Is Zurvita A Scam? Why Is It Underrated?

Welcome to my Is Zurvita A Scam Review!

A lot of people purchase certain products to achieve a goal, whether it's a foundation or a protein shake, an orange juice. Each product an individual consumes has benefits they need and wants that can be gratified.

If you want to achieve the “zeal” of life, can Zurvita provide you that? Let's find out if any of its product claims would truly give you the benefits you desire! Also, if you want to earn a little extra along the way, can this company be a great option?

I introduce you to Zurvita!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Zurvita. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Zurvita is for you!

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Zurvita Review Summary

Product Name: Zurvita

Founder:  Mark & Tracy Jarvis

Product Type:  Multi-level Marketing Company

Price:  $39.95 sign-up fee and a placement order for packages worth up to $569.95

Best for: people who are interested in living healthier and are looking for an alternative to earn extra money.

Summary:  Overall, Zurvita is a company that has products that work and income potential is possible but not entirely enough. It is not a scam, but like any other MLM company, having a stable income in this kind of industry is challenging.

Rating:  55/100

Recommended: No

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Competition exists everywhere, and as obvious as it gets, the health and wellness industry is a very challenging one. If you’re wondering about taking a risk on an MLM company that focuses on this niche, you have to think more than twice. Not because product claims are captivating, compensation plans are enticing, you will immediately invest in a company.

It’s so easy to sign up at any business venture you’d like to explore but, is the income as effortless as that? The answer is always no. You have to grind and strive to achieve success and it doesn’t happen overnight! If you want to find out if you have better chances at Zurvita on achieving a healthier and more lavish lifestyle from its products and income opportunity, you better stick around!

What Is Zurvita?

You must have no idea that before this company rebranded itself into the health and wellness industry, they were all about tech!

It used to be an MLM company focused on the tech niche, specifically on mobile phones and tech support!

This company started in 2008. Today its focal point is promoting products that are equipped to enhance the zeal of an individual’s life.

Its founders Mark and Tracy Jarvis are known to have a good track record in direct selling with a 7-digit income!

Zurvita is built with 3 core principles:

  • Honor and Glorify God
  • Develop Humble Leadership
  • Create a company where people can win at every level.

It’s nice to know how a company is standing not just by their vision or mission, but to its virtues as well.

Cory Haasnoot


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Imagine consuming weight-loss products and they don’t taste good as it claims to be…If you ask me, it’s going to be torture for the rest of my “dieting” days. The thought of a strict diet and replacing heavy meals for other alternative products is already hard.

What more if you’ve invested in items that are supposed to be effective but never serves its purpose at all? Waste of time and money, that’s for sure. Every company that offers products has its own “effective” claims, and as I always say, what works for me may not work for you.

The question here is, what makes Zurvita products stand-out from all the available nutritional products offered by MLM companies? Zeal is their product line that consists of functional superfoods, vitamins, and minerals.

They are bound to help you get energized along with enriching and protecting your body while maintaining a healthy weight. Their products are also great-tasting!

It’s important to know what comprises any product we consume, and Zurvita seemed to have exceeded in that department. It’s your right to learn about what their offers are made of! Check this out!

zurvita product ingredients

According to their website, here are the categories of products you can avail at Zurvita.

1. Zeal for Life– combined with the most powerful nutritional components all in one delicious and a real-food product you can drink.

2. Zurvita Protein– Made with only the most nutrient-rich ingredients and Zeal’s most powerful superfood, rice bran.

3. Transformation System– The complete nutritional product system and healthy lifestyle training to enhance your zeal for life.

zurvita products

Their products aren’t just about physical wellness but also achieving a greater vitality.  It claims to help you feel better as well.

You can check out their catalog to learn more about their products!

How To Earn Money From Zurvita?

Getting Started

Becoming a part of  Zurvita is easy!

You can easily sign up through their website, you can either become a preferred customer and enjoy the following perks:

  • discount on all orders
  • save with customer loyalty paks
  • convenient monthly delivery
  • cancel anytime

Or if you prefer on becoming a part of their community and generate income along the way, become an Independent consultant and relish on these advantages:

  • Personalized, customizable websites
  • A FREE powerful app for on-the-go business building
  • Extra guidance and motivation from Zurvita's Customer Service and Sales Support
  • Complete resource library and the support of an incredible community that finds joy in helping others

Compensation Plan

Once you’ve enrolled to become Zurvita’s consultant you are entitled to commissions! For every product, you sell you get 20% of the commission and 5% from the products your downline has sold! That kind of percentage isn’t that bad, but there are other companies out there that can offer more than that.

