What Is 30 Day Success Formula? Is Success Guaranteed?

Welcome to my What is 30 Day success Formula Review! ​If you're thinking about joining this company, I'd be giving you a lot of reasons to think about it thoroughly. This company is all about easy money through gifting schemes and ready-made packages for you. Let's find out if you can rake in all the money they promised you to acquire!

I introduce you to the 30 Day Success Formula! Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online! I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with the 30 Day Success Formula. This is an honest review to provide you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not 30 Day Success Formula is for you!

30 Day Success Formula Review Summary

Product Name: 30 Day Success Formula

Founder: Simon Petrowski

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing

Price:  $89-12,500

Best for:  Absolutely, no one.

Summary: 30 Day Success Formula is not anyone's ticket to success. This program practices illegal mail-order systems. They are offering over-priced products without any physical products offered.

Income can be acquired through cash gifting and continuously convincing people to step up on the levels available. This is nothing but a fraudulent scheme with false promises and fake testimonials. Still, it's up to you whether you want to give it a try or not.

Rating:  1/100

Recommended: No

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Every business out there has their charades to pull off. Don't you think that multilevel marketing companies are the most competitive businesses pout there when it comes to this aspect?

Exaggerated claims on products, unrealistic income opportunity, you name it. Usually, it just screams “pyramid scheme” all over. But at times, we could be wrong about it.

Networking companies are like “May the best man win” battle. You have to strive to be on top and outshine them all to guarantee yourself that million-dollar income. This doesn’t happen overnight, we all know that.

But here’s another company that was about to tackle has an inviting name if you ask me.

Does it promise profits in 30 days, or does it even guarantee success at all? Let’s find out.

What is 30 Day Success Formula?

This company started on May 20, 2017, as a private registered website.

Simon Petrowski was mentioned on numerous sites as the founder of 30 Day Success Formula.

Unfortunately, he seems more like a ghost to most people. Even if you take a whole lot of time searching through the internet, you won’t even find anything else regarding a Simon Petrowski.

I even checked a Facebook profile that popped up on my search, and there’s nothing there to see.

Doesn’t that bother you already?

The legitimacy of business at some point relies on the reputation of the owner. If a person is well-known, it’s easy for others to consume the products or services in confidence. Right?

30 day success formula facts

What is 30 Day Success Formula exactly?

30 Day Success formula is about so many different and complicated things.

It’s a cash gifting program that practices direct mail marketing and also offers ready-made business packages you can choose from.

The whole catch here is, in the process of sending or gifting money to affiliates, this entitles them to access different marketing courses.

As the case with its founder, you will never know who the authors are of the courses you will receive.

I’m already on a roller coaster ride here trying to get a good grasp of where their program is going.

This company does everything for you. From the advertising to closing sales for you and promises a money-back guarantee in 90 days!

How Does 30 Day Success Formula Works?

Most MLM companies offer physical products that are supposedly beneficial to their potential customers, except Primerica who offers insurance policies. Even so, these policies do what it's supposed to do.

As for the case of 30 Day Success Formula, they are offering marketing courses that start at $697, a gifting program at $89, and a ready-made business package at $4, 997.

Some people are confusing it as an MLM company since it has tiers you need to reach and constant recruitment is a must. It's actually an affiliate marketing program.

Who doesn’t want to sit down and keep scrolling on Facebook, maybe binge-watch on Netflix all day without having to worry about money? This company promises that you can have little to no actual participation at all because they will do everything for you. You just have to relax and wait for the money to arrive at your doorstep. How tempting!

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Gifting Scheme

I must commend 30 Day Success Formula for their awesome advertising. They sure know how to attract people with their offers.

They know how to tickle the hearts of the innocent and prey on them. It’s just that, people are lured to the idea of gaining profits without having to spend hours convincing other people to join them as most MLM companies do.

Because, 30 Day Success Formula promises a spot for everyone, allowing you to work your way up the levels at your phase without any pressure. They are stating that they have friendly levels you can easily reach and with free advertising for you to indulge in.

Joining this company would require you to avail of any of the membership levels starting at $89. They would recommend you purchase something higher since this means more profits for you.

Levels at 30 day success formula

This all started with a “Secret Letter” that’s going out to affiliates. It’s just crazy how no one ever really talked about what’s included in this letter that made people become a part of this company.

Testimonials are claiming how a blessing it was to those who've received it. You have to check this video out, and see for yourself whether they offer are truly convincing or not.

You are entitled to earn stacks of money without actually doing anything because the company will do it for you. The company mails letters throughout their entire list that converts. The first offline mailing will be free, and the next ones will be paid by you.

All you need to do is wait for the money to arrive in your mailbox.

I don’t know how convincing the letter is that people are pursuing to become a part of this company. Whatever is written in there sure had lots of people invest in their program, and this just means more money for those who are affiliates already.

Ready-made Business Package

30 Day Success Formula also offers packages that are “established” businesses ready for you to choose from. They vary according to price and equivalent profits you can make per month.

I’d love to have e-commerce started from scratch and run by somebody else, then rake in all the money I can get. But, we all know that’s not how the world works.

Here are the business packages they’re offering affiliates.

