OnPassive/GoFounders: Never-ending Wealth Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my OnPassive/GoFounders Review! There are numerous opportunities out there that promise an individual the easy ways of earning profits. Looking for the right one can be a little hard given the number of possible choices.

But this company I'm about to tackle will offer you a never-ending wealth! Who doesn't want that anyway? Could this be true or just another scam you must avoid? Let's find out!

I introduce you to OnPassive/GoFounders!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with OnPassive/GoFounders. This is an honest review to provide you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not OnPassive/GoFounders is for you!

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OnPassive/GoFounders Review Summary

Product Name: OnPassive/GoFounders

Founder: Ash Mufareh

Product Type:  Multi-level marketing company

Price:  $97 one-time fee. Membership fees range from $25-$500

Summary:  At this point, OnPassive / GoFounders hasn't made it's official launch yet. Despite that there are quite a few alarming aspects you might want to check out before deciding to join them.

This company is adamant about promoting their products as the “perfect product solution” made their own team of experts. Also, their marketing solution is claimed to be driven by an Artificial Intelligence with the number one Disruptive Technology.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended:  No

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You may already have an idea of what multi-level marketing is, and you're probably looking for the right company to settle with. Perhaps, you have been in one and wasn't satisfied with the results of your efforts and would like to try again.

Sure, there are dozens to choose from and you may haven't picked the right one for you. But the real question is, “Can MLM really be the answer to a long-term passive income you've always wanted?”

Being a part of any business venture has risks to take, efforts to invest, time to consume, and of course, a huge sum of money. Let's be real here. A true investment may require quite an amount for you to start with, and most companies that practice multi-level marketing are usually pricey.

Nobody wants to put their money on nothing. We need to make sure that we're making the right decision in terms of financing a potential business of our own. It's never a bad thing to make a thorough research on any corporation you might want to have an opportunity at.

I never believed in “easy money”. Such promises like that could turn out as a fraud or a scam. Perhaps you may have found interest in OnPassive/Go Founders for their never-ending health guarantee. We'll see whether this promise is real or just a fraudulent scheme!

What Is OnPassive/GoFounders?

OnPassive is directly associated with GoFounders. If you check their site and wanted to enroll as a part of their family, you'd be directed to the GoFounders website. It's like Traverus with XStream.

Unlike most MLM's that are focused on health and wellness, this company is in the internet marketing niche. Their main goal is to help you run your business, traditional or not totally hands-free!

They would do all the “heavy-lifting” for you!

They are claiming to do all the work for you through an Artificial Intelligence made by their experts and would give you the leverage of limitless earning at the same time. What you will be provided are 100% proprietary tools that work for the following scope:

  • autoresponders
  • bulk emailers
  • contact managers
  • crowd-funding platforms
  • crypto leverage
  • daily campaigns
  • daily funnels
  • social platforms
  • webinar hosting
  • website creators
  • ad rotators
  • SEO
  • domain names
  • email campaigns

These are just a few of the possible work that can be done for you once you've become a part of OnPassive, there are more.

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If you have a current business, whether it's a work from home, an MLM or affiliate marketing, they would encourage you to try their “perfect product solutions.”

In all honesty, it sure is enticing since we all wanted to have the capacity of working in very minimum time and still have the ideal number of profits we wanted. The promise of working hands-free is truly inviting but how can we be so sure of its effectiveness?

This company is founded by Ash Mufareh who had his fair share of experience in the industry, Unfortunately, it's quite alarming that he was known for quite a several sketchy investments, schemes and questionable business opportunities.

Knowing who handles or started the venture you; ‘re about to invest at is not just necessary but creates an impact as to whether you're in for something trustworthy or not.

onpassive and gofounders opportunity

If it's truly an awesome opportunity, why limit it to only a number of people? At pre-launch state, they have over 37,000 people already but are about to close the signing up soon.

How To Earn From OnPassive/GoFounders?

OnPassive will allow you to have instant access to your commissions. You can make as many withdrawals as you please since their system will pay you in real-time. There's a great chance of earning every hour and will be directly sent to your online e-wallet.

If you can make this happen this is a good deal after all.

Somehow it's quite alarming when I learned that you still have time to sign-up but it's going away soon. I thought the launch was to be officially made yet but how can they limit a person into starting up with them?

Compensation Plan

As of the moment, here's the compensation plan of OnPassive. There would still be an additional 2 or 3 parts to be announced soon.

There are 4 levels of membership you can start with.

The price range starts with as small as $25 then, $125, $250, and lastly $500.

If you wanted to grab the best deal, you can go all-in with $900 and have better income potential. There's really no pressure in becoming a founder if you can only afford $25.

As you grow your income, you may not afford to pay for the next qualifying level if you only have 3 levels under you, but eventually, you can earn your way up to the next level as time goes by and as you grow your team.

The photo below is an overview of the income potential you have depending on the number of people you have under you and the level you have reached.

onpassive or gofounders compensation plan

I like how they included a disclaimer below the compensation plan. Not most multi-level marketing companies tell you that to achieve success, you'll need a mix of hard work, commitment, leadership, and desire. That is entirely true.

The compensation plan shown above is just an idea of the potential income you can earn along the way. But to me, this is another pay to play system that requires you to invest a more expensive membership just to gain an increase of possible profits.

Following the explanation of the opportunity at OnPassive, a webinar was launched on the 3rd of September, 2019. This includes more detailed information regarding the opportunity they have for you.

