Traverus Review: Is It A Worthy Investment?

Welcome to my Traverus Review!

What if you had a life guide that will lead you to greatness? A compass that will endlessly empower you to success and significance while experiencing the beauty of the world?

That sure sounds like an awesome opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. This company offers you all that as you savor the goodness of life!

I introduce you to Traverus!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Traverus. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Traverus is for you!

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Traverus Review Summary

Product Name: ​Traverus

Founder: ​David Manning

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing Company

Price: $199.95-$399.95

Best for: ​ anyone who is interested in traveling and knows a lot of people who can purchase travel packages. Also, for those who are looking for an extra income while saving up from one’s own travel expenses.

Summary: ​Traverus is far from being a scam. But as a company that practices multi-level marketing, making profits has a heavy focus on recruiting. The start-up is also expensive but there are also 18 ways you can potentially earn. Once you become their consultant you will be entitled to training and discounts on travel packages you purchase and more…

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

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Have you ever thought of traveling the world may it be alone or share the experience with the ones you love?

What if you get the chance to book anywhere with ease, and save a lot of expenses and at the same time make profits? It sounds like a really great deal, doesn’t it?

But would this little investment of yours be worth it? Would the time and effort you put into it, will somehow exceed your expectations of growth in this career?

This is what this review is all about. I’ll help you find the answers to these questions!

What Is Traverus?

Traverus is created by David Manning. This company is committed to helping you in the following aspects:

  • Personal empowerment
  • Health and wellness
  • Travel and leisure
  • Social entrepreneurship

If you visit their site, there aren’t that enough details regarding the company or how it started. Unlike other MLM companies that are all-out on providing information regarding their mission, vision, products, and whatsoever.

I have to say it’s quite disappointing. There is also no trace of anything that may suggest what inclusions their packages have to offer.

Once you click the “Book Travel” button. You will only be directed to this site:

xstream paycation

You may have heard about Paycation, if you google it and head to its website, you will just be redirected to the site of Traverus, Turns out, Paycation is also owned by David Manning and had been absorbed by Traverus. Xtream is a subsidiary of these companies and operates the same way.

Their flagship product has no other information on the site unless you contact an actual Traverus Consultant. But a calendar of events is visible in their platform.

traverus log in

How Does It Work?

You may not believe this but there are 18 actual ways you can make some income at Traverus. Knowing that you can earn more besides the 2 most common methods of acquiring profits at an MLM is already a great opportunity. How much more than you have 18 more opportunities?

Becoming A Consultant

You will only be entitled to such privileges only when you sign up on either of these 2 choices.

Cory Haasnoot


Make Real Money Online! I Can Show You How With Affiliate Marketing.


Referral Travel Consultant $199.95


    • Sign-up fee
    • Annual sign-up fee
    • Website fee for the first 30 days
    • 65% worth of travel commissions
  • Travel Club Membership

Access to the following:

  • Booking site
  • Commission Tracking System
  • Virtual Back Office

Certified Travel Consultant $399.95


  • Sign-up fee
  • Associate fee
  • Website fee for the first 30 days
  • 75% worth of travel commissions
  • Travel Club Membership
  • Travel training via Xstream
  • Capacity to book larger groups
  • Possibility of earning top industry credentials via Xstream
  • Xstream Certification Training
  • Lower Rate for Travel Packages

Compensation Plan

The most crucial part in deciding to enter any venture is through knowing that there is a great potential for making profits.

You don’t just invest in one just because of the possible benefits you’ll get as a consultant. It’s necessary that one must realize if the company they’ll invest in is worth it.

We all wanted to be the boss, to have the comfort of working from home, to have that time for leisure, and still have fewer worries because were earning passively. Usually, MLM’s offer you all those, but can they really live up to their promises?

As for this company you can earn through:

  • Selling travel packages with commissions worth up to 75%
  • Gain profits from the packages sold by your recruits
  • Plus other residual bonuses.

You will earn the 65-75% commissions when people book travel packages in your own allocated portal. The potential for making more income would be a heavy focus on recruiting. The more people you recruit, the more travel packages they sell, the more benefits for you.

The 18 ways of earning will be explained thoroughly through the video below:

Traverus Payout Plan Per Level


Payout % Payout Amount Max Per Level Max Monthly Payout
Level 01 5% $2 4 $8
Level 02 15% $6 16 $96
Level 03 5% $2 64 $128
Level 04 7.5% $3 256 $512
Level 05 20% $8 1024 $8,192
Level 06 20% $8 4096 $32,768
Level 07 20% $8 16,384 $131,072

Ugly Truths Revealed

Difficulty In Making Sale and Growing Your Network

A person who’s being ideally realistic won’t take much time to realize these things.

