Is Primerica A Scam? Shocking Facts Revealed!

Welcome to is Primerica a Scam?  This company offers reasonably affordable insurance that is a great deal. As a multi-level marketing company, it also allows you to earn extra from building your downline. Also, you can earn from your downline’s insurance sales. How good is that?

I introduce you to Primerica!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet. That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Primerica. This is an honest review to provide you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Primerica is for you!

 Primerica review Summary

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Product Name: Primerica

Founder:  Arthur L. Williams Jr. (A.L Williams and Associates)

Product Type:  Multi-level Marketing Company

Price:  $99 as a signup fee and $25 monthly fee

Best For:  Anyone who has interests in life insurance, has great networking skills, and is comfortable with recruiting people.

Summary: It is definitely not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It actually has some of the best insurances offered and their agents can earn up to 95% of the commission!

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No

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Is Primerica a Scam? This review is entitled to give you the answer to that intriguing question. Sure, it is quite confusing as to why this company is receiving tons of complaints but also has claims of being a legitimate business

Nowadays, there are tons of companies offering life insurance. If you’re a person who has a lot of financial obligations, considering it might be a great choice.

I don’t know why some people find it offensive to be offered one, but being insured has great benefits as well. Of all the companies offering them, it’s going to take you a lot of time reviewing all of them. Deciding on choosing what’s right for you and what could benefit you the most may be a hard task.

Can an affordable multi-level marketing insurance company be legit? or is Primerica a scam? Let’s find out!

What Is Primerica?

Primerica is another American multi-level marketing company founded by Arthur L. Williams in Duluth, Georgia in 1977. The primary goal of Primerica is to transform the industry of life insurance. The “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” is their philosophy, selling insurances like home and auto, along with prepaid legal services, credit monitoring, and more to middle-income clients.

Primarily help families build a financially secure future. Sounds tempting, isn't it? Sales Agents are entitled to commissions by selling financial products and from successful recruiting. Since it’s an MLM there are tiers as well, and their system can reach up to 11 levels.

I don't know whether a ladder that goes this long is actually ideal…By 2017, they have 120,000 independent representatives. It’s also a New York Stock Exchange company. By 2018, they have a total of $1.9 billion in annual revenue. In all honesty, I didn't believe a term life insurance company can be an MLM.

Cory Haasnoot


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How To Become Primerica's Sales Agent

$99 for a start-up price? Not bad.

You may not get any physical product since this company offers insurance and financial services. But it entitles you to a “Primerica Sales License”. You can only sell their insurance if you pass the exam to get your license. Well, you gotta hit the books then.

Also, there’s a 25-dollar fee every month that allows you to have access to their platform and online tools. To become a Sales Agent, there’s a need for undergoing a screening process. Their policy of doing a background check is a good thing actually since this ensures that every Sales Representative they have is free of criminal records and such.

How To Earn From Primerica

This company's focal point is to sell affordable insurance to middle-class families, and the potential income you get from recruiting

Selling their Insurance Policies.

As a sales agent, your primary focus would be offering people insurance that is fit for their needs. Their primary product is the term life insurance which is deemed to be much cheaper than whole life insurance.

A Term life policy is when your death occurs within the first term you applied for the insurance, then your family will receive the pay-out with the amount they deserve.  Besides that, there are other financial products at Primerica you can apply for…


  • Term Life Insurance
  • Financial Investments
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Debt Management Plans

These are great offers that are truly beneficial. I’ve heard that most people get to pay their debts that cost up to thousands of dollars and most have preferred to invest in their educational aid.

There is a  90-day wait in order for you to acquire your license. That is, only if you have passed the exam. In case you don't, you're still entitled to selling the lesser financial products they have, and as always here's your other option to earn…


Recruiting people to earn extra commission and helping them build their team. Its focus is to start with your families and ask them to avail their affordable insurance offers, then to your friends and expand your market to other people. Their target market is middle-class families.

For me, it’s kind of pressure to recruit your family and have them be a part of your team. All recruits you have must be trained as well to do the same. And as most MLM’s there’s a need to strive to reach a higher level or preferably the top title to get the most of the benefits and bonuses they offer.

Primerica Compensation Plan


Contract Level 75%  Advanced Compensation
Representative 25% $173.43
Senior Representative 35% $242.81
District 50% $346.87
Division 60% $416.25
Regional 70% $485.62
RVP 95% $659.06

Are there other ways?