If you're keen on becoming a paid active founder you will be required to pay a one-time fee of $97. This payment is valid for your first 12 months as an active founder and allows you to have a great positioning way before the actual launch and on the first compensation plan they have. You may watch the webinar below:

You're entitled to great perks if you sign-up for it. If not, you will be deemed as an inactive founder and will only enjoy the benefits unless you're fully active.

New companies like this have a heavy focus on signing up as early as you can with intentions to give you the best position allowing you to have the perks of being an early bird.

Sure, in this type of business model, becoming one of the first people sure has a tremendous advantage, keeping yourself a secure position at the top.

But with their claims of having over 37,000 people already even before the official launch, where shall you be placed then? Despite the promise of securing you a great position as an active founder, where could this guarantee lead?

Some MLM companies stood for years and haven't reached this number of distributors yet. But OnPassive claims to have that many people within a small amount of time and despite being unofficially launched.

As of this writing, there's an upcoming webinar on the 12th of September and if you don't plan on missing out, you may check this link.

You must have to take note that OnPassive doesn't necessarily require you to recruit anyone and that there's no set of qualifications needed to acquire your income. 

Being in business will never guarantee you easy money unless you work really hard for it. Over the years of effort, then you'll only achieve the residual income you always wanted.

Ugly Truths Revealed

Longest Pre-launch Phase

In all honesty, I have never encountered any business that took over a year to recruit people to join without officially launching. I'm quite alarmed by how much time they have to consume despite the number of people who already joined.

Are they waiting to hit a million? If I were one of those who paid for becoming a founder, within that period of waiting I may have just invested my money on something else and probably be gaining real profits by now. And up into this point of writing, they're still about to launch a webinar regarding the opportunity you can have with them.

Being a true businessman, time is crucial to success. There are other better options to put an investment into rather than something that will only tell you to wait because they're coming live SOON. How long could this “soon” be?

And if they finally launch, you wait for a couple more years to finally get a return of investment. So much for waiting, and yet there was little to no guarantee of truly making money.

Founder's Background

It's a need to know who owns the business were going to invest in. If the person is known for its commendable experience in the industry, it's a good sign. But knowing that the current founder of the company you'll join was involved in Ponzi schemes, wouldn't that kind of hold you back?

I'm not entirely stating that this could be another sketchy program but, what if it is? There are other companies out there that has CEO's fit for their position. People you can actually trust and would make you sleep well at night not worrying whether your investment would be taken elsewhere.

No Tangible Products

Sure, you may have no need to worry about inventories piled in your garage. But the thing is, OnPassive products are well, virtual.

LegalShield, also offers no physical products since they are insurance policies. But you rest assured that they are legit and working. Unlike, OnPassive that focuses more on recruiting people instead of actually launching, we're never sure whether the launch is real, and if the products they offer are even legit.

Pay To Play System

The start-up fee is expensive. There's not even any proof sufficient that you're investing in a legitimate business instead of a fraudulent scheme. There are so many alarming aspects you might really want to think about if you're keen on joining OnPassive.

You will only be guaranteed an increase in profits only if you purchase a higher-priced membership level. I have never thought that this kind of system is ideal at any point. At Affiliate Marketing, you can start from a lesser price or even free! The amount of income you can get is long-term and passive. Also, there's no need of paying more to earn more.

What I Like About OnPassive/GoFounders

I might have to say, I like the concept they have. Having to give little attention to your work but never reducing the amount of income you will get is a good catch.

Unfortunately, as of this moment, there's nothing for us to hold that whatever tool they offer is effective and even the least, real. We can only uphold what OnPassive people have to say about internet marketing tools

Is OnPassive/GoFounders A Scam?

Calling it a scam may have 37,000 who paid for the sign-up fee might go find me. But truth be told, the never-ending launch is more alarming than the promise of never-ending wealth. We can never be assured if it's going to stay that way or make it's official launch anytime soon.

Plus, it's screaming signs of a pyramid scheme. How so?

They have no physical products, you're not entirely required to sell anything because there's nothing to sell. Moreover, they are encouraging you to be confident in their compensation plan because you need to take note that you are not pressured to recruit anyone.

Despite the no recruiting phase, they have no qualifications on how you can earn an income unlike most MLM's that you're required to hit a quota of some sort to earn something. It is truly alarming that they can promise you profits even without doing anything and just rely on the people who have enrolled in the business within its pre-launch phase.

But then, it has a disclaimer that tells you that the amount of income you can get will vary on your efforts.

If you're a member of OnPassive and could explain why the company is confusing, please be obliged by all means.

What I Recommend

Sure, the concept of OnPassive is really great. I like how they aim to cater to any individual who has a business of any kind, traditional, or not.

To be honest, I find what they offer convenience to a lot of people who work in different types of business models. Unfortunately, it could be too good to be true offer. There is no evidence available to back up their claims that this Disruptive Technology does what it's supposed to. As of the moment, there's none. We will see how everything would turn out in the nearest future. 

Even if this business opportunity they have along with the “perfect product solution” eventually comes up to be effective as they claimed… I still wouldn't recommend this company.

By all means, affiliate marketing will always be the better choice.

If you want to be a part of a community with people that are guaranteed to help you achieve the success you've always wanted, Wealthy Affiliate is the best option.

No pay to play system, interact with real people who have found legit success in affiliate marketing and you can entirely work at your own pace too!












  • Longest pre-launch phase
  • Alarming founder's background
  • No tangible products
  • Pay to play system

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