The Ultimate Revelations of Essante Organics

Welcome to my Essante Organics Review!

Are you into all organic products? Perhaps you’re also looking for a business you can invest in?

If you are, could EO be a great option for you?

I introduce you to Essanté Organics!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Essanté Organics. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Essanté Organics is for you!

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Essanté Organics Review Summary

Product Name: Essante Organics

Founder:  Michael Wenniger

Product Type:  Multi-level Marketing Company

Price:  $29.95 to start with $199 & $499 upsells

Best for:  anyone who has an interest in organic products and would love to make a living from it.

Summary:  Essante Organics is a company devoted to providing the finest and healthiest organic products. They are also persevered in helping individuals in starting a business with them and ensure their success. It is a legitimate networking company but is a little pricey to start with. Also, they have promises that seem too good to be true.

Rating:  30/100

Recommended: No

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What Is Essante Organics?

A company that’s committed to changing the world through replacing the toxins in people’s lives with their healthy and organic products. That’s what they are all about.

Its formerly known as Essante WorldWide, founded by Michael Wenniger in 2004. The name “Essante Organics” was then decided by 2009.

The health and wellness niche is without a doubt, a billion-dollar industry. The demand for beauty products is just getting stronger every day…

They are not just about promoting their toxin-free products but are also offering a business opportunity you might have a hard time saying no to.

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Categories of Products

Every brand out there is offering varieties of products you can choose from. Each of them has different purposes and their claims could somehow be exaggerated.

Here are the available categories of products EO has::

  • PH Nutrition Products
  • Body and Spa Products
  • Essential Oils
  • Home Care
  • Body Care

essante organics products

This whole range is promised to be organic, Ph-balanced, and toxic-free.

Every individual has different reactions to certain chemicals and not everyone gets the same effects as a product claims it should do. What works for you may not work for me.

This analogy applies to business ventures as well. You might have invested in a company that guarantees you success but has failed to do so. And this might have you wondering why others had it easy…

We just need to find the right place we can professionally grow in and rake in all the income we deserve.

EO is more than just offering you the healthiest products but they are also devoted to providing you home-based business. As a promise, they won’t leave you worrying about limited income or having your sales track erased.

I’m just getting started…there’s more! Read on!

How Does It Work?

Nobody wants to fall into a trap of false promises, right? We all would love to know how a company works before we invest everything into it.

Who would ever like to waste their time, money, and effort on anything that can never justify an output?

Membership Accounts

Before we get into all the income potentials EO proffer, here are the available accounts you can sign up for.

Retail Account- Free


  • Express Checkout – most of your information will auto-populate
  • Order Tracking – track your packages
  • Order History – view or print your orders
Wholesale Account $29.95


lifetime membership for customers, up to 30% off retail.

Go-Green Pack and/or Brand Partner Account


  • Same as Wholesale Account above plus:
  • Option to order a discounted Go-Green Pack & write off products.
  • Option to refer & earn the highest commissions in the industry.

You can easily sign up for these available accounts on their official website. All you have to do is apply to what you think suits you best and choose from their packages. Just provide the information required, carefully read their terms and agreements then you’re good to go.

Also, becoming a Brand Partner at EO gives you the power to share product and business testimonials where you think it’s fit. Moreover, they will also pay you a good sum for doing so!

The prices for the packages are quite expensive but their incentive promises make it looks like it’s just a small amount.

Just like any other MLM out there, your focus is to sell and recruit.

So far, this company has the most detailed options and promises I’ve encountered.


So far, this company has the most detailed options and promises I’ve encountered.

Every business out there has its promises. Most are truly enticing and would definitely make you say, “Well, that’s not bad at all”

We’d all want a worthy investment in a company that has the means to provide what we need and can help us grow in that industry.

EO, has 8 promises as mentioned on their website.

Here’s a brief summary:

  1. They have the ability to exceed over other products. Also, there’s a 30-day return policy.
  2. No animal testing for their products. Their goal is to deliver the best organic products that are bound to provide life-enhancing results. Plus, their packaging is BPA-free!
  3. Faster and better customer support.
  4. Considers recommendations from customers and Brand Partners.
  5. A trusted company that allows you the ease of access to their global site and products.
  6. Offers award-winning online training
  7. Pays the highest commissions.
  8.  Every product available is made with the highest standards!

essante solutions

How To Make Money From Essante Organics?

I have never believed in easy money. There's always a need for perseverance to earn more. Most MLM companies are inviting people for fast cash, but never really works. Let's take a look at EO's income opportunities.

1. Retail Sales

You will be entitled to a commission worth of 30% for every product you sell.

Unlike Mary Kay, frontloading is not an option here. You don't need to worry about products getting piled up in your garage. You can sell through the personal e-commerce site EO will provide you.

No need to worry about delivery and inventory since they'll handle all that for you.

2. Below Wholesale Pack

For every BWP you sell, there’s an equivalent commission depending on the worth of the package.

$50 for every Go Green Pack worth $199

$100 for every Go Green Pack worth $499

3. Express Gold Bonus

You need to submit a form to claim a $500 worth of bonus.

This is a one-time bonus within your first 30 days at EO.