Unlike typical multi-level marketing companies that are only limited to two ways of earning…Primerica has more than that! You may not believe it but you better do. There is a wide range of financial products Primerica has to offer, and as promised, you’re also entitled to commissions for selling them.

And it’s not just that. You don’t stop earning once you have collected your income from recruiting, because here’s what’s best having a team of downline… you also get differentials from their insurance sales!

Ugly Truths Revealed

Fake Job Interviews!

According to the fraudfilesblog… there were quite a number of people complaining about a FAKE JOB INTERVIEW.

They get phone calls and invites to a job interview they never really applied for. I'd really be suspicious if I'd ever get invited to a group interview regarding a job I don't recall submitting a CV or anything to. Well, I can't blame the people who went for it anyway.

So, this so-called group interview doesn't really offer a JOB. It's offering an opportunity to grow a business within a business. And that is PRIMERICA. Turns out, this was no job at all but it's one of their representatives making it look like it but is actually recruiting. I wouldn't want to be fooled that way.

As for me who prefers affiliate marketing, it's going to be quite infuriating for me to be called in for something that I believe would just be a total waste of my time.

Insurance Policies…

Primerica's main goal is to create more financially independent families. They have a term life insurance policy that is cheaper than the whole life insurance offered by most companies handling insurance.

All we know about their insurance policies is that they're “reasonably affordable” but have no definite price listed anywhere. Suspicious to me.

Unlike other insurance companies who let their clients apply o convert to a different type of insurance, Primerica prohibits it. You can just either renew or end your policy. Conversion to a permanent overage is impossible. All you can do is just reapply to term life again and again and again…

Their insurance isn't for everyone…

How could that be possible if their priority is to help middle-class families?

Unfortunately, if you're a person with pre-existing medical conditions, it will be harder for you to apply for their insurance policies. Why? It's not clearly stated but they are aiming for people with “low- risk” of dying.

It doesn't sound right to me. But well, that's their condition. If you think that's okay with you, I'm not here to detest that.

So, if you're someone with pre-existing conditions doesn't mean you can't actually apply. It depends, and if ever you get approved there's a higher chance you have to pay more.

That's one more thing for you to really think about thoroughly.

What I Like about Primerica…

Sure, the ongoing legal issues are just one of the few things you might not consider that there's nothing more to like about Primerica…

By 2015, Forbes included it to 50 Most Trustworthy Companies!

But there are quite a few commendable things about this company.



Not all MLM's have promising products that really work and I am quite relieved that their insurance policies ACTUALLY does what it's supposed to do. that is what everyone needs to be assured of, right? Investing money in something that actually returns what your money is worth.


Other than that, even if it's going to take a while but it's still a good thing to be licensed about what you are selling. In case you're determined to become one of their agents, you have the license as your main asset. It's a perk for me since it means I am credible. It's like when you say you're FBI and you actually have the badge to prove it.

Market Appeal

This is what the people would want to avail. Why? Besides the fact that it actually works, it is what people nowadays really need. All of us wanted financial stability, and Primerica can be of great help to achieve that. There are different options you can choose from and for the price middle-class people can really afford.

The security we need that our families are going to get what they actually deserve isn't an idea anymore because Primerica can help us with it.

Also, you can build a long-term passive income from gaining through the leads of your recruits. Take note, that your upline can also earn from yours as well.



The fact that they are is all about helping the middle-class families, they also have the Primerica Foundation. Would you believe that they have garnered half a million dollars for The American Cancer Society by 2017 and 2018? That's some generous donation right there!

primerica foundation

We'd love a company that actually helps. right?


Moreover,  they are associated with Legal Shield that benefits any of their insured clients with legal and ID theft protection. It seems like a good deal to me!

Lastly, their partnership with Equifax allows customers to have easy access to monitoring their credit, tracking your budget, and provides tips on how you can pay your debt.

Is Primerica a Scam?

Is Primerica a Scam? It's not. Primerica may have been a company working for decades, but it’s still an MLM that practices traditional ways of marketing. Also, it’s not a quick cash offer. You need to spend a lot of time and effort before you can earn from it.

It’s not something you can rely on for a greater and sustainable income. Being a part of an MLM doesn’t make you the boss. You are just another one of their independent contractors. If you want to be your own boss, Affiliate Marketing is for you.

Shocking Revelations From People of Primerica

Reading through reviews about Primerica in is quite disappointing. I am truly dismayed how there were transactions paid but policies were never received and unsolicited withdrawals from accounts.

