Royaltie Gem Review: A Miracle Or A Risk For Regret?

Welcome to my Royaltie Gem Review!

There are instances where we think we have found the solution, but somehow we tend to just end up frustrated with the results. Gladly, there's a company that can cater to your marketing needs and could finally be the miracle you've been waiting for.

Or, could this be another failure and might only give you higher chances of another regret? We'll find out!

I introduce you to Royaltie Gem!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Royaltie. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Royaltie is for you!

Royaltie gem Review Summary

Product Name: Royaltie Gem

Founder:  Justin Belobaba

Product Type:  Multi-level Marketing Company

Price:  $30 enrollment fee plus monthly subscription worth of $47-297

Summary:  Royaltie Gem has unique products to offer. It's focused on the internet marketing niche. Cost for becoming an affiliate is rather reasonable, unlike most MLM companies that start with a minimum of $199. Overall, this is a legitimate business but I wouldn't recommend it. Read on to find out why!

Rating: 40/100

Recommended:  No

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It's absolutely refreshing to encounter a company that operates with a multi-level marketing model but in a different yet interesting niche. The most common as we all know are heavily focused on beauty, health, and wellness.

This time, it's all about a marketing platform that is committed to helping you with ease and efficiency. Perhaps, you've been in search of ventures that can possibly help you with your website, advertising, and all that. Maybe Royaltie can be of service to you?

Why not settle for something that doesn't just help your business but gives you another opportunity to gain more profits? Read on to find out more!

What Is Royaltie Gem?

Initially, Royaltie was launched in 2014 as a mobile rewards app that has highlights on health, beauty, and wellness. It was a great catch for people who used the platform to get as much as 10% worth of rewards for every transaction made within the app amongst the aforementioned niche.

Then, by the year 2017, Royaltie made quite an interesting turn and focused on marketing specifically with its product known as the “Gem”.It’s a Bluetooth proximity marketing device with a capacity of sending out a message with characters limited to 50 to any android devices available within a hundred meters.

If you were a business about to declare a surprise sale, this could be very useful! The genius behind Royaltie Gem is Justine Belobaba. He’s known as a serial entrepreneur within health, finance, and technology. Besides graduating as a magna cum laude from Harvard University, he was known for developing different kinds of software namely; wireless payment for North America taxicabs and electronic medical record software for physicians.

Cory Haasnoot


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By 2010, he was recognized as “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” by Profit Magazine. Knowing that the founder of a business you have an interest in has quite a great reputation to uphold is somehow reassuring. Nobody wants to invest in anything they can’t find trustworthy.

According to their website,  they are trusted by 20,000 business owners worldwide! Also, I like how modern and sleek it appears to be and has the necessary information an audience would look for. Not most MLM company's official websites are entirely detailed and organized.

royaltie gem tools

Product Line

As fast as time flies, the same goes with how quick the technology advances. Tactics, strategies, or anything to advertise and market to people is planned with scrutiny to execute the goal. It's fascinating how much length any individual is willing to go through just to make sure that people get his message regarding a certain product or perhaps a business opportunity.

Truth be told but nowadays, anyone will grab on anything they find affordable, convenient, and useful but somehow forgets whether it's necessary and beneficial. As much as I want to, being reasonable, settling for less is not an option.

My point here is, different platforms will offer you “great” deals but aren't as effective as they claim to be. At one point or another, you will have to spend to advertise your business however small it is. The question is, “Where can I find marketing tools that are legit, affordable, and effective?”

Royaltie might have the answer for you. They are the first company to launch a wireless device that will allow you to send a short message to people within proximity. I think this is a great deal. If my favorite pizza place suddenly announces to have a buy one take one promo for a limited time and I happen to be in the area and received their message, I'd likely be there in a jiffy.

You can really step-up your offline marketing game with this product! And it doesn't stop at that. Below are the available devices you can purchase that doesn't limit you to a hundred meters of proximity!

royaltie gem product line

These devices are clever and beyond powerful. The Uplink Mobile Guest Wifi is like your portable hotspot you can literally bring anywhere. You may have no idea how this can help you attract potential customers for your business, but I'll explain it to you.

If the NF-Gem or Royaltie's flagship product can help you create ads in a matter of minutes, and notify people anything you wanted them to know regarding of what you offer within a 100-meter radius, the Uplink Mobile Guest Wifi is so much more.

Besides the fact that it can target anyone within 400 yards radius, you can actually lure them to your website. How?

Obviously, these days a lot of people are all about free wifi. Knowing how pricey mobile data packages are if there's any place they could access wifi for free, that's where you'll find most people at. This can be your opportunity to let them know about your business.

You can set up your Wifi with a name people will definitely connect to. If you're at a cafe you may change it to the cafe's name and that would easily have people connect to your gem. Aside from the name, you can optimize the limit of speed and the time a guest can consume.

So where does the marketing happen?

Once an individual tries to access your free wifi you may require them to connect their social media account, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, IG, LinkedIn, or their email. From there you can already build your email list.

When it's done you can direct them to any link you want them to go to. Of course, it has to be your business site. Sure, this does not guarantee that they will purchase anything from your website right away, but this already gave you leverage in easily gaining traffic, right?

Perhaps, at some point, they'd make a transaction but your goal here is to get your business out to as many people as possible!

How To Earn From Royaltie

Becoming An Affiliate

If you have decided to be a part of Royaltie, you are required to pay a one time fee of  $30 and purchase gems in prices according to how much-guaranteed impressions you'd want.

