How to Turn Your Passion Into a Profit – Make Your Dreams Happen!

Today I'm going to show you how to turn your passion into a profit! We all have passions and hobbies that we enjoy. You could say some of us are experts when it comes to these passions and hobbies. Why not turn those things that we hold dear into money? It can be done! It just takes the know-how and determination to do it. You can make it happen, and in this article, I will guide you in the right direction so that you can do just that.

I will be introducing you to an online community called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate or WA for short is a community of affiliate marketers who are just like you. They are all taking their passions and hobbies and turning them into online businesses that help them make money from the things that they love and are very knowledgeable about.

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The WA Community

The Wealthy Affiliate community is a warm and welcoming online affiliate marketing community.  Everyone is eager to help each other out with their online businesses. WA is more like a family than a community.

Any affiliate marketing or business questions get answered usually within minutes any time of day or night. WA also offers live chat and an awesome search bar that has just about any answer you could think of for business-related question.

The WA Opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate is an opportunity of a lifetime when it comes to turning your passion into profit. WA has every tool you need to build a successful, long-lasting online business in any niche you can think of.

It all starts with your passion or hobby, and you build a business around that. You monetize your business by writing quality content and selling products or services via affiliate programs that are based on your passion or hobby.

Finding an Affiliate Program For Your Niche

There are tens of thousands of affiliate programs on the internet. Anything from affiliate programs that offer pet-related merchandise and grooming services to fishing to model trains. If there is a product or service, there is usually an affiliate program to go along with it.

Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program finder. This feature makes it easy to find an affiliate program to promote in any niche. All you have to do is type in a keyword that is related to your passion or hobby and WALA you get a list of affiliate programs that you can promote for your online business.

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Building Your Online Business

Once you have decided on the niche for your business, it’s time to start building that business. You want to come up with a name for your business. Think of something related to the niche you are in. Let’s say your passion is dogs, so you are in the Dog niche. And let’s say you want to focus on dog clothing as your business. You could name your business Dog Suits R US. That would be your business name and brand name.

Now that you have your brand/business name, you need to decide on a domain name for your business. The domain name doesn’t have to be exactly the name of your business but as close as possible.

Wealthy Affiliate has a feature where you can search for domain names that you can purchase right on their platform. You would try, and if that is available, you will choose it and purchase. Domain names are inexpensive on average about $13 a year.

Domain names are one of the most essential parts of an online business because without a domain name you are not in business. The $13 a year is a drop in the bucket compared to the profits that you could potentially earn having an affiliate marketing online business.

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WA Even Has Your Web Hosting Covered

Best WordPress Web Hosting

You have your domain name now you are going to need a host for that domain. Wealthy Affiliate has the best WordPress web hosting around. With WA’s web hosting, you can host up to 25 premium domains on servers that are lightning fast! They have you covered with 24/7/365 support. Your website will be monitored day and night by professionals that know how to keep your site up and running so that you never lose the opportunity for a sale.

Your website is also protected around the clock with virus and malware protection. The best part is that the web hosting that WA offers is included in the premium membership of only $49 a month. For $49 a month, you get everything to start and run an online business all on one platform. It’s the best value you will find on the internet or anywhere for that matter.

Need Training? You're Covered!

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All the training you need to start and grow your online business is included in a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. With WA’s effective affiliate marketing training you will learn exactly what you need to do to turn your passion into a profit. Here’s the training you get at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – OEC training consists of 5 phases of 50 lessons to get your online business up and running.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – This training is comprised of 70 lessons geared toward helping you start and grow an online business in the “Make Money Online” niche
  • Training Modules – You get thousands of training modules that community members contribute to every aspect of online business there is.
  • Classrooms – 13 classrooms range from Content writing to how to run a successful PPC campaign.
  • Live Webinars – Every Friday evening, the live Wealthy Affiliate training coach Jay has a live webinar are different topics about affiliate marketing and online business.

When you become knowledgable enough about affiliate marketing, you can get paid to create your training for Wealthy Affiliate. This alone can help you pay for your premium membership.

Are You Ready To Turn Your Passion Into a Profit?

Turn Passions Into ProfitsIf you are ready, a Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to use to start an online business in affiliate marketing. Turn that passion of yours into a profit and get on the road to financial freedom and time to enjoy whatever you want and when you want.

For $49 a month you get:

  1. The support of an online community of over a million strong. Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards running successful online businesses that they are passionate about. If you have a question, you will get an answer usually within minutes if not seconds.
  2. You get WordPress website hosting that is the best in the industry. Have a lightning-fast website for your business that is monitored 24/7/365 days a year. Never miss an opportunity for a sale
  3. The best affiliate marketing training you can find on the internet.
  4. You get me as an affiliate marketing coach when you sign-up for a premium membership. I will personally help you with whatever you need so that you can build and grow an online business that you will be proud of.