30 day success formula business packages

If these packages work, a return of an investment will happen just within 3-5 months. It sure is a tempting offer. And if I didn’t know any better, I might have bitten the bait and get trapped in a promise that was never real.

There are no available samples of these ready-made businesses that will be served to you unless you make an inquiry. Think about this, legitimate businesses have their products and services showcased the moment you arrive at their web page. But 30 Day Success Formula will still give you the hassle of asking for samples.

direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing is sending out sales letters or postcards to people’s homes via snail-mail.

Who doesn’t want easy money anyway? For further information about their program read here.

Money-back Guarantee

It sounds inviting when a company offer guarantees to get your money back if you were never satisfied with their products and services. And that’s one of the “good” things 30 Days Success Formula is promoting.

They are implying that not most companies do this, but they do. In a matter of 90 days, they are quite confident that you’ll earn profits as promised. But if you don’t like how things have gone for you, you can file for a return of investment.

30 Day Success Formula Ugly Truths Revealed

Not SEC-registered!

Any legitimate business that is promoting passive income and return of an investment is required to register to Securities Exchange Commissions (SEC).

If you are a legit company, you’d have to register and it’s necessary to provide that information to your market, so you won’t be deemed illegal.

No Recruits No Money

You need to have a constant number of people to recruit to have the assurance of your earning profits. I may have read somewhere that if you can’t keep up with a certain consistency of raking in people, there’s a chance of getting kicked out of the program.

How horrifying and unfair is that?

Spend More To Earn More

The only guarantee you’ll make MORE money than you already do is to SPEND more on the levels they are offering.

There’s a need for granting yourself another step to the next level of the program so you can qualify for better income. It’s not an ideal concept for me or for anyone who just wants a long-term passive income if it needs a recurrent investment.

Fake Testimonials Everywhere

It’s so easy to make up things nowadays. Some people would do just anything to fool people into purchasing products that don’t work or perhaps invest in a business that doesn’t exist.

This photo had been circulating on different reviews, definitely showing what a fraud 30 day success may be.

fake testimonial on 30 day success formula

Editing is so easy nowadays. Grabbing pictures on the internet is not a problem as well. This first photo is stating that 30 Day Success Formula is a legitimate company you can join worry-free. Unfortunately, there's proof that this testimonial is nothing but a fake. Below is the website where the photo was from.

proof of fake testimonial

Who is Simon Petrowski anyway?

If a business is a hit and is legit, why wouldn’t I let everybody know I’m the genius behind it, right?

Why would I hide under some fake name and never tell anybody who I am and take all the credit for the business I created? Unless you wouldn’t want the FTC to sue you for running a pyramid scheme!

That’s mostly my opinion. But this Simon Petrowski is nowhere to be found, not even a single footprint.

What I Like About 30 Day Success Formula

There is nothing to like about this company. But if you’re going to ask a member from 30 Day Success Formula, I’m sure you’ll hear about the most “too good to be true” things about it.

I don’t think there’s nothing else that screams to me but, “red flags are all over!”

Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam?

So here's the moment of truth!

Drum roll please!

30 Day Success Formula was not yet identified by the FTC as a scam, but if you ask most people it's nothing but a fraud.

Red flags sure are everywhere. I don't know how this kind of business stood so long preying on gullible people. Whoever owns this may have already been sleeping on a bed of money, who knows?

Would I Recommend 30 Day Success Formula?

Of course not. I would not be in the right mind if I ever recommend this kind of scheme.

Everyone wants to have a place where they can achieve success, right? 30 Day Success Formula isn’t just the right one. They may have made a few people feel like it’s their redemption from all the failures of having an online business or trying out to companies that never really worked… as obvious as it gets, it’s not for anyone.

Here’s what I can recommend that will have you earn that long-term passive income you have always desired!

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30 Day Success Formula











  • Not SEC-registered!
  • No Recruits No Money
  • Spend More To Earn More
  • Fake Testimonials Everywhere

4 thoughts on “What Is 30 Day Success Formula? Is Success Guaranteed?”

  1. No wonder I couldn’t find Simon Petrowski’s info anywhere, he doesn’t exist! Scammers like really get on my nerves! If they have the guts to charge $12k for their program, at least have the decency of showing who the person behind the mask is, right? I was this close to joining, thanks for this timely review, you just helped me dodge a bullet.

    • I’m glad this review helped Riaz! The goal for Income Generating Solutions is to help as many people avoid these types of scams. My personal goal is to help as many as I can find only the legitimate money-making opportunities online. 

      So many people have quit looking for a better way to make money because of all the scams out there and who can blame them. I’m here to turn the table on that and give you the truth about programs so that you can make an informed decision on whether to pursue these opps or move on!

  2. Excellent review you have done up here concerning 30 days success formula. I’m still baffled by the level of upsells associated with this program. If this is not a scam, I don’t know what else it could be. How on earth would I spend that many thousands of dollars just to earn a few extra bucks, it’s simply doesn’t make any sense. Besides, the fact that no real founder is associated is also worse and the worst is making use of not genuine testimonies. These are just too many red flag than to be ignored. Thanks

    • I agree with you, RoDarrick. Way too many red flags from this company. I don’t agree to pay into a system in order to make money with that system unless you are getting something worthwhile from the system. I have to say scam alert on 30 Day Success Formula.


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