
  • Choose a Design or Theme

Lesson #5 Setting Up Your Website

Setting up your website couldn’t be easier with Wealthy Affiliates back office. In this lesson, you will be walked through the process of setting up your website. You will also be shown how to clean out the dummy content that comes with all WordPress themes. The training also goes into how to activate and update the plugins that are on the WordPress dashboard.

Lesson #6 Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines

You will learn how to get your site SEO friendly in lesson six. In this affiliate marketing training course, you will be taught how to set up the ALL IN ONE SEO WordPress plugin so search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can find your website and rank it in the search engine results page.

SEO is critical in affiliate marketing because with website rankings come targeted traffic, which brings on the revenue! SEO is one of the keys that will help you replace that job and rat race you are trying to escape!

Lesson #7 Creating Your Initial Website Content

In this lesson, you are introduced to SiteContent, which is a content writing platform built right into Wealthy Affiliate. Site Content is a bloggers dream come true. Included with Site Content is:

  • Grammar and Spell Checker
  • Duplicate Content Checker
  • SEO Checks and Analysis
  • Content Structure Analysis
  • Vocabulary Enhancement Suggestions
  • You can Make Templates for Your Content
  • Writing Accomplishments and Goals
  • You Can Also Publish Your Content Directly to Your Website From Site Content

This lesson also has you write out your about page and teaches you how to add a privacy policy page.

Lesson #8 Creating Custom Menus On Your Website

In lesson 8, you will be shown how to create custom menus for your website's navigation. Menus are a significant part of your business’s website not only from a Seach engines standpoint but more importantly, your visitors and potential customers standpoint!

Lesson #9 Understanding Keywords The Start Of Your Content

Lesson 9 goes into keywords and keyword research. How to find them and how to target them effectively within your content so that you can rank well for them in the search engines. Wealthy Affiliate even has it’s own keyword research tool called Jaaxy. Jaaxy is an integral part of an affiliate marketing business and keyword research.

Lesson #10 Congratulations and Your Next Steps

This lesson outlines the next level of the OEC affiliate marketing training course


Affiliate Marketing Training Courses OEC Level 2

Lesson #1 ⇒ Your Domain, Your Brand

In lesson #1 level 2, you will learn how to choose a brandable domain name that is related to the niche that you have chosen. A well thought out memorable domain name is essential for your affiliate marketing business. The domain name you choose is one of the ways you separate yourself from the crowd!

Lesson #2 ⇒ Move On Over, My Brand Has Arrived

If you have a free SiteRubix site, you will be shown in this lesson how to transfer that free site to your brand new domain that you have purchased.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Creating Keyword Rich Content

Content is King in the affiliate marketing world, and in lesson #3 you will be taught how to pick keywords, come up with an outline for an article that is related to that keyword, write the article and then publish the article to your website. This is all done in a step by step order that you can read and or watch the tutorial video that goes with the lesson.

Lesson #4 ⇒ Setting Up a Domain Specific Email Account

In lesson #4, you learn how to set up email accounts for your domain through the use of Wealthy Affiliates back office.

Lesson #5 ⇒ The Traffic Breakdown

You are taught in this lesson how content is used to get you indexed in the major search engines and how to get rank for that content in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You will learn how you eventually, over time, be able to create huge amounts of traffic to your website's content. Your business depends on this traffic. Creating content is the most cost-effective way to generate traffic.

Lesson #6 ⇒ Making Use Of Visuals

Images are essential when it comes to content. In this lesson, you are shown how to add images to your website’s content and where you can source free images from the internet. I will let you in on a little secret. Wealthy Affiliate provides hundreds of thousands of free images right on their website!

Lesson #7 ⇒ Understanding Low Hanging Fruit

In lesson #7, you will learn what low hanging fruit is and how to find them in your keyword research. Using low hanging fruit, which is certain keyword phrases will help you rank much better in the search engine results page or SERP.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Making Face as a Real Person

Here you will learn how to create a new user in your WordPress website and how to update the author section for all your content.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Amplify Your Productivity

It’s all about time management! In this lesson, you will be shown how to set goals and how to use your time wisely so that you can get the most done.

Lesson #10 ⇒ Boosting Your WA Ranks

In the last lesson of level 2, you learn about how to become a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador.