First, even if the niche you’re working at is a million-dollar industry, selling one small product is hard enough.

Okay, let’s say you are under a beauty niche and even though there’s a large market to sell cosmetics, let’s face it there are so many companies that could be offering the same thing. Worse, there’s a better product and a cheaper one that people would vouch for instead of what you’re endorsing.

How much more if you’re selling travel packages today? Today’s generation people would settle for something more practical. Imagine the difficulty of selling products, what more these packages that people may consider as something they don’t entirely need.

Second, this is not about being negative whether you can recruit or not. The point here is that in whatever venture you invest in, being pragmatic is the first trait you should be practicing. Why?

Let me ask you this. Are you sure you know a lot of people who can be interested in what you’ll pitch to them? You will or may run out of people to invite or offer such packages.

You are not just putting money on something you’re just crossing your fingers to, in hope of it to eventually increase on its own. You have to have the means of working for it, may it be the exceptional skills of selling or recruiting or the patience of waiting for your income to finally reach its peak.

If your goal is just to earn extra, and if you think Traverus can be an answer, I will not stop you. Unless you wanted this to be an alternative for your full-time job and just have the comfort of working from home… I might have to say that this is not a practical investment.

High Cost for Starting

You might be thinking that the price you pay for starting at Traverus is worth it. It will surely sound like it because their goal is to make you join them and assume that what you’re paying for is reasonable.

Truth be told, but an investment always has a price. But in this business model, it’s a rare chance that it’s going to return and that it will lead you to success.

There are other ways you can find that can guarantee you the income you’re aiming for while having the comfort of working from home. That’s why I’d always choose Affiliate Marketing over MLM any day.

What I Like About Traverus

High Percentage of Commissions

65-75% worth of commissions? Most companies offer up to 50% and that's just it. But with this company, when you can successfully have people book travel packages, you might be able to use that worth to book your own vacation as well!

If you know a lot of people who would be willing to avail of these packages or have them be a part of your team, you'd definitely earn a lot. But what if you can't?

Save From Your Own Travel Expenses

We all deserve a break sometimes. It sure is fun to cruise the Bahamas once in a while or fly to Palawan perhaps! Anyway, if you’ve always been the person who loves to travel and would like to spend less on the expenses, this is one of the benefits you’ll get from being a consultant. You may find it rather convenient. Imagine traveling the world at a price you can afford? Why not, right?

Is Traverus A Scam?

It’s not. Most people can easily call out an MLM company as a scam when they were not able to attain the promises laid out to them.

That’s because, usually, unrealistic requirements cannot be met by those who have invested to become a part of a networking company. We all know that there are only a few people who found their growth and success in this kind of business model.

If you can have your way in this business and may see yourself succeeding in it, that’s great. They sure do offer quite a sum of percentage for commissions and not a lot of businesses can offer that much.

What I Would Recommend

If you think you have what it takes to become successful in this kind of business model and niche, I would commend you for that.

There’s no need for a detailed illustration of how the income potential at MLM is hard to achieve. There is always heavy importance on recruiting people and you know how some aren’t interested in networking companies.

Also, if you’re not confident enough that you can pull-off direct selling and recruiting but still wants to earn extra… I would recommend you to try Affiliate Marketing.

You don’t have to have the experience, only the willingness to learn! You can be hesitant at joining MLM in fear of failing, that's normal. Truth is, there’s not a real community in it that's willing to actually help you grow and you’re definitely on your own.

But at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll never have to worry about striving alone because it has a community of people willing to help you achieve your own success.












  • Save money from travel expenses
  • Huge percentage of commissions
  • 18 ways to earn


  • selling and recruiting is harder
  • high cost of start-up fee
  • heavy focus o reecruitment

2 thoughts on “Traverus Review: Is It A Worthy Investment?”

  1. This is the second multi-level marketing company I’ve heard that is based around traveling. I think it’s a fresh concept. You would get to do more traveling yourself and become an expert in traveling. 

    I have seen a few great travel websites made by wealthy affiliate members, and I think that affiliate marketing could be an excellent way to make money providing travel services. I am doing wealthy affiliate now, and I’ve gotten a lot of value out of the premium membership. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me a lot about making money online.

    • I would much rather make money in the traveling industry through affiliate marketing. You can do so much more with affiliate marketing then MLM. With MLM you are just focusing on one company but if you make your own website with affiliate marketing you can promote many different affiliate programs and potentially make more money at it.

      There is more you can do with affiliate marketing. Which to me makes it more of a viable way to go to make money online.


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