Is NU Skin A Scam? – Secrets You Need To Know

Welcome to my NU Skin Enterprises review!

This company assures its people to have realistic expectations about its income opportunity. You can either sell their products directly and earn more revenues by inviting people to join your down line.

NU Skin Enterprises is a multi-level marketing company that promotes personal care products and supplements. It also allows you to earn commissions through recruiting.

I introduce you to NU Skin Enterprises!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with NU Skin Enterprises. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not NU Skin Enterprises is for you!

 Nu Skin Enterprises Review Summary

Is Nu Skin A Scam?

Product Name: NU Skin Enterprises

Founders:  Blake Roney, Steve Lund, Sandie Tillotson, Nedra Roney

Product Type:  Multi-level Marketing Company

Price:  For individual distributors, a minimum of $100 worth of products. For business entities,  $1, 495

Best For People who are confident in direct selling and comfortable with recruiting more than just family and friends

Summary: NU Skin Enterprises is a legitimate business that has no misleading claims and assures it's brand affiliates to have realistic expectations regarding the income opportunity. If MLM works for you, NU Skin can be a good choice with more than 200 products you can sell and 900, 000 distributors and customers worldwide.

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: No

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Have you ever been approached by someone, asking if you want a part-time job that earns as much as if you were hired full time? Well, I have, multiple times. Most of them are endorsing multi-level marketing companies and they truly know how to sell. I was almost convinced.

The promise of quick cash, no needed experience, earning commissions just by recruiting… sounds easy. Unfortunately, I don't think I am blessed with the skill of selling to people upfront or persuade anyone to join me.

It's not a surprise that people have become cautious and hesitant to learn that a company practices multi-level marketing. Gladly, not all of them are fraud or a pyramiding scheme. Sure, being a part of an MLM company to some is a gamble, but we'd all love to know that we'll have the assurance that the money and effort invested will reap more.

Do you think a multi-level marketing company works for you? Can NU Skin Enterprises be your best option?

What Is The NU Skin Enterprises?

NU Skin Enterprises is an MLM company founded in Provo, Utah in 1984. This American brand specializes in developing and selling products that are going to help you look and feel beautiful!

It is also a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in the United States and duly abides in its code of ethics.

They focus on person-person marketing and offers possibilities such as promotion to a new level, rewards, recognition, compensation plans, and incentive trips. I think it’s amazing how this company had grown to market to 54 countries worldwide!

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How Does NU Skin Work?

Joining the team of NU Skin allow you to apply to 2 types of accounts.

  • Personal Brand Affiliate Account – this could be a joint account with your spouse. Just fill up a Joint Participation Form.
  • Business Entity Brand Affiliate – corporations or any business can be a part of their company.

Also, there is a need for providing your Tax Identification Number to have your account from temporary to permanent. If you’re under 18 years old and would love to become a part of the NU Skin Enterprises, you’ll need to have a Parental Consent Form signed.

Is NU Skin Free?

It's not.

Most MLM companies have different packages offered, products are limited to how much you paid for.

To start your business as an individual distributor, you need to place an initial order of at least $100. You’re also required to provide your Social Security Number.  If you’re applying as a business entity, along with the Federal EIN, you must pay a total of $1, 495.

Inclusions are products, training supplies, and all that you need to become NU Skin’s Brand Affiliate. I think it’s a reasonable price since every business needs to have a starting capital, right?

If you’re interested, you can easily join by just signing up at! All you need to do is create a username, password, and choose which type of account you’ll apply for. Don’t forget your Tax Identification Number!

NU Skin Reviews- No Misleading Claims?

According to NU Skin’s policies, they are eager to assure that every brand affiliate must have realistic expectations regarding their income opportunity.

They don’t tolerate anyone to make false claims or guarantees about the products, earnings, and compensation plan.

There are NO MISLEADING INCOME CLAIMS with NU Skin and the amount of money you earn will be based on your overall performance.

The status of your sales volume, the building blocks you've gained, and the level of your title will be the basis of the commissions you get. Financial rewards are monitored and calculated accordingly.

A Secret You Need To Know

I’ve seen a lot of my friends on social media promoting NU Skin. It’s a good thing that none of them forced me to be a Brand Affiliate. Perhaps, they just know that I’m not the type to convince people to buy products upfront. I have seen that there is quite a lot of positive feedback from their customers.