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses OEC Level 3

Lesson #1 ⇒ Understanding The Money In Online Business

In the first lesson of level 3 in the series of courses for OEC, you are taught how to make money with your online business and how the money flows around your business from your customers to you. You are shown what you need to do to generate revenue and how to keep your customers for a long time to come.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks

Find out how affiliate marketing works the ins and outs of the business in this lesson. You are also shown how much you could potentially earn being an affiliate marketer and all the various affiliate programs that are available around the internet.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere

This lesson shows you how to find affiliate programs that are relevant to the niche of your online business.

Lesson #4 ⇒ Adding Affiliate Links To Your Pages

Lesson four shows you how and best practices on where to add affiliate links to your website's content.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Instant Access To a Million Products

This lesson introduces you to the world of Amazon and shows you the possibilities of sourcing their products to sell on your website through Amazon's associate's program.

Lesson #6 ⇒ Leveraging Product Reviews

Lesson six, you are taught how to write effective and honest product reviews even if you don’t personally own the product. Product reviews will be a big part of your online affiliate marketing business. After you have gone through this lesson, you will be a pro at writing reviews that convert your prospects to paying customers!

Lesson #7 ⇒ Getting Paid For Ads On Your Site

You are introduced to Google Adsense in this lesson and shows you the potential financial gains you can have by using this advertising platform on your website.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Earning Pennies or Dollars?

In this lesson, you are taught how to test ads on your website, be it from Google Adsense or affiliate offers.

Lesson #9 ⇒ A Brilliant Way To Track & Understand Your Traffic

You are introduced to Google Analytics in this lesson and shown how you track your traffic with this free online tool from Google.

Lesson #10 ⇒ With Help Comes Financial Success

The last lesson in Level 3 of OEC shows you how to create a successful business in 4 steps!


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses OEC Level 4

Lesson #1 ⇒ What Does Social Engagement Mean to Your Business

In the first lesson on level 4, you will be shown how to use social media as a marketing tool for your affiliate business. You will also be joining individual social networks and shown how to use them by sharing the content that you produce.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Making Your Website a Place to Engage

Lesson two dives into how you can make your website engaging with your visitors by using Site Comments. Site Comments is a tool on the Wealthy Affiliate platform that can generate comments for your content from other members of Wealthy Affiliate. Comments on your articles make your website more vibrant and alive. Google will rank better if your site has quality comments that relate to your content.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Using Facebook The Right Way

You are taught how to use Facebook effectively so that you get more of your content shown to more people.

Lesson #4 ⇒ Pinterest and The Visual Hemisphere

This lesson teaches you all about Pinterest and how to use it to your advantage.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign

Discover how to use Twitter as a social media marketing tool.

Lesson #6 ⇒ Google Plus or Minus?

This lesson will be replaced since Google Plus no longer exists.

Lesson #7 ⇒ Benefits of Being Social at WA

Being social and creating content on Wealthy Affiliate can get you ranked in Google. This will bring in referrals through the Wealthy Affiliate referral program. That means money! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program that pays 50% commissions if you're a premium member. Free members get a little less. It is a great program to get involved with.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals

Find out how to use social media to get your brand out to the masses by being engaging and writing relevant content that converts visitors into customers.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Using The Wealthy Affiliate Social Community

The Wealthy Affiliate community has thousands of like-minded people that you can ask questions. Members even have their own blogs, and you can learn a wealth of information from these blogs. Members also can provide their own training tutorials and videos on the WA website. It’s the best affiliate marketing online community hands down!

Lesson #10 ⇒ You Can Not Be a Master of Everything

In this last lesson of level 4, you are shown how to determine when to use social media and not to waste too much time on social networks.


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses OEC Level 5

Lesson #1 ⇒ Content Is Your Business

In the first lesson on level 5, you get an understanding of how your content gets ranked in the search engines. You will learn how the content, social value, comments, and keywords all work together to get you traffic and sales for your affiliate business.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

The second lesson goes into setting up Googles webmaster tools and how to use it.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Improving Indexing Times & Speeds

This lesson shows you how to get your site indexed fast in Google. You will also be setting up Google XML sitemaps to help this process. You are shown how all this works to the benefit of your content.

Lesson #4 ⇒ People Need To Read Your Content

Lesson four shows you how to improve the readability of your website's content.

Lesson #5 ⇒ A Year is a Short Period of Time, Yet Big For Business

In this lesson, you will be shown a breakdown of the time it takes, depending on how much content you produce to get traffic and sales to your website.

