Top Working From Home Ideas Of 2020

A few decades ago, working from home ideas were highly unprofitable. Very few people were able to work from the comfort of their homes, and at their own risk. Back then, when the internet was just a concept, working from home was very rare. However, today, working from home is a huge benefit for humankind.

You can wake up late and start working ASAP, without wasting precious time dressing up, eating, or commuting to work. You can save up to 4 hours a day on commuting, dressing or eating, by simply staying home. Heck, you can even order food at home with Uber Eats and enjoy a healthy diet without having to waste precious time waiting for your order at the restaurant.

The Internet Has The Potential To Change The Way You Work!

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The internet has opened a whole new array of opportunities and has enabled people worldwide to work from the comfort of their homes. While you can also work for an employer remotely, there are many other more legit opportunities that pop up on the market. These are business opportunities that allow you to make a passive income.

Below are some amazing working from home ideas that you can start in 2019 without any upfront investment or with minimal investment. With enough work and persuasion, you could be able to scale them up and transform them into passive income opportunities. This means you can go on vacation or take mini-breaks and the money would still be coming in.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top 6 work from home ideas available in 2019.

6 Genuine Working from Home Ideas

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Work From Home Ideas

1 ==> Sell Products Online

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Sell Products OnlineSelling products is a great way to make a passive income for the years to come. You can start selling almost anything you want, including diapers or food. To be successful in this business, you need to inform yourself very well on how to run a business online.

You need to start by looking for an affordable domain, plus hosting. Then, you need to create your own site and make it sales-ready. For example, you can choose WordPress and simply purchase an eCommerce template. You could then install a widget like Ecwid that lets you start selling anywhere, including on social media platforms.

Next on, you need to add other widgets, including a payment gateway. However, that’s just half of the business. The other half involves finding a manufacturer and a dropshipping company. You basically want to create your own brand and have the products shipped from China directly to your buyers’ addresses.

If you choose to go and sell products on Amazon, you can easily capitalize on Amazon’s FBA tool. Amazon promises you to take care of all the delivery and storage in your place. This gives you more time to run your business and advertise your products.

By selling products online, you could become really successful and you could create a 100% passive income. You can hire someone to manage all your products and sales while you go on vacation. However, that lies far away in the future. It takes at least two years to scale up your business and start making over $10k a month.

2 ==> Become a Freelance Writer

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How to Become a Freelance WriterIf you love writing and you already have your own blog, why not use your skills to make real money. There are millions of freelance writers online on sites like iWriter, People per Hour, Fiverr or Upwork. You can become one of them and start making money from the comfort of your home.

In 2019, there is still a huge demand for content. There are millions of small businesses out there looking for fresh content every single day. Moreover, large publishers are eager to pay up to 10x more than the regular rate just to make sure they have access to top-notch writers.

As a writer, you can start small and only work a few hours a day. You can start on several platforms, but note that you need to invest time in order to scale up. After a few months, you can start earning more money for the same word-count. For example, on iWriter, you can earn $7 for 1,000 words as a standard writer, but after two months you can become an elite writer and make $14. If you’re good enough and you get to elite plus, you get $30 for each article. On People Per Hour or Fiverr, you can easily find jobs where you earn $50 for a single piece.

The great news with freelance writing is that you can find any kind of topic that’s of interest to you. You can even write on topics you know nothing about. This allows you to expand your knowledge and fine-tune your writing skills, while also growing your vocabulary. In addition to the financial reward you get by writing articles, blog posts, press releases or eBooks, you also get the reward of knowing that your content is somewhere out there, being read by thousands of people a day.

3 ==> Affiliate Marketing

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Best Affiliate Marketing Training CoursesBeing an affiliate marketer is a surefire way to get rich from the comfort of your home. If you already have a blog or site that ranks high on Google, why not monetize it by advertising other people’s products? You can become an affiliate marketer for tens of thousands of companies or startups today. You can basically find companies offering affiliate services in all niches.

For example, if you have a blog on mental health, start advertising medical and physical products that increase mental health. You get around 25%-30% of every sale, while the rest of it goes to the owner of the product. This is a win-win situation. With affiliate marketing, you can easily earn up to $5,000 a month by simply advertising other people’s products.

Remember that affiliate marketing has the potential to be 100% passive. Once your blog is properly set up, you can rely solely on organic traffic for a long period of time. The converters bring you to profit from the affiliate brand, and you only have to go and collect your paychecks.

If you are serious about starting an affiliate marketing business then you need to check out Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing community and program that has everything and I mean everything you need to get started and build an online business in affiliate marketing.

==>Give Wealthy Affiliate a Try<==

4 ==> College Consultant

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How to Become a College ConsultantA hot topic today, especially in the US and Canada, are high college prices. If you want to help students save money when applying for college and you know how college paperwork goes, you can create your own business as a college consultant. You can do it all online, without leaving the comfort of your couch.

As a college consultant, you need to be aware of applicant statistics, exam requirements, test preparation, supplemental essay, and financial aid. Many families are willing to pay thousands of dollars to the right guy who can guide their precious child through the maze of, college application process.

5 ==> Audiobook Narrator

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How To Become an AudioBook narratorThe audiobook industry is growing like crazy. Last year alone, it expanded by more than 40%. Sites like, Apple Books or are experiencing a surge in traffic like never before. The demand is definitely there since people have less and less time to read books on their Kindles. Thus, they prefer to listen to books while commuting or while running on the treadmill.

