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Today I thought I would write a post of some of the social media marketing tactics that I have learned that will help get your posts shared further. These tactics will also help in driving more traffic to your website and affiliate programs.

Posting on social media sites helps in creating backlinks to your website so it is important to utilize these sites as much as possible every time you write content for your website. The following is a list of some of the social media sites and tactics to use on these sites to help drive more traffic.

Facebook Marketing Tactics

The first site is If you don't have a business page on Facebook I recommend you start one.

Click Here to Learn How to Create a Facebook Business Page

On with the tactics. What I have learned recently is that you can use hashtags in your Facebook posts. By using hashtags you can have more reach for your posts on Facebook. For example when you are writing your posts add hashtags to certain keywords in your post.

example: Check out My #review about #abc #plush #dog #toy

affiliate marketing facebook

Doing your posts this way will help more people to see your posts and be drawn to them which in turn could drive more traffic to your website.

You are also allowed to add affiliate links to your posts on Facebook so if you do that and add in the hashtags that will get you some free advertising on Facebook. You can't use paid advertising for your direct affiliate links on Facebook although.

Pinterest Marketing Tactics

Pinterest is an effective social media site to help you drive more traffic to your website. The tactic to use for Pinterest is the same as Facebook. You will want to add hashtags to every pin that you publish on Pinterest.

You can put these hashtags in the description area of your pin. Once your pins are hashtagged they will show up in search results on Pinterest for whatever hashtag that you used.

Linkedin Marketing Tactics

Linkedin is a different animal in itself as it goes for social media networks. The people that utilize Linkedin are busy professionals and they like to get the majority of their information on that website instead of having to click off to read it elsewhere.

But if the information that you provide on Linkedin is compelling enough people will click over to your website to read other content that you have that they might be interested in.

Some of the tactics to use on Linkedin are you want to post your entire articles on Linkedin and within your article provide an info graphic that links back to your website. People are very visual these days and info graphics that explain the gist of your content in one nice and tidy place that links to your main content works wonders for driving traffic.

And like others that I mentioned you can use hashtags in your posts on Linkedin. Again this helps in people finding your posts on Linkedin.

YouTube is becoming more and more important to utilize in your social media marketing efforts. On YouTube, you should be making a video for every post that you write and have a link in the description of the video above the fold before the read more stop.

youtube marketing tactics

Another tactic to use on YouTube is to use the discussions section. In the discussions section on your page, you add a comment which you would do a short introduction to your latest piece of content and then provide a link linking back to that content. Just like you would do on Facebook.

The discussion feature has replaced Google Plus. So posting your link in the discussions section will help with your search ranking in Google. This tactic gives you some extra Google Juice if you will lol. :0

Twitter Marketing Tactics

Then of course, you can’t forget about Twitter! This social media site is simple to use and if you post more than once a day you could get quite a lot of traffic to your website.

The tactic for twitter is to add hashtags to your posts. These little fence looking things are big on Twitter and a ton of other sites for that matter. So on Twitter add those hashtags and that will get your Tweets seen by more people thus driving traffic to your content.

Also, you can add images and videos in your tweets so make sure to make use of these features in Twitter. Like I said before people are very visual animals, especially in this day and age!

twitter marketing tactics

Medium Marketing Tactics

The next social media marketing tactics are to be used with the site This social media site is not as widely used as the other sites but it should be.

The tactic to use in medium is to post the first 4 to 5 paragraphs of your articles and then include at the end of the posts the words “continue reading” and link those words back to the article that is on your website. Doing this if your first few paragraphs are interesting enough to the reader will drive more traffic to your website.

Another thing you might want to do is to have a popup or some type of lead capture so that the reader that comes to your site has to give his or her email information. This way you can contact them every time you create new content. Doing this lets you know that you will have return traffic when you post new content.

Instagram Marketing Tactics

Instagram is becoming a powerhouse for social marketing. If you are not using Instagram in your social marketing efforts I suggest you get started now. Just like most of the other social sites that I have included in this article, hashtags are the big tactic you should be using in your post descriptions on Instagram.

Another marketing tactic that you can use on instagram is add 30 hashtags to your posts. Use 10 high search hashtags, 10 medium searched hashtags ,and 10 low search hashtags. This way you will cover your various search terms so that you reach a large audience.

You will find the search number when you type a # and then the keyword. Also, you will get hashtag suggestions that are similar to the keyword that you typed in.

Although you can’t link up to each post unless you have 10,000 or more followers you are able to put a link to your website or affiliate offer in your profile description. Your link is prominently displayed so whoever visits your Instagram page will see your link as long as you include it close to the beginning of your profile description.

social media marketing tactics


So there you have it a whole bunch of tactics that you can use in your social media marketing efforts to maximize driving more traffic to your website.

The most important tactic you can get from this is the use of hashtags in your posts. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram all allow hashtags to be used in your posts.

With Linkedin post whole articles and add an infographic that links back to your website.

Medium you want to post the first 4 to 5 paragraphs of your article and link the words “continue reading” back to your article. Then provide a way on your website so that you can capture the readers' email address so that you can email them every time you create new content.

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  1. What an enlightening article. I use Wealthy Affiliate and at this time I study about Pinterest. Your topic came on time. I will watch carefully all the training of each social media. I had also some questions about Facebook but now they are solved. Thanks for your helpful and well-written issue. 

    • Thank you and you are welcome. Pinterest is effective traffic generating social media site if done properly. I have used Pinterest for some time with excellent results in regards to driving traffic to my website.

  2. This is a very educative post you have written over here. I just joined a platform that helps with getting a site hosted so one can start an online business, and I think that social media will be a way to market my product and get myself some customers. These tips are beneficial, and I’ll bookmark them for future reference when I start my site. It will be the source of my content. Thanks for posting this, I’m glad I read through.

    • We live in a very social world and social media marketing is becoming an essential part of marketing our businesses and websites. Posting on social media also helps in getting backlinks to our sites which is good for SEO.


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