Lesson #6 ⇒ Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture

You are taught in this lesson how to architect an article. Planning is the key to content creation. You are shown a simple yet effective formula to use when writing out an article.

Lesson #7 ⇒ Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent

Now you will learn how to write effective content that converts your readers to customers.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Injecting Comments With Intent

This lesson shows you how to respond to comments in a way that you can add more content to your website and also add affiliate links to those comment threads.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Bing and Yahoo They Are Still The 33%

Bing and Yahoo even only being 33% of the search engine market can bring you massive amounts of traffic! In this lesson, you are shown how to set-up Bing webmaster tools and how to submit your site to bing for indexing and ranking purposes. Don’t underestimate the Bing and Yahoo engines they are easier to work with than Google and a very effective way to drive traffic to your website’s content.

Lesson #10 ⇒ Articulating a Plan For The Months & Years Ahead.

In the last lesson on level 5 and the last lesson in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, you are taught how to get a business plan together. Business plans are important for the future of your business so that you can scale it moving forward.

All 50 Courses In The Online Entrepreneur Certification Are FREE!!!

You got that right all of the 50 of the lessons in the OEC are free! All you need to do is sign up for Wealthy Affiliate with your email address, and you get all that for free.


Also, when you sign up for free, you get to test drive Wealthy Affiliate Premium. With premium, you get a whole lot more affiliate marketing training courses and a community of people new and seasoned to the affiliate marketing world all working together to better one another.

Wealthy Affiliate is a treasure trove of affiliate marketing knowledge that you have to experience to believe. I'm a member of this community and believe me you will go far in a short time with your business. Everything you need is all in one place to nurture and grow your affiliate marketing business.

Here are some more of the best affiliate marketing training courses you get when you upgrade to premium. You can also test-drive premium for six days when you sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate.


When upgrading to premium at Wealthy Affiliate, you gain access to Affiliate Bootcamp. These affiliate marketing training courses are designed to teach you how to run an affiliate marketing business that's in a niche related to Wealthy Affiliate.

This comprehensive affiliate marketing training consists of 7 phases with 70 lessons that will get you making money in your chosen niche and business. I will now list all 7 phases and 70 lessons for you.


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1

Lesson #1 ⇒ Getting Started

In the first lesson of phase one, you are shown around the Wealthy Affiliate program. Everything you need to know about this affiliate program is found in this lesson. The pay structure, linking/tracking, etc.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Choosing Your Direction

Learn how to find your target audience for your business. Who are you going to be helping as an affiliate marketer? Remember we are in the business of helping others.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Building Your Website

This lesson goes in-depth on how to choose a domain name, website design, website name, and hosting of your website.

Lesson #4 ⇒ A Website Look Around

Lesson four is you will learn how to navigate the back office of your WordPress website.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Activating Your Plugins

In this lesson, you will be shown how to activate your most important plugins that come with your WordPress website.

Lesson #6 ⇒ Getting Your Website Ready For SEO

You are shown in this lesson how to get your website set up for the search engines.

Lesson #7 ⇒ Your Initial Framework of Content

In lesson seven, you will be creating your, about me page, privacy policy page, and shown how to create menus.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Understanding the Keyword Research Process

This lesson is geared toward keyword research. You will be taught how to use Google search and Wealthy Affiliates keyword research too Jaaxy to find targeted keywords to write your content around.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Creating Thoughtful & Insightful Reviews

You will be learning how to write effective, thoughtful reviews in lesson nine. The majority of the content that you write will be, reviews. So it is imperative to learn the best practices in creating reviews as content.

Lesson #10 ⇒ The Exciting Journey Has Begun

A five-year breakdown of the potential of your affiliate business.


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 2

Lesson #1 ⇒ Creating Readable Content That Converts

In the first lesson of Phase two, we learn how to create content that your prospects can read, and that converts them into to paying customers.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Properly Using Affiliate Links

Learning to use affiliate links properly is a vital part of your content and your online business. This lesson goes into where to place your affiliate links within your content and how often. Lesson 2 also shows you how to shorten your affiliate links and make them look more professional.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Understanding Keywords & A Day Of Selling

In this lesson, you are shown effective keyword researching methods.