As an audiobook narrator, you can help other people put together their books. You can basically make money by staying at home, in front of your laptop and with a nice microphone in front of you. Expect to make over $2,000 a month as an audiobook narrator.

6 ==> Become Famous on YouTube

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How To Become Famous on YouTubeLastly, this is probably the hottest online business idea in 2019. If you get to the point of being famous on YouTube and you have over 1 million fans and thousands of views on your live streams, then you are probably making over $10k a month, at a minimum. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitch or Instagram, social media influencers make millions from social media.

You can basically create videos about anything. You can share your expert opinions on a certain subject, stream games, promote other people’s brands, advertise services, offer help or solve people’s problems.

If you love being behind the camera, do not be afraid to start your journey towards becoming an influencer. You can even make pranks, record cool videos with your friends or capture gorgeous scenery from other countries. Or you can state your opinion on problems like Brexit, global warming, Mars colonization project, NASA & HAARP secrets, you name it.

YouTube is a platform that is growing like crazy. More and more people prefer to consume videos instead of reading articles, so the market is booming. The best part about being a YouTuber is that you don’t even need to buy an expensive camera. You can simply use your phone for live streams, or use the laptop camera to show certain stuff to your viewers.
On YouTube, you can make over $500k a month after a few years. However, you need a lot of work and dedication to get there.

The Bottom Line

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2019 is an excellent year to implement some of these, working from home ideas. This is the best time to start leveraging the power of the internet and even start making an income while sleeping. You can even combine two methods to make several streams of income.

You can become a writer while also making money as an affiliate. Or you can be an audiobook narrator and also become a famous YouTube personality. Choose what you love to do and start having an income from the comfort of your home.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I hope you found this article informative and thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “Top Working From Home Ideas Of 2020”

  1. I want to start by just saying Bravo! This article truly covers the main ways people are making money online today. I know that I always wanted to be a youtuber growing up in this younger generation where that’s all I see kids my age doing. It’s hard to turn away from something like that when you see others your age profiting handsomely from it. I will say though I find an interest in almost every topic you covered in this article. How do you think one starts creating their own audiobooks and branding them within their own site? I’d love your thoughts on this one since I actually just started with Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of the affiliate programs you mentioned. Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you for the kind remarks. Audiobooks can be created for sale on Amazon with Audible. Here is a link to a free kindle book on how to go it: I have never created an audiobook myself but I know that they are very popular and a good way to make money online if you do it right.

  2. Thank you for your post. I started my online business this year and am actively looking for ideas of making money. All your 6 suggestions are valid.

    I am interesting in selling product online, particularly selling products through Amazon. I did some research and found that it is possible to make profits by importing products from China and selling them on Amazon. I like the Fulfill By Amazon. I just need to ship the products from China directly to Amazon warehouse and Amazon takes care of ship and customer services. I just need to focus on marketing. I think it is workable idea.

    It is nice of you sharing this useful information with us.

    • Hi Anthony. There are so many ways to make money online but these 6 I believe are the top ones for 2019. I have not tried buying products from China to sell on Amazon but I have heard it can be a lucrative venture to start. Although I would warn you to make sure the products you are importing from China are of good quality and that they are not counterfeit. 

      Here’s a link to an article about it:

      Amazon is cracking down on counterfeit items on their selling platform. If the items that are being sold from China are counterfiet you will have your business shut down in a heartbeat. So I would do some investigating before importing from China. A Google search about the company you are thinking of working with from China will save you a lot of problems down the road.

  3. Thank you Cory for these great working from home ideas for 2019 and beyond. I can definitely say with an authority that being able to work from home is a GREAT feeling of both success and financial security.

    I got my first taste back in 2005 when the company I worked for encouraged many of us to work from home as a way to increase employees but save on office space. This saved me money and time because I didn’t have to commute to work.

    This experience taught me how to be a disciplined worker at home. One big drawback to working from home is not being focused enough to actually work. There will always be some sort of distraction that you must avoid to be successful.

    Then after the economy crash in 2008 and many traditional jobs like mine closed and I found myself unemployed, I started seeking ways to work at home on the internet. Selling products was the first thing I did. This worked well.

    But I was still looking for something a bit easier yet still just as if not more lucrative. That is when I found affiliate marketing. Once I realized that many of the retailers we all shop at have affiliate programs, I jumped at that opportunity.

    This form of self employment taught me how to build my own WordPress website and learn a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In turn it also taught me how to become a better and effective content writer.

    Now I make my income doing both affiliate marketing and freelance writing, helping small companies and other affiliate marketers by writing content for their websites. My next endeavor is to learn YouTube marketing.

    Thanks to your post and explanation on using YouTube, I have an idea on how I will increase and spread my brand as well as start a new source of income on the internet. I am excited for the future and encourage others to take your advice.

    • Hey Robert,

      Sounds like you have plenty of experience at working from home. What I like about working for myself is the time freedom that I get when there are little things that pop up from time to time I can usually go take care of them without having to worry about giving leave notice to an employer. Although one must be disciplined to make sure you actually do the work but usually when and where it gets done is up to you!

      Another part of working from home that’s a plus is the lack of commuting and the money you save from not having to drive long distances to and from work.

      YouTube is something you will want to start learning and utilizing especially if you are working in the field of affiliate marketing. Video is big and getting bigger every day. I believe in the future YouTube and video for that matter are going to be an integral part of any online business that we might be in.


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