Is Modere A Scam? A Risk You Can Take Or Better Avoid?

Welcome to my Is Modere A Scam Review!

Are you looking for an opportunity in the multi-level marketing scene? Perhaps, you wanted to be in a business that's fresh and new to the eyes of many. Can Modere let you achieve your ideal income and find the success you've always desired?

Is Modere a scam? Modere is not a scam. It has transparency and provides their income disclosure plan which most MLM businesses don't. Also, unlike most, they are focused on making their distributors promote their business instead of practicing the traditional ways of networking.

I introduce you to Modere!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Modere. This is an honest review to provide you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Modere is for you!

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Modere Review Summary

Product Name: Modere

Founder:  Robert Conlee

Product Type:  Multi-level marketing company

Price:   $29.95 enrollment fee plus $399 worth of starter package

Best For:  People who have great skills in networking and would love to make an income from it.

Summary:  Modere is a relaunch of Neways. It was officially relaunched in 2014. Despite that, they have decades of experience in the business, even its current product formulations are based on Neways.

Being an MLM it's in the niche that's not far from most but has a wider range of product selections. They are solely focused on social media marketing rather than the traditional ways of direct selling and recruiting.

Rating: 45/100

Recommended:  No

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There's a huge competition out there for every business. Usually, the goal of a company is to be as unique as possible. Every corporation's goal is to have a distinctive product or method for them to be recognized.

This tactic is effective to entice customers or potential distributors. We all wanted to have an identifier that sets us apart from the norm. This just makes business easier to promote and preferably something people would love.

Being in the industry of networking, what does Modere have to offer that separates them from the companies in the same niche? What great potential can it offer that gives their representatives leverage?

Read on to find out more!

What Is Modere?

Modere is a multi-level marketing company that was relaunched in 2014.

It is originally Neways, a company that operated since 1992 and was acquired by Z Capital in 2006.

Unfortunately, the reason for rebranding was due to the owners being caught from tax evasion, and here's proof!

It's CEO was Robert Conlee who has quite an outstanding reputation in the MLM Industry. But, by the year 2018 he was replaced by Asma Ishaq, who was a better fit as the CEO.

This company has a heavy focus on promoting social media rather than practicing the traditional ways of recruiting and direct selling.

Product Line

These are the product categories Modere has to offer:

  • Personal Care
  • Health and Wellness
  • Household Care
  • Collagen Sciences

You can go over their catalog to easily browse the products you may be interested in. Unlike Jerky Direct, their site is complete with details you need to know, regarding the products to the perks you can get!

modere product line

Since it's still considered “new” to the industry, reliability is a question. Let's say if there are options for you to choose a product you know you can trust, where would you settle?

Being reasonable, and usually very doubtful to try new offers, I'd go for something that has built its reputation over the years. A simple product or not. Herbalife has similar merchandise to what Modere offers.

It's entirely up to you whether you stick with a new product or settle with those that people have consumed for years and has received real results. Since Modere is just an upgraded version of Neways, the formulation used in the products is from Neways. A reason for several people to easily trust the effectiveness of what Modere offers today.

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Does Modere Products Work?

Regardless of any research trial done to prove the effectiveness of products, this usually depends on the person using it. As I always say, claims of a product's effectiveness could be based on the placebo effect, or usually, it sure works for some people, but to some, it won't.

Their product line isn't that complicated anyway, to say the least, that most of them do what it's supposed to do. Since, most of what they offer are products that we use daily, like soap, shampoos and such, we can assume that it does work. The good thing about all these products is that they are made to be excluded from harmful chemicals. They are manufactured to keep you safe and your home as well.

How To Earn From Modere

Becoming A Distributor

If you want to be a part of Modere's family you will be required to pay for a sign-up fee of $29.95. Inclusions are training and marketing tools. This is less expensive than most networking companies that require a standard fee of $199, but this already has the tools and products you need to start.

Unfortunately, within your enrollment fee at Modere, this doesn't include any product unless you pay for the Builder Collection Package worth $399. Even though this is not compulsory, you'd still want to pay for that. Why? Because without the package you don't have anything to start up with. How can you run a business with completely no products to do the convincing, anyway?

Compensation Plan

As far as we all now, incentives and rewards of multi-level marketing companies aren't different from each other.

Like most, Modere utilizes the same methods of compensating its distributors:

  • First Order Bonus
  • Team 3 Bonus
  • Lifestyle Consistency Bonuses
  • Elite Team Lifestyle Consistency Bonuses
  • Dynamic Team Leader & Director Bonus
  • 4 & More Builder Bonus
  • Sharing Bonus
  • Consistency Selling Reward
  • Leadership Development Bonus

Also, it's a good thing that they have a reward system that is based on every purchase made. If you buy a product worth $10, this guarantees you 10 points. If you were nice enough to review their products, this entitles you to 50 points.

So what are these points for? This is your ticket for eligibility to win a reward they call a “Lifetime Experience”.They will draw a winner for every month of the year and give them the chance to choose a “one-of-a-kind Modere experience” rewards!

The most common way to reap commissions is to have your referrals enroll under you as distributors. But the good thing about Modere is that they don't solely base their distributor's earning on recruitment.