Lesson #4 ⇒ Creating Reviews & Using Targeted Keywords

More on creating reviews for the products and services you are promoting and how to incorporate effectively targeted keywords in the reviews so that you can rank well in the search engines and drive tons of traffic to your website.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Take a Break Catch Up

Lesson five gives you time to reflect on all that you have learned thus far. You are given time to get your website caught up to where the training is at.

Lesson #6 ⇒ Backing Up Your Website

In this lesson, you learn how to back-up your website files so that you don’t lose all the hard work that you have accomplished thus far.

Lesson #7 ⇒ Enhancing Your Website Experience

This lesson teaches you how to clean up your website for better user experience.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Building More Content Through Internal Links

Discover how linking your existing content to each other makes for greater user experience and search engines love that.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Write a Review & Share It

You will be writing a review of a product or service that is related to the niche you chose, and you will be sharing it with the Wealthy Affiliate Community so that you can receive proactive feedback on your content.

Lesson #10 ⇒ Offering Bonuses The Easy WA

The last lesson in Phase 2 of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp will be having you come up with a bonus that you can offer in your reviews. These bonuses will entice your customers to act on your offers.


Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 3

Lesson #1 ⇒ Making Your Site Social With Plugins

In lesson one of Phase 3, we go into adding a social plugin to your website and creating social

network accounts.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Making Your Social Profiles Brand Friendly

In this lesson, you are shown how to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts to make them brand-friendly.

Lesson #3 ⇒ How To Create Socially Engaging Content

Learn how to make your content socially engaging. Asking questions in your content helps with making your content engaging with your visitors. You also learn how to create captivating headlines and much more.

Lessons #4 ⇒ Social Waste Vs. Productivity

In lesson four, you are taught how to do more with the time that you have. You learn how to goal set, do what you hate first, and set time limits on your tasks.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Take a Social Hiatus

Use this time to get all caught up on your tasks and take a small break from your business.

Lesson #6 ⇒ Power Writing Gone Wild

The testing of your writing skills is what’s involved in this lesson.

Lesson #7 ⇒ Adding Google Analytics To Your Site

Learn all about Google Analytics and how to add it to your website for tracking purposes.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Leveraging The Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Learn all about the Jaaxy Affiliate program that is within Wealthy Affiliate. You are shown how to use it to make money.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Making Promotional Use Of Your Sidebar

Using your sidebar on your website for advertising purposes are taught in this lesson.

Lesson #10 ⇒ Build, Build, and Build

Learn how to build out your website.


Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 4

Lesson #1 ⇒ Introduction To Website Design

In this lesson, you are introduced to website design. You will learn how to make your content more eye appealing to your target audience by adding images and screen captures.

Lesson #2 ⇒ An Image Says a Thousand Words

Lesson two, you are shown how to use Pinterest with your content to drive traffic to your offers.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Videos For Conversion

Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of videos that you can use to drive traffic to your offers. Each video on WA has an affiliate link that you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Add these links with some content to your social media accounts and watch the traffic start rolling in.

Lesson #4 ⇒ Creating Logos & Images

Learn all about creating logos and images that you can use in your content that is fresh and yours alone.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Give Yourself a Break

Break time!

Lesson #6 ⇒ Creating an Effective Jaaxy Review

In this lesson, you learn how to write a review for WA’s keyword research tool that will help you convert your audience to customers.

Lesson #7 ⇒ Research Jaaxy Keywords Then Show & Tell

This lesson you learn more about using Jaaxy for your keyword research and how to make new content that you will link to your Jaaxy review article.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Pinning Habits Lead To Pinterest Power

You learn more about how to create boards and go Pinterest crazy in this lesson.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Creating Your Own Videos

Learn all about making your own videos for your content and then uploading those videos to YouTube.

Lesson #10 ⇒ A Lesson On Customer Perspective

Know what your audience wants. What they desire and what they are thinking.


Lesson #1 ⇒ Creating Content With INTENT

In lesson one of phase 5 of the Affiliate Bootcamp training, you will learn how to write your content with some kind of purpose to it. An example of intent would be joining a mailing list or buying something from you.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Getting Your Comments To Convert

Making good use of your comments is a great way to get the search engines to rank your content higher. This is what you learn in lesson two.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Video, a HUGE Source of Traffic

This lesson shows you how to use video to drive traffic to your website.

Lesson #4 ⇒ From Keywords To Live On YouTube

 Lesson four teaches you how to do keyword research and use those keywords to put into videos that you can place on YouTube.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Discussion On Reviews & a Break

You learn more about writing reviews of products or services in this lesson.

