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Content Writing Sites

If you're looking for content writing sites there are thousands on the internet. The problem is weeding out the poor quality content writing site and finding good quality sites. Having someone else write your content can really help you scale your online business. It gives you time to focus on other aspects of your business. I will introduce you to 2 of the best content writing sites that you can leverage to write quality content for you.

Introduction To Content Writing Sites

Content writing sites are great for when you can't write or don't want to write for your own website. Using a content writing site gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your online business. These sites hire many different authors to write content for their clients. The expertise of these authors vary and will be dictated by the price you pay per article written.

You can choose different kinds of content as well. Such as:

  • Product descriptions
  • 500 Word Articles
  • 1,000 Word Articles
  • 2,000 Word Articles

The higher the word count in the material the more it will cost to have the content written. The authors usually get paid per word depending on the level of the author they are. An author is pre-screened by the content writing site and usually given a rank of some sort on their skill level. The higher the skill level, the more it will cost you per piece of content.

Each content writing site will be a little different in the price of the articles and how they rate their authors. In the following article, I will introduce you to each of the two content writing websites that I feel are the best.

The following are two websites that I have used in the past for my content outsourcing needs.


Textbroker is a content writing site that is very professional and laid out nicely so that you can navigate easily. There are three ways you can order your articles on Textbroker.

  1. Open Order – Your content order will be shown to authors who meet your preferred content rating.
  2. Direct Order – Your content order will be shown to the authors of your choosing.
  3. Team Order –¬† Your content order will be shown to a team of authors of your choosing.

There are nine order templates that you can choose from. You will use these templates to help present what kind of content you would like a particular author to write about. These templates are used to create your order. In each template you choose:

  • Type Of Order
  • Project
  • Rating Of Author – From 2 to 5 stars
  • Category your content is about
  • Processing Time- From 1 to 10 Days
  • Word Count
  • Title of Your Content
  • Keywords to use in the Content
  • Briefing

Nine Order Templates to Choose From

  1. Empty Template
  2. Blog
  3. Blog Ideation
  4. Order Guidelines
  5. Press Release
  6. Product Description
  7. Social Media Facebook
  8. Social Media Twitter
  9. Website Content

Price For Self Service

The cost of the content will depend on the word count of the content ordered and the rating of the author. For example, on the cheap end of the spectrum, 400 to 500-word article written by a 2-star author will be only $6.85. If you want an article that is 1,000 to 1,250-word count and a 5-star author to write the content, it will cost you $90.35.

As you can see, there is a big difference in the price range for content. In my experience with Textbroker, the 4-star authors give you excellent content, and the price is around $30 for a 1,000 to a 1,250-word article. The 2 to 3-star authors are not worth your time because more times than naught you will get a low-quality article which will have to be totally rewritten. I will leave that up to you to decide.

Textbroker takes Paypal or credit cards for your payments which you deposit money into your account before placing your content order. It's an easy and straight forward way to pay for your content. I have used Textbroker many times and have been very happy with the results of the 4 to 5-star authors.

Managed Service

If you have a big project you would like Textbroker to take on there is a managed service option they have on offer. Some extra's with the managed service offer is:

  • Custom made service packages at competitive prices.
  • A dedicated project manager
  • Creation of the author briefing
  • Editor services
  • Guaranteed delivery dates
  • Additional content services available
  • Unique content in 36 languages
  • Worldwide translation services

The price for managed service on Textbroker starts at $2,500. If you have a big project, you need done and have a budget of at least $2,500 you might want to consider using the managed service of Textbroker for your project.


iWriter is a content writing site that I use to get quality content written for me. The navigation of this platform is easy to navigate. I have been pleased with the quality of content I have received from this website. The ordering process is easy, and there is a video upon clicking on the order content link. The following is the information that they ask in the ordering process.

  • Project Title – Here you name your project whatever you want.
  • Load From Template? – If you have a previous project that you would like to use again, you can load that project here.
  • What Would You Like? – An article, Rewrite, Ebook/Kindle
  • Category – Pick a type that your content will be related to.
  • Language – The language you want your content written in.
  • How Many Articles You Want.
  • Keywords
  • Word Count
  • Writer Level – You can choose the level of the writer you want. You pick from Standard, Premium, Elite, Elite Plus.
  • Enter the amount you are willing to pay per piece of content.
  • Brief Project Description
  • Creative Brief – Choose from company information, target audience, tone of writing, sourcing requirements, objective, things to avoid, and things to mention.
  • Submit Project to specific iWriters.
  • Confirm Your Order – Here you can save as a template for future use if you like.


Find Writers

A feature called Find Writers is found on the iWriters platform. With this feature, you can search the authors that iWriter has written for them. You are given highlights of the author such as a description of the author, his/her rating, how long the author has written for iWriter, languages that they speak and how many articles they have written for iWriter. This feature is great for finding just the right author for your content writing projects.


The price for written content from iWriter varies depending on the level of the author and the word count of the content. A nice feature of iWriter that Textbroker doesn't offer is you can set your price per content. You have to remember that you get what you pay for so if your price is low you will not get the best quality content.

Unlike Textbroker, iWriter only offers Paypal as a deposit option. Another feature I like about iWriter is that you can choose your author which is great if you find an author that has written you quality content. You can use that author over and over again and not have to worry about the quality of content you will be getting.

Which Content Writing Site Will You Choose?

Now that you understand content writing websites and how they work you can choose which one you want to use. Will it be Textbroker, iWriter or both? I have used both sites in the past to test them out, and both of them are excellent writing sites to use for your content.

Just remember that you get what you pay for. You can get cheap content but it will probably need a lot of editing on your part and will not rank well in the search engines. Google loves quality unique content, and in the end, we are trying to provide quality content to our readers. We also want Google to rank it well so that we can get that content to our audience and make some sales!

If you want to outsource your content writing so that you can focus on other aspects of your online business, then Textbroker or iWriter is worth investing. Content is King when it comes to affiliate marketing and your online business. Why not have a professional author take care of it for you? Here are the links to the two content writing sites that I recommend:

Thank you for reading. I hope this article has helped you in your quest for content writing websites. As always if you have any questions or comments about affiliate marketing or online business, please leave them in the comments section below.

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