That is just a glimpse of all you get as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate! You get so much more, and for such a low price of $49 a month to run your entire online business from one place, you can't find that anywhere else but at Wealthy Affiliate. You can't put a price on your time and financial freedom but when you can get all that for a low monthly fee of only $49 a month you can't go wrong!

Is It Your Time Too Shine!

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Are you ready to get your online business off the ground? If you are I'm ready to help you!

Everything you need to build and run an online business all in one place. Everyone helps each other out. It's a win-win situation! Let’s turn that passion of yours into a profit today!

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below. I hope you found this article informative. Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Passion Into a Profit – Make Your Dreams Happen!”

  1. Good evening Cory,

    You hit the nail on the head. Wealthy Affiliate is a warm online affiliate marketing community.

    Convert your passion and your hobby into a money making opportunity, well, why not? If it is your passion, to begin with, it is easier to stick with it.

    Success will not come overnight, it requires time and dedication. Wealthy Affiliate offers you all you need under one roof, I think that makes it the ideal place to be. Thank you for this nice review.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Your welcome Taetske. Wealthy Affiliate is the best options when looking to turn your passion into a profit!

  2. Nothing’s better than doing something you love and making a decent living doing it!  No one wants to grind out a living working for other people their entire lives.  Not if there are other, better ways.  As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I have to agree it is by far the best training/hosting/affiliate platform I’ve found that doesn’t promise ‘tricks’ but real actual knowledge of legitimate, sustainable business practices blogging or whatever you’re interested in.  WA is where it’s at!

    • It sure is the way to go! I have tried many other online marketing platforms in the past to start an online business and most of them were scams. Wealthy Affiliate is Legit! Finding an affiliate program to fit your passion is easy with the new Affiliate Programs feature they rolled out recently. All you have to do is type in a search term on the passion or hobby you are starting your business with and click submit. There you have a whole bunch of affiliate programs that you can promote in your related niche. 

  3. I would have to agree that affiliate marketing is probably the best way to do this. You can promote virtually anything you are interested in, all while making money. You can start a website based on whatever your passion is, promote products, services, and programs related to that, and collect commissions as an affiliate for those companies. What more could a person want? Let’s face it, not everyone gets to do something they truly enjoy. Affiliate marketing is about as close as it gets.

    • I would have to agree with you, Mark. Affiliate marketing is the way to go if you want financial and time freedom. I mean who doesn’t? The sky’s the limit financially with affiliate marketing and being passionate about what you do for a living there is nothing better! It does take time getting started but once you have the foundation of your affiliate business in place the business can run on its own when you are away! Maybe on a dream vacation!!

  4. Hey Cory,
    Thanks for the inspiration.  I love your headline about How to Turn Your Passion Into a Profit!  
    It’s quite exciting that this community, this opportunity can literally help anyone do just that – whatever hobby or passion or just an interest can do.
    The platform just gets better and better.  That affiliate program finder you mentioned, was just released.  How feature filled and training rich is this platform?  A lot!
    Spreading your blog is like sharing the love to help anyone turn their passions into an income generating solutions is awesome.  Sure it takes time, but like everything in life to get good at something you have to start, invest the time and reap the rewards.  Pretty simple formula really!
    Thank you, John

    • Wealthy Affiliate has it all to help you start a business out of any passion or hobby that you can think! The community is unlike I have ever seen in this industry. The training provided is spot on, and it works! As you said, affiliate marketing does take time to work, but once it does, the sky is the limit in regards to financial gain and prosperity! It does take a lot of work at the beginning and a lot of patience. But nothing significant has been attained easily.

      If someone wants a stable financial future, then an affiliate marketing business is the way to go! Thank you, John, for the comments.



  5. Hi Cory

    I read almost every word on your post on Turning my passion into a profit. My experience is that it is a “jungle” out there, and a well of Mumbo Jumbo information leading people, me included, into searching for the next shiny object.

    Your information was clarifying. It looks as if Wealthy Affiliate is what I have been looking for. I do believe it would be great to have a community supporting each other on the journey. And the price sounds affordable. 

    How much time do I need to put down in the beginning?
    (I have a job, a wife and three children that I need to take care of)

    • Hello Sofus

      In the beginning, it will take anywhere from 3 months to start seeing results up to 18 months depending on how much time you have to dedicate. You really don’t want to give yourself a time limit. You just need to keep at it at your own pace and if you have the mentality of never giving up or throwing in the towel you will see results. Like anything in life, nothing is guaranteed. You get out of it what you put in.

      With that said Wealthy Affiliate has the best training program in the industry and if you start with Wealthy Affiliate you have the best chance of success in any niche you want to pursue. Also, WA’s community is by far the best when it comes to helping you along the way when you might get stuck and need immediate answers. Give WA a try you will do great. The best part it doesn’t cost you a dime to try them out!


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