Lesson #6 ⇒ The Ultimate Referral Tool

In this lesson, you learn how to use Wealthy Affiliates customer sign-up form for their affiliate program.

Lesson #7 ⇒ Incorporating Your Custom Sign-up Forms Into Your Website

You are shown how to add the custom sign-up forms that you created in lesson six into your website.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Helping Folks Is Critical

This lesson stresses the importance of helping people, which is what you are in the business of when you an affiliate marketer.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Create Custom Video Sign-up Page

You will learn all about creating a custom video sign up page in this lesson.

Lesson #10 ⇒ Creating A Six Week Plan Of Attack

You are given an aggressive task plan designed to get your affiliate site charged and ready to start making money.

PHASE 6 | Bing, Yahoo & The Power Of PPC

Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 6

Lesson #1 ⇒ An Introduction To PPC on Bing Ads

In the first lesson of phase 6, we jump into the world of Pay Per Click advertising or PPC. You are taught all about Bing Ads and how to get started promoting your site with paid advertising.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Letting Bing and Yahoo Know About Your Site

Learn how to use Bing Webmaster Tools and get your website submitted to Bing and Yahoo.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Paying For Traffic on Bing & Yahoo

In this lesson, you are shown how to create a bing ads account.

Lesson #4 ⇒ Setting Up Your First PPC Campaign

You are taught in lesson four how to set-up a PPC campaign on bing ads.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Take a Break. Do a Little Math

Break Time. You are also invited to this lesson to join a math discussion board called Mathematical Formula For PPC.

Lesson #6 ⇒ Creating Small Bite-Size Review Ad Groups

Learn how to make product review Ad groups in Bing Ads.

Lesson #7 ⇒ Setting Up Conversion Tracking

You are shown how to do conversion tracking in lesson seven.

Lesson #8 ⇒ Capitalize on Hidden PPC Landing Pages

Here you are taught how to create hidden landing pages on your website for the purpose of PPC.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Getting Real Creative With Keywords

In this lesson, you are shown how to be creative with your keywords.

Lesson #10 ⇒ Refining Your PPC Campaign and Your Journey

The last lesson in phase six, you are shown how to fine-tune your PPC campaigns.


Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 7

Lesson #1 ⇒ Blasting Your Wealthy Affiliate Earnings With PPC

In the first lesson of phase 7, we are shown how to set-up a Google Adwords account.

Lesson #2 ⇒ Understanding The Google Adwords Opportunity

More information on Google Adwords.

Lesson #3 ⇒ Maximizing Review Pages With PPC

Learn how to incorporate your review articles into PPC.

Lesson #4 ⇒ You, The Affiliate, Are Responsible For Analysis

In lesson four, you are shown how to create and use comparison charts in your product reviews.

Lesson #5 ⇒ Mastering The Flow of Relevance

You learn in this lesson how relevance converts. You are taught how to leverage relevance in your content and in your PPC campaigns.

Lesson #6 ⇒ The Double Down Approach To PPC

You are taught the doubling down technique in PPC for your already converting campaigns.

Lesson #7 ⇒ To Direct Link or Not To Direct Link

This lesson shows you the proper techniques about linking your affiliate links in your PPC campaigns.

Lesson# 8 ⇒ The Mathematical Business Model of PPC

In this lesson, you learn how to maximize your revenue from affiliate marketing as well as making your PPC campaigns profitable.

Lesson #9 ⇒ Using Concise Pages for PPC

Learn how to create more concise product reviews and keywords for your PPC campaigns.

Lesson #10 ⇒ Creating a Long Term Scaleable PPC Campaign

In the last lesson of Affiliate Bootcamp, you learn how to scale your PPC campaigns for long term success.

13 Classrooms For Ongoing Affiliate Marketing Training!

Affiliate Marketing Classroom

As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to 13 classrooms that are always evolving with new training content. In the classrooms, members can have their questions answered about a plethora of different topics that are related to online business and affiliate marketing.

The classrooms are divided into 13 affiliate marketing-specific categories. The 13 categories are:

The Getting Started classroom is full of information on how to get your online business off the ground.

Included in Getting Started:

  • 12 Videos
  • 11 Tutorials
  • 5 Courses

Want to learn how to become an author? In this classroom, you will learn how to write compelling content that is engaging.