I had a chance to talk to a friend of mine about her experience at NU Skin and she was eager to tell me. She’s a Brand affiliate in the Philippines and told me about this possibility:

For example, she has an aunt based in the United States and wanted to avail of products from her. NU Skin will allow her aunt to sign up in their US branch as my friend’s customer. There’d be no hassle of shipping the products ordered from the Philippines because the United States branch would be responsible for that.

Everything that her aunt purchases, the profits will be directly deposited to my friend’s account. How cool is that? This simply states that you can go international with your NU Skin business!

How To Make Money with NU Skin

It is a must that every person being offered to join MLM’s, be briefed about what the company does, what the products are for, how they will earn, and has clear intentions of helping an individual grow in their business.

Direct Selling

There are over 200 products you can endorse! From skin care products to nutritional supplements under the name of Pharmanex and even water purifiers! The Ecosphere Water Purifier is NU Skin’s new venture. And I've heard it is quite a good deal! Today, there's no doubt that cosmetics and all the “healthy living” products and offers are a billion-dollar industry!

NU Skin's products are truly promising and have a huge target market to cater to! If you’re a person that has no problems conversing with people and offering them products, direct selling can be a good option for you. Usually, it is a challenge to do so, since not every person you’d sell to would buy them. Don't worry because you have another option.


I think it’s also a good thing that by recruiting people you can earn as much as 25% at NU Skin. As your downline grows, the more income you get.

The greater you earn depends on the title you’ve reached and according to it’s leading bonus.

You start as a brand affiliate and there’s a need to undergo training to qualify as a Brand Representative, to Presidential Director as the highest level.

To maintain your title or move to the next level, they have a measurement of Sales Volume called Building Blocks. As you advance, you also raise your income potential. All these are monitored with NU Skin’s Velocity program.

Nu Skin Compensation Plan

Distributor Title

Monthly Commissions Annual Commissions
Distributor $36 $432
Qualifying Executive $124 $1,488
Provisional Executive $56 $672
Executive $481 $5,772
Gold Executive $912 $10,944
Lapis Executive $1506 $18,072
Ruby Executive $2798 $33,576
Emerald Executive $5325 $63,900
Diamond Executive $9252 $111,024
Blue Diamond Executive $43,298 $519,576

Is NU Skin a Scam?

Finally, here's the answer to the question we all wanted to know.

Is NU Skin a scam? NO.

Despite all the allegations of fraud, accuses of scam… Forbes has listed it among the 100 most trustworthy companies by 2010.

There are gigantic offices of NU Skin operating around the world and it is one of the oldest MLM companies today.

The Pros and Cons

Whenever I decide on anything especially on crucial matters as investing my money, I always have this need of weighing the pros and cons. From there, it'll be easier for me to know if I'm making the right decision. It is a good habit I will never break.

  • There is no prior experience required.
  • Signing up is easy and the price is reasonable.
  • 2 ways of earning: Direct Selling and Recruiting.
  • Promotion, bonuses, compensation plans, incentive trips.
  • Provides actual training for affiliates to grow.
  • Hundreds of products that work.
  • Advertising is easy, through social media, blogs, social networking sites.
  • Over 900, 000 distributors and customers worldwide.
  • Has a performance program that tracks your sales and ensures earnings.
  • No misleading income claims
  • Practices the traditional way of network marketing.
  • Has a required quota of points to reach to receive a bonus.
  • In failure to maintain status as a Brand Representative, the team under you will be moved under your direct Brand Representative.
  • Performance-based rewards are only given if you're eligible as per requirement.
  • Selling to retail stores, trade show booths are prohibited. You're also not allowed to sell to people that might sell it at bazaars, flea market, etc.

​Would I Recommend NU Skin?

Let’s be real here. NU Skin practices the traditional way of networking wherein you have to persevere in recruiting people to be a part of your team. We all don’t know that many people right? And even if we do, are you certain each of them will join you? If you think that successfully recruiting 3 people is sufficient to get you at a certain point that you no longer have to work an extra job, think again.