VF Pricing:

  • VF-5: $47 per month, 5000 impressions guaranteed
  • VF-10: $77 per month, 10000 impressions guaranteed
  • VF-25: $167 per month, 25000 impressions guaranteed
  • VF-50: $297 per month, 50000 impressions guaranteed

You can also purchase an additional 1000 impressions a month with a cost of $7.50  at anytime.

As for the packages they offer for any business out there, here they are:

Royaltie Gem Packages

These are the packages you can choose from. You are free to pick according to what suits your needs. There is also a possibility of upgrading your package anytime you want, just be sure you'd send an email to Royaltie Gem's support to assist you.

Compensation Plan

They are claiming to have an amazing commission plan but has no detailed information

Royaltie gem affiliate success comparison

3 Ways To Earn

1. Upfront Bonus Opportunity-  for every 10 personal customers or affiliates you enroll, you are entitled to a $250-worth of bonus.

2. Recurring Monthly Income- This option is only possible if you build a team of your own. As always, being part of an MLM company requires recruiting. Not a surprise anymore. The amount of profit you will earn solely depends on the revenue your team acquires each month.

The total earnings per month have an equivalent rank you'll be placed at. Let's say your team earns 1000 total subscription revenue within a month, this entitles you to the Silver Rank that is equivalent to $360 per month.

In this aspect, you will be compensated according to your rank. Take note that, you will only be titled to a level only if you were able to maintain the number of required monthly revenue.

3. Large Team Monthly Income Opportunity- As you grow your team and have reached up to 6 levels or so, you will be paid according to the sales you make. Every personal sale you make has an equivalent percentage. This percentage will then be converted to the number of profits you get based on the revenues of your team on levels 3, 4, 5, and 6.

The higher your rank within the business model guarantees you a higher percentage regardless of the personal sales you made within the month.

According to their Terms and Conditions, under Income Disclaimer: “Royaltie does not pay commissions for recruiting new Affiliates. Rather, compensation is based solely on product sales, which varies. A Royaltie Affiliate’s success will be a direct result of the time and effort they devote to selling the product and leading their team.”

Check out their compensation plan or watch the video below!

Ugly Truths Revealed


Sure, you can never please anyone but if a complaint about one thing is recurrent that's when you need to stop ad think that there might be something wrong in that aspect.

So far, Royaltie has no exception to negative feedback from their customers and according to, below are the following complaints filed:

royaltie gem complaint 1royaltie gem complaint 2royaltie gem complaint 3

No Rating For BBB

royaltie gem bbb rating

A business that's not accredited by BBB doesn't mean it's not legit, but to some people it's rather alarming.

There's more to that red flag because as of the moment, they have no rating indicated.

What does NR stand for? According to BBB guidelines, No Rating indicates “insufficient information about a business or ongoing review/update of the business’s file.”

What I Like About Royaltie

Unique Products

You may have been introduced to different MLM companies and it sure is tiring to hear about weight loss or anti-aging products. This one sure is new to me.

The fact that Royaltie offers you physical products that are helpful in marketing your business, is quite commendable. I do think it's clever and a powerful mode of targeting people locally and just easily let them know about your business.

Truth be told, not everybody dares to notice facebook or twitter ads, but a notification right at your phone, I doubt it wouldn't be noticed. Plus, the wifi trick was really clever. You generate traffic right there and then.

Unlike OnPassive, that claims to have the perfect product solutions driven by an Artificial Intelligence with a disruptive technology but has no proof yet of how they can do it. The company itself is still on a long-running pre-launch phase.

Free Trials and Training!

At this point in time you anything that is offered for free has certain conditions to be met, right? To be honest, even free food tasting in supermarkets are very rare nowadays.

But a company offering free trials? Really?

Yes. Gladly, Royaltie has the heart to offer potential customers a 3-day free trial. No obligations, no contracts, and hopefully, no hard feelings! Kidding aside, this trial is absolutely free, after 3 days you will be charged $30 and $57 every month.

If you're not happy or at least satisfied with your experience, you can cancel anytime as long you send an email to notify their support and follow the instructions they'll provide you.

Also, according to their website, training that will be provided to you are absolutely 100% free!

World-Class Support

I am quite impressed by the fact that this company has a multi-lingual sales team that can help you via phone and it is possible to have a live video conference at any time.

Sure, there are some companies that have support available 24/7 but this one was beyond my expectations. It's obvious that Royaltie Gem caters worldwide, and it's already astounding enough to know that they have a team that can assist you in your mother tongue.

Is Royaltie A Scam?

So far, I think what Royaltie has to offer is a real gem! Ha! That's a pun right there!

Anyway, this could be a miracle you've been looking for. It's up to you whether it's an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss or not. If you're worrying that it's a scam… Well, good news, it's not!

Overall, I think Royaltie is a company you can trust though it's something I still wouldn't recommend. Despite the obvious fact that their tools can be amazing and useful there are other options wherein you don't have to rely on purchasing expensive devices for effective marketing.

What I Recommend

If you're looking for a platform that can help you with internet marketing and has a community of people to support you in the long run, I haven't found anything better than Wealthy Affiliate!

All the necessary training and tools you need to market your business will be provided to you as well. You're not just a part of a group of people sharing a goal of succeeding within their chosen niche but you can be also an instrument to helping others achieve that goal!












  • Unique Products
  • Free Trials and Trainings!
  • World Class Support


  • Costly Package Options
  • Complaints
  • Not Accredited by BBB

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