Included in Authoring & Writing Content:

  • 12 Videos
  • 54 Tutorials
  • 6 Courses
  • 5 Webinars

If you want to know how the programming of a WordPress website works, you are covered in this classroom! Also, learn how to develop your website with the use of plugins, web applications you might create and your website design.

Included In Website Development & Programming:

  • 28 Videos
  • 55 Tutorials
  • 5 Courses
  • 8 Webinars

This classroom teaches you everything there is to know about the WA Affiliate Program.

Included in WA Affiliate Program:

  • 28 Videos
  • 12 Tutorials
  • 5 Courses
  • 1 Webinar

In this classroom, you can learn everything there is to know about the WordPress blogging platform.

Included in Everything WordPress:

  • 90 Videos
  • 60 Tutorials
  • 5 Courses
  • 5 Webinars

Learn all about using social networks to market your online business. Social media marketing is one of the most important skills you will want to master to bring your online business to the next level.

Included in Social Engagement & Marketing:

  • 19 Videos
  • 27 Tutorials
  • 4 Courses
  • 8 Webinars

Research is a vital part of affiliate marketing and your online business as a whole. In this lesson, you will learn the ins and outs of researching keywords, markets, and niches.

Included in Keyword, Niche, and Market Research:

  • 14 Videos
  • 46 Tutorials
  • 4 Courses
  • 11 Webinars

In this classroom, you are shown how to navigate the Wealthy Affiliate community. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is used by many as their online businesses home base. There is a lot of great things to learn with this awesome affiliate marketing system and community.

Included in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform:

  • 8 Videos
  • 7 Tutorials
  • 8 Courses

SEO is taught in-depth in this classroom. Learn everything you need to know to get your articles and content to the top of the search engines page results.

Included in Search Engine Optimization:

  • 8 Videos
  • 29 Tutorials
  • 4 Courses
  • 15 Webinars

Learn all about video marketing in this classroom. You are taught how to create videos for YouTube and Vimeo. Also, learn how to use these videos to drive traffic and sales to your affiliate programs and your website's content.

Included in Video Marketing:

  • 15 Videos
  • 5 Tutorials
  • 5 Courses
  • 1 Webinar

In this classroom, you will learn all about local marketing. Help businesses in your area with their SEO and online marketing of their business. You could start a lucrative business around local marketing.

Included in Local Marketing:

  • 8 Tutorials
  • 4 Courses
  • 12 Webinars

Learn all about email marketing in this classroom. Email marketing is a very effective form of advertising for your online business. Learn all about autoresponders, creating compelling email campaigns, and much more in this classroom.

Included in Email Marketing:

  • 1 Video
  • 14 Tutorials
  • 5 Courses
  • 2 Webinars

In this classroom, you learn how to set-up and run successful PPC Advertising campaigns. A lot of money can be made using PPC if you know how to do it right. Here you will learn how to do it right!

Included in Pay Per Click Marketing:

  • 7 Videos
  • 17 Tutorials
  • 5 Courses
  • 1 Webinar

LIVE Webinars

Every Friday, a man named Jay hosts a live webinar in the Wealthy Affiliate community. This webinar covers a different topic about affiliate marketing and online business each work. Jay Neill is Wealthy Affiliates Live Training coach. If you happen to miss this live event, you can catch it later as they are all recorded and stored within Wealthy Affiliate.

Jay is an excellent teacher and knows his stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing and SEO! You won't want to miss any of his webinars they are that informative.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Under One Roof!!!!

One of the best parts of all of this training is that it is on one website. That website is Wealthy Affiliate. Let's recap on all this affiliate marketing training that you get as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community. Here's what you get as a starter member.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)

This affiliate marketing training series consists of 5 Phases and 50 lessons. You are taught all about creating and growing an affiliate marketing business from the ground up. These lessons provide for a solid foundation for your online business.

5 Phases of OEC:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

All of this is free if you are a starter member of Wealthy Affiliate. Here's what you get if you are a premium member.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp consists of 7 Phases and 70 lessons! In this series, you are taught all about cultivating and growing an online business in affiliate marketing. There is so much great affiliate marketing training here. You will walk away, an expert in affiliate marketing after completing this training!