Perhaps, they will encourage you to promote your business on social media. Even so, it's still a difficult task to do unless you are an influencer or someone who has grown their following or subscribers to tens of thousands.

Sharing to your warm market will never be enough. If you're not a people person, targeting a larger audience can be tough.

Being in a networking company, from the word itself, you are bound to make a network of your own, and to do that you must have the skills to connect to people. You don't stop at just endorsing products but you eventually have to build rapport. To make a successful transaction sounds easy, but it's not since it takes time, effort, and a set of exceptional skills.

If you want a more detailed explanation regarding their compensation plan, you can check this pdf or watch the video below:


Ugly Truths Revealed


We all know that every company out there has its fair share of complaints. It's an inevitable aspect. Also, it's a fact that you can never please anyone.

Anyway below are a few of the negative comments I have found regarding Modere's customer and people.

modere customer service feedback

There are more of these complaints at Of course, one bad complaint doesn't completely say that it's unreliable or bad overall.

Other complaints are about people experiencing side effects from the use of their products and refunds they never received. You can see more of these at

modere negative review

I believe that this review right here says so much about several people at MLM companies. I'm not saying everyone does this but truth be told there are quite a lot of people taking credit for other's progress or results. That's usually a tactic to lure people to join their downline.

I wouldn't want to have a team under me that I recruited from deceit.

modere positive review

Despite several negative feedback, there are also positive ones. I know that sometimes it's all hard to believe. If there are people who use fake results just to recruit, how easy it is for others to make a positive claim about something even though it's not true. We all have different points of view, and I just happen to be more doubtful at times, given the possible unreliability of a few in this business model.

Shipment is Limited to the United States

Unfortunately, at this point, Modere is limited to ship only at places within the US. Perhaps, because this company is just relaunched recently and still somewhat “new”, the places they can cater to is limited. What if a person living somewhere in Asia came upon their site and was interested in the products they offer?

Hopefully, Modere can make arrangements to let people from other countries. Most networking companies have headquarters worldwide, but all of them are also operating for decades now. Modere has a long way to go in comparison to other MLM's.


This rebranded company wasn't able to judge legal issues despite its recent launch. From being accused of stealing distributors to interfering with contracts and sued for a failed business relationship.

Modere was open for business in 2014. Lawsuits started as early as 2016 to 2018. Imagine that, 2 years in business and you've got another company filing a legal case against you. Here's proof!

Despite all that, this doesn't mean that you can no longer trust the company. Moreover, there are networking companies that have faced multiple lawsuits and paid millions for settlement, but continued to rise anyway!

What I Like About Modere

Promotes Living Clean

If you check out their website, you'd see that this company is all about being eco-friendly.

You'd see that they are truly committed to Live Clean from these following aspects:

  • Recyclable packaging
  • No animal testing
  • Environmentally responsible
  • BPA-free
  • Greywater Approved

Wide Selection Of Products

I think it's commendable for a company to offer people a variety of products instead of being limited to one or two categories.

This also allows a distributor to have multiple options to offer a customer. Not most MLM caters to a huge category of products.

Focused on Social Media Marketing

The usual method of marketing every distributor at MLM's are mainly focused on direct selling and recruiting. But Modere is not.

I think this is a good thing that goes with the flow of today's generation. Everybody usually spends most of their time on their phones or computers. So why not make good use of it instead, right?

Sure, there are tons of networking companies that provide distributors replicated websites but not entirely giving them leverage to use social media in promoting their business.

With Modere you can create your promotional code that you can share with your friends, giving them a discount of $10 for their first purchase worth over $50. From that, you will also earn %10 worth of credit you can spend within Modere.

Most influencers on social media do this. They share their promo codes for people to purchase with a discount and this tactic will do you good if you have quite a number of followers or subscribers.

Is Modere A Scam?

Let's be real here. The usual problem that people conclude that a company is nothing but fraud is when they have hardly gained anything in return.

Despite the obvious hard work people put into an MLM company, the struggles of earning as much as you've invested are sometimes impossible.

I believe Modere's stylish and safe image is tilted to younger and modern customers. They could be the spur of the new generation of MLM. Who knows?

What I Would Recommend

Having a business within a business doesn't entirely make you the boss. Most MLM companies would make you think you are since you have the power to work within your schedule, or from the comfort of your home and at your phase.

Sure, you may earn from you downline like a total boss only if you have people beneath you at multiple levels. Another thing is, if you think you're getting richer by the minute, it's not just you.

Look at it this way, you become a distributor, you'd be very likely work beneath someone else. You'll be a part of their downline. In reality, you may earn a few bucks or so, but the ones above you are the ones making more than you do and will ever do.

MLM companies will tell you that it's all about helping each other. You help your upline gain commission while you do as well.

This business model still doesn't make you the boss. There's also no guarantee that your upline will help you grow. What if he already has a team that makes him earn a lot and wouldn't bother to help those beneath him?

And why settle for that when you can be the boss of your own with affiliate marketing? No quotas to reach, no unrealistic requirements, no pressure. You can truly work at your own time and phase.

Plus, there's a great community that would also love to help you achieve your success! What are you waiting for?

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  • Focuses on Social Media Marketing
  • Wider selection of products
  • Eco-friendly


  • Expensive start-up cost
  • Complaints
  • Lawsuits
  • Limited to US
  • Competitive market

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