Only if you have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Become a Silver and enroll 2 people in your team.
  • Or enroll 4 Silvers

This task can be easy only if you unimaginable skills in recruiting people.

4. Team Bonus

10% pay every week. No limit

Recruit more, earn more. The more people under you generate more leads, there's more income for you.


5. Matching Bonus

You will be paid accordingly from 25%-100% depending on the tier you are on and the people under you.

The higher you rank, the higher you get paid.

6. Expansion Bonus.

Every year, 1% of the sales within each country is shared between 50 executives,

This only applies if you are part of that first 50. Good luck on hitting that quota of Personal Sales Volume to be a part of this rare bonus!

Here's a one-page document stating the compensation plan available in this company.

Ugly Truths Revealed!

Every company has its flaws, let's accept that. There are tons of things to consider when it comes to making decisions and these are just some of the few pointers to think about.

Income Disclosure Statement

Despite the specifics and details of this company's mission and promises, their income disclosure statement is the opposite.

It's non-existing after all. Even if you search it on Google, nothing will appear.

If you wanna go through their policies you can check it out right here.

Expensive Sign-Up

The moment you choose an account to start with at EO, you are required to pay upfront. Even though what you'll invest in their business has products in return and access to great online training, it's still expensive. Sure, when starting a business venture you really need to put money in it. If you think that the price is worth it, then go for it.

The products are obviously expensive as well. There are different brands out there that offer the same kind and have the same effects but are also cheaper. How can you convince people to purchase EO products when they can buy it somewhere else at a much less cost?

Slow Website

Most complaints about EO is that the website given to you at the startup $29.99 package is slower than it's supposed to be. People aren't going to wait for more than 4 seconds for a website to load. That's a red flag already.

How can you have more traffic if you can't have a website load for an individual? You may have a lot of people check it out, but how long can you make them stay and purchase?

And the truth it, it's only a replica site wherein, creating more traffic and ranking in Google is an illusion.

What I Like About Essante Organics?

Money-back Guarantee!

Who doesn't want their money back after being unsatisfied with a product result?

Good thing, EO has a 30-day return policy where you can get a refund from the products you purchase.

Organic Products

I love how they promote non-GMO products and their devotion to changing the world. They actually mentioned that on their Mission's page.

This company is aiming big and would want to enhance people's lives through their organic products one household at a time!

Encourages Home-Based Business

Despite the pricey start-up fee, this company is not just about selling organic products. They also have a commitment to helping individuals start their own business and let them be in full control.

I think it's admirable how this company is all about “personal prosperity” and promotes fun in building a positive experience for you as their Brand Partner.

Is Essante Organics A Scam?

In conclusion, despite all the bothering facts about Essante Organics, it is a legitimate company.

Sure, they might have exaggerated some claims regarding their product certification… But they have surely provided detailed information about their products and compensation plan.

It's a networking company and we all know it's not a piece of cake to be in. You got to have the perseverance and the set of skills to grow in this kind of industry.

What I Would Recommend…

Any business structure that requires recruiting and direct selling is not an option for me.

An individual must have impeccable skills in recruiting to reach the top of the ladder in this kind of industry. We all know that it's not enough to just sell the items. Constant recruiting is the only answer to higher income potential.

It would really take a long time for an individual to gain the highest possible earning an MLM company can offer. Fortunately, there's another better option to earn a long-term passive income.

And that is through Affiliate Marketing. If you're having a second thought on becoming an associate at EO, you can check out Wealthy Affiliate!

Essante Organics











  • Non-GMO and effective products
  • 6 ways to earn
  • Encourages home-based busines


  • not a BBB accredited business
  • unrealistic claims
  • slow and replica website

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Revelations of Essante Organics”

  1. Excellent review you have done concerning essante organics and I must be sincere that this really has some baring truths. Though this has an admixture of both the pros and cons but then, I think there are some shady gut feelings I am having concerning this offer. The opportunity presented is highly lucrative yo be honest and also, the quality of product being provided coupled with the money back guarantee but the means of generating income seems more in line with recruiting to make sales and that is more like MLMA marketing which has very limited earning potentials. But I’m not sure I want to incest into this especially with the upsells involved.

    • I like what Essante Organics is doing. Providing a business opportunity for people and at the same time promoting healthier ways to keep out the toxins from your body. If you’re interested in chemical-free, toxin-free and 100% organically made products then this money-making opportunity might be for you!

  2. Well written and concise review you have here. It’s the first time I’m hearing of  Essante Organics, and it is honestly very cool to see that they have a lot to offer, but I’m not one to venture into MLM. No, not again, I have had some experience with them, but we can’t judge all by one. It looks good but not recommended, though. Great post 

    • Thank you, Henderson! MLM is not for everyone and I’m not one to go with the MLM business model either. MLM is too expensive in my opinion to start and the overhead can be a big pain in the, you know what if it doesn’t sell. Then you are stuck with a product that you can’t do much with. What’s worse is if the products expire then you can’t sell the product at all and you are out.

      My recommendation is the affiliate marketing business model. No overhead and it’s free to get started! Best of both worlds. What’s great about it being free is if affiliate marketing is not right for you then you are not out anything but the time you put in it.


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