There’s also an issue about taking charges from the checking account of a dead person and Primerica had responded to that matter saying that only the person who owns the account is liable for stopping them from taking the money. How could that be possible if the person has already passed? Believe it or not, they are graded A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Primerica Reviews Scam

More Primerica Issues

Some were also offered a 40 dollars policy but ends up paying more than that. Promised refunds never actually returned. It’s a pressuring kind of marketing since you have to start offering insurance to your families, then to your friends and eventually asks them to do is become the agents of their own. Usually, joining is an option but to most, it has become forced.

Well, If it was me I’d find it hard to say no to a family member. Several people are claiming to have been aided educational finances for their children, being able to pay the debt that cost over thousands of dollars. Calculating the feedback and complaints I’ve read, people who think that it’s legit are outnumbered.

All these may have you asking yourself, is Primerica a Scam? As mentioned, it's not and these complaints don't make a company a pyramiding scheme. Also, it's not just for most people. People are thinking that it has been established since 1977, making it a good company since it had been working for that long.

This fact can be considered as a reason to join since it had been working for over 40 years. Plus, there are great opportunities and a high percentage of potential income. Of course, this comes with a lot of time and effort to do so.

Would I Recommend Primerica?

No.Primerica may have been a company working for decades, but it’s still an MLM that practices traditional ways of marketing. Also, it’s not a quick cash offer. You need to spend a lot of time and effort before you can earn from it. It’s not something you can rely on for a greater and sustainable income.

Being a part of an MLM doesn’t make you the boss. You are just another one of their independent contractors. If you want to be your own boss, Affiliate Marketing is for you. And Wealthy Affiliate is the best I've seen so far!

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Primerica Sell?

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Financial Investments
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Debt Management Plans

How much does it cost to join Primerica MLM program?

It costs $99 to get started with the Primerica MLM program and then you pay. $25 a month thereafter.

Is Primerica a Pyramid Scheme?

Primerica is not a pyramid scheme. You can make commissions for selling their various insurance policies, credit monitoring, and debt management plans.

Who founded Primerica?

Primerica was founded in 1977 by Arthur L. Williams in Duluth, Georgia.

How much commission can you earn with Primerica?

You can earn up to 95% commissions.

Can you make money with Primerica?

Yes, you can make money with Primerica by selling the insurance policies mutual funds and debt management services that they carry as products.












  • A reasonable price to join
  • Great and legit insurance policies
  • Compensation plan with up to 95% on commissions
  • Earning from your downline's insurance sales
  • You can actually acquire a license as their Representative


  • Targets the "warm market"
  • Practices traditional way of marketing
  • Percentage of success is low
  • Has multiple number of complaints regarding services and refunds

4 thoughts on “Is Primerica A Scam? Shocking Facts Revealed!”

  1. Okay, now this had me thinking, why should I have to pay to become an insurance sales representative? Then I have to pay a $25 monthly fee to access the tools I use to do the job? Seriously!? That’s like me paying my employer for the job he/she hired me to do. To me that does not make any sense at all. However, I am sure that there might be people who might be interested in this. Then again, selling insurance was never my thing. But I am thinking that there must be a better way. Can you tell me a bit more about your affiliate marketing recommendation?  

    • Hi Vanessa. I thought it was very odd as well. Having to pay to promote this company. I personally would never do that.

      My top recommendation is called Wealthy Affiliate. This company provides you all the training and tools to get you started in affiliate marketing. You can actually get a legitimate online business up and profitable! If you are looking to make real money online then Wealthy Affiliate is your best bet!

      I couldn’t have built my online business without the help of Wealthy Affiliate. This website and everything related to my affiliate marketing business is all a result of joining Wealthy Affiliate. And guess what I haven’t even been in business a year and I already have this awesome looking website that I use to help people find the right, make money online programs.

  2. Hi Cori, this is a really good review, after reading, I can’t help but say that I have mixed feelings about Primerica. Even though they look real, they still have dubious activities on like the issue of the dead person. For me, I don’t really like MLM schemes and the fact that it looks like joining this scheme is forced is very scary. Overall, you have given a beautiful review, I’ll be sure to share this with my friends.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, would think twice before getting involved in Primerica. Although it’s not a scam I wouldn’t want to get involved in the insurance market through an MLM program. I feel it would be too risky and there is so much legality surrounding the insurance business. I would leave it to the insurance professionals.


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