Anyway, as a consultant, it’s also possible to earn $50 as a one-time bonus if any of your customers sign up for a monthly package! Also, within a period of 30 days and you were able to sign up 3 preferred customers, your Wellness Pak Cannister for the following month will be free of charge!

Since Zurvita is an MLM company, it’s not surprising that there are levels to reach for a possibility to earn additional bonuses such as 5% on overrides. Being a part of a networking company will never be a piece of cake. You just don’t invest money and expect to become a millionaire overnight. You need to cultivate your career in this kind of industry through tons of effort and of course, time.

To have a better grasp on Zurvita's compensation plan, watch the video below:

You just can’t rely on selling products to have a sufficient income. Recruitment is vital in order to have a stable earning. Ranking had always been essential in a networking company. The basis of greater income potential is at a higher rank. Your goal is to achieve a bigger team to rank better and earn more.

Unfortunately, some people had difficulties in growing in an MLM company. I’m not saying that everyone is more likely to fail. We all know that in reality, most people aren't making enough profits and some weren’t able to get a return from their investment.


 Not FDA Approved

Even though people state that products are effective,I think it’s still a red flag when it’s not certified by government bodies like the FDA.

Thought, it was proven effective by a clinical trial, being FDA approved gives consumers relief and confidence in purchasing products.

Low Income Potential

Truth be told, networking companies had it difficult for most people. But it doesn't mean there's no room for any actual income. It's just that the only chance you have a livable income is through the highest ranks available.

How long would it take a person to reach that point? No one's certain of that.

A huge percentage of Zurvita's consultants are earning an average of $361 per year. It's not even enough to have your investment on a starter pack return to you.

A Competitive Industry

The health and wellness niche is obviously a universe of products and even if it’s that large, it doesn’t mean the competition minimizes. There are tons of available products, perhaps it’s accompanied by exaggerated and false claims. But, there are better alternatives. Always.

Let’s say, you can sell Zurvita’s products and be certain of its effectiveness, but are you sure there isn’t anything else available for a cheaper price but the same results? I’d say the same to the fact that it’s a networking company. There are different businesses out there that promote nutritional products and the competition is real, whether it’s on selling or recruiting.


Effective Products

Positive reviews on products aren't enough to actually verify that product claims are truthful. We can never know if it's all made-up and just for show. But you can never detest a clinical research!

Here's proof that a clinical trial was done and concluded that Zeal actually makes a difference!

clinical trial proof on zurvita

You can read about it here!

Has Their Own Patent

They are known for utilizing the use of rice bran which they've added in the ingredients of Zurvita's products! Its unique manufacturing process is patented! How cool is that?

Money-back Guarantee

It’s a good thing that customers are allowed to return the products their not satisfied with and have their money refunded!

Is Zurvita A Scam?

It's not. Zurvita is as legit as its patent!

Even so, like most MLM companies, it's going to be a difficult path to take.

Would I Recommend Zurvita?

No. This company may have gained its reputation for effective products, but the success rate is low.

I have been invited to multiple seminars on different multilevel marketing companies and I was never convinced in joining any of them.

You might be wondering if I had regrets choosing not to…

In all honesty, I don't.

Being successful in a networking company is rare and I will never see my potential in that industry.

Why would I take a risk on something I'm not certain of when I have an unquestionable alternative?

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  • Effective Products
  • Has Their Own Patent
  • Money-back Guarantee


  • Not FDA Approved
  • Low Income Potential
  • A Competitive Industry

4 thoughts on “Is Zurvita A Scam? Why Is It Underrated?”

  1. Seeing a platform that pays so much attention to virtue is really great but its still mlm and honestly, I am anti mlm. I don’t like it mostly because one can’t make so much from it and it is only geared towards making money for the company. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what one can do . for me, zurvita is a no and its simply because it is an mlm scheme. Anyways, great post.

    • I believe Zurvita is a standup company with a focus on God which I think is great. You can make money at MLM but it is not easy.

  2. With the money-back guarantee and a great compensation plan, this would have been worthy of my time, money, and energy if it wasn’t an MLM marketing platform. The income potential is nothing to write home about when it comes to MLM businesses; they just won’t let you have your way when it comes to income. And based on the fact that I have to recruit to earn, that is a turn off for me. Besides, I have bad records with MLM businesses in the past. Though Zurvita is not a scam, I still cannot get involved with it.


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