Being confident that those 3 will do the recruiting for you won’t get you anywhere. You have to have like a hundred thousand people to have that security of earning millions and never have to work a day anymore. That would take you years, and even if you spend a decade building your downline, there’s no assurance it would go that much unless you’re a celebrity.

Let’s say there’s this other way of earning which is through direct selling. Sure, there’s a huge market out there to offer great quality products that work, but how many of them will be your regular customers?

Another thing, people don’t buy the products for the products and the actual focal point is selling the opportunity of a “greater income” as promised by MLM companies. As obvious as it gets, it’s a no for me. Not because I’m not the type to give small talks to people and convince them to buy this and that or have them be a part of my team.

But, I am looking for something that I don’t have to actively participate in, giving me more time for other things but I still have this ongoing passive income. Who wouldn’t want that anyway?

If you think you can work with MLM companies, that’s great! But for me, there are bigger opportunities at affiliate marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nu Skin Legitimate?

Yes, Nu Skin is a legitimate business that sells skincare products through their MLM program.

Is Nu Skin FDA approved?

Nu Skin Enterprises was approved by the FDA 2013 to sell a facial spa device for over the counter cosmetic use.

How much does it cost to join Nu Skin?

There is a $35 fee to get started with Nu Skin and then there is a $20 annual fee.

Are Nu Skin products natural?

Nu Skins products are made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials.

NU Skin Enterprises











  • There is no prior experience required.
  • 2 ways of earning: Direct Selling and Recruiting.
  • Promotion, bonuses, compensation plans, incentive trips.
  • No misleading income claims


  • Requires quota of points to gain bonuses
  • Practices traditional way of marketing
  • Selling to retail stores, booths, bazaars are not allowed
  • Maintaining status or title is needed

6 thoughts on “Is NU Skin A Scam? – Secrets You Need To Know”

  1. The MLM model is one where you have to love and promote a product to all your friends and family. Then you hope the company retains its quality control. For me, I never felt like the Nu Skin products did anything to improve my skin. Honestly, most products won’t improve your skin, a good diet will. 

    I prefer affiliate marketing and letting other people weight the pros and cons of products that I like to the MLM model. It may take more work on my part, but I don’t feel like I have to convince people to try subpar products. 

    • I agree, the affiliate model is much better than MLM. With affiliate marketing no need for overhead unlike MLM where most of the time you have products on an auto-ship subscription. 

  2. Hi Cory – Good review on NU Skin.  All of the facts are laid out pretty clear.  It’s also a good segue to affiliate marketing. MLMs and Direct sales are tough cookies to crumble.  I prefer to do a job and get paid; not depend so strongly on other people’s decisions to put food on the table.  I like affiliate marketing better because the consumers actions are voluntary.  That way, everybody sleeps at night!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  3. Cory, I have been involved in MLM in the past. Let the statics speak for themselves. The statics show that the vast majority of people who try MLM make very little or no money and quit after a few months. The problem is that most people do not know how to generate enough prospects to be successful at recruiting. Most potential customers will not by the products because MLM products are always overpriced. Asking friends and relatives to buy products or get involved in the business is a waste of time, because the MLM prices are higher than comparable products sold in regular retail chain stores and the average person has no desire to work part time in addition to their job. Most people just want to watch TV, play video games and waste time on social media.  So, I do not recommend MLM.

    • Hi Tom. I have to agree with you that MLM is a tough business to get involved and make money at. I have never been one to advocate for asking friends or family members to buy products from me. Doing that is a good way to lose friends and piss off relatives. I’m sure there are some excellent MLM companies with great products but they are few and far between. And unless you are a great salesperson and don’t mind doing cold calls/sales then MLM might be right for you. 

      I for one am not that type of person and that’s why I’m involved in affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, there is no cold selling. Everyone who buys from you reads your reviews and if they like what they read and trust you they will buy from you if the product or service suits them.

      I really like that with affiliate marketing you get to help people with there problems or concerns so that they will make the right buying decision. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about helping other’s find solutions to their problems through the offering of products or services.

      I will leave a link below if you want to get started in affiliate marketing. It’s a link to an online community of affiliate marketers who are all working together to build and grow their online businesses. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s the best program you can join for getting started in affiliate marketing. They have all the tools and training you need to get started. And it’s FREE to Join. Here’s the link:



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