7 Phases of Affiliate BootCamp:

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Content, Keywords, and Conversions
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media
  5. Knowing Your Audience and Catapulting Your Referrals
  6. Bing, Yahoo & The Power Of PPC
  7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Affiliate Marketing Classrooms

Another perk you get when you upgrade to a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate is access to 13 affiliate marketing classrooms. Here you will find everything, and I do mean everything you need to run a successful affiliate marketing business! The 13 classrooms you will find within WA are:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Authoring & Writing Content
  3. Website Development and Programming
  4. WA Affiliate Program
  5. Everything WordPress
  6. Social Engagement & Marketing
  7. Keyword, Niche, and Market Research
  8. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. Video Marketing
  11. Local Marketing
  12. Email Marketing
  13. Pay Per Click Marketing

These classrooms are up to date all the time, and you can ask questions and participate in discussions. There is more affiliate marketing videos, tutorials, courses, and webinars in these classrooms that you will never run out of learning material.

Let's not forget Jays live webinars every Friday night. You can also ask questions in the live webinars that Jay will answer you live.

Well, there you have it. The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses that you can find anywhere in the world! All this training is under one roof at a website community called Wealthy Affiliate. If you are looking to broaden your horizons and start an online business with affiliate marketing, then Wealthy Affiliates training is the way to go!

==>Test Drive Wealthy Affiliate For Free TODAY!<=

8 thoughts on “Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses | All On One Site!”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate will literally show you, step by step, on how to create a niche site, create relevant content on the site, and best yet, earn an income on it. Even better, when I first bought WA back in October 2018 I had a blog but the traffic was beyond low. I didn’t know how to go about growing traffic and ultimately turning it into an income. I was stuck like a hamster on a wheel running in place. Finally, after reading review after review of WA, I’m like, “Hey, this thing’s beyond legit.” Seven months later, I have three sites, one for my own products and two affiliate sites, where my traffic has steadily grown by the month. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the fact is I’m light years ahead of where I was last fall. 

    • It doesn’t take long if you follow the training to get a professional website up and running. Having 2 sites up in only 7 months is an achievement not to mention 3! Congratulations on getting your businesses off the ground in such a short time. It really shows that the training you get at Wealthy Affiliate does work and it works fast.

  2. Oh My God! This is simply awesome and very exhaustive. I think this is the longest and most detailed I have ever read about what wealthy Affiliate has to offer on their training platform. This covers everything I went through other than the affiliate bootcamp. Though I had gone through the provisions of the first 50classes before I got to become a premium member. Wow! This is very huge and interesting. Thank you so much for giving out this depth filled knowledge. Thanks

    • You are welcome RoDarrick! There is so much training with a membership to Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to do it justice so I had to get in-depth describing how much quality training that is available.  Wealthy Affiliate truly has the best affiliate marketing training courses anywhere on the internet.

  3. I have recently become acquainted with Wealthy Affiliate and I still feel so lucky that a friend of mine showed me the way. The training is simply phenomenal, I don’t have one bad thing to say about it. I am learning so much and if someone had told me a month ago that I was going to build 2 websites in the next month, I would laughed at them and sent them to a mental hospital…. and yet, here we are! I’ve done just that, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

    • I agree, Josie! Wealthy Affiliate training is simply amazing. You learn so fast it’s almost unbelievable until you actually try it out for yourself. One of the great things about this community is that you can try it out for free. You don’t even need a credit card to get started. And only when you feel comfortable that the training you receive at Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training around is when you can decide to upgrade to premium.

  4. What an exhaustive and informative review of the wealthy affiliate program! I don’t think you left a stone un-turned. As a member myself I can attest to the great resources and support available on the platform. It’s a game changer in being an online entrepreneur. One thing I’d like to point out is the extra advantage of live chat and other community based resources with premium which have proved invaluable to me. Another thing to note is that this is not a get rich quick scheme – affiliate marketing requires patience, time and commitment. With wealthy affiliate, the time it takes to generate success is doubled, however. Typically a new business takes 3-5 years to become successful. With WA – you could see success in as little as a year. By success I mean making it a full time gig. The potential is great!

    • Hi Sherry. I agree with you that the live chat is a great added feature that you get with premium! If you have a question about online business or building a website you can get an answer in live chat 24/7/365 days a year. I love it and have used it many times myself when I have hit a brick wall and have a question.

      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a get rich quick scheme! I can’t stress that enough. Wealthy Affiliate is a serious online business based community. We that helps each other out as we build and grow our affiliate marketing businesses. It takes time but within a year if you work diligently at it you can have a real business making real money online.


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