Is Purium A Scam?

Welcome to my Is Purium A Scam Review!

Are you looking for alternatives to a better and healthier lifestyle? Perhaps you’re also in search of an opportunity to earn extra?

Purium is mainly focused on helping people create healthy habits and potentially find success from becoming their Brand Partner!

I introduce you to Purium!

Before we get started I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with Purium. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Purium is for you!

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Purium review summary

Product Name: Purium

Founder: David Sandoval & Amy Venner

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing Company

Price: $199 enrollment fee and possibly free if you meet certain requirements

Best For: anyone who is conscious about their health and would want to improve their lifestyle while earning profits along the way

Summary: Is Purium a scam? It’s not. This company is as legit as the product they are offering. Like most networking companies, they practically follow the same compensation plan. Even so, Purium has a unique way of inviting people through unique discount codes or gift cards! The income opportunity is fair but not commendable.

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No

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Reviewing and learning about companies that operate through multi-level marketing, I have noticed that each of them has their own exclusive gigs to attract potential brand partners.

It’s quite amazing how they could come up with certain tactics to entice anyone. Even though some people are entirely realistic, but can be hooked by “too good to be true” promises by MLM’s.

With this review, I might have to say that Purium is quite commendable for being informative about their products and what else they can offer potential customers and brand partners. We all know that some MLM isn’t that very detailed.

The health and wellness beauty niche is like a trend that will never go out of style. Competition is large and so is the target market. If you’re one of the people who had been looking for products that will help you maintain that healthy body and had been disappointed by what you’ve tried in the past…

Could Purium give you what you need? Or is Purium a scam? Perhaps, you want to make a living from it along the way?

Let’s find out whether this company can give you the overall wellness of your body and of your wallet too!

What is Purium?

Every company that practices multi-level marketing will always give you the idea of being your own boss. We all wanted that anyway. Like Zurvita, their goal is to support you build a healthier life and a career that’s also making a difference to help others change to a better lifestyle.

Founded by David Sandoval in 2004, this company had found success by giving its customers and brand partners a tremendous opportunity from the benefits of their product and business model. They have cooperated with superfood experts around the world to provide quality products that will make you feel good and do good.

Here are the following achievements they are bragging on their own website:

  • Rated “A” by the Business Bureau
  • Recognized as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 4 consecutive years
  • Rated 4.5 over 5 in Facebook Business Rating

I think these are enough proofs claiming the legitimacy of this business. But what about the effectiveness of the merchandise they are endorsing? Read on to find out!

be your own boss at purium

The photo above is an overview of the perks of being a Brand Partner of Purium! Do you think it works for you?

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Product Line

purium featured products

The focal point of their products is for the better totality of your nutrition. Their Non-GMO products are claiming real results. If you check their website, they have a page allocated for testimonials regarding the success of people from consuming their goods.

Not all networking companies would go out of their way to provide a page for product success stories, right?

Most of their products are offered in packages. I think it’s quite wise to do that. It sure does make people avail in bulk rather than buy one item per transaction. Even so, each product included is organic, plant-based, and non-GMO. Definitely a great option for people who are quite conscious of their overall nutrition.

taste the purium rainbow

It’s practical to buy in bundles rather than availing one product at a time since this merchandise is quite pricey. If you are looking for something for cleansing or rejuvenating, maybe for weight loss or for you family, Purium has your back. You will have a lot of choices and you can find what’s right for you according to your needs.

Just check out their catalog and see if you can discover what’s best for you.

purium review product benefits

Their products are shakes, meal replacements, supplements that will nourish your body with nutrients, get rid of the unnecessary waste and toxins. All these have undergone rigorous testing to make sure that they are safe and effective for you and your family.

How Does Purium Works?

Some people are goal-oriented. Not everyone is focused on making profits but actually making a difference in helping others experience the benefits they had from consuming a product. Those kinds of people are truly admirable. If you are one of them, you will definitely enjoy the experience Purium has for you.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this company really wanted the visitors to their website to truly grasp what they’re all about. From the products to testimonials to the opportunities and benefits, all these might convince you to join them.

You can either stay as a Loyal Customer and experience a few benefits or become a Brand Partner and maximize the advantages you’ll get.

Staying As A Loyal Customer

Here are the benefits you are entitled to according to Purium:

  • 25% discount on every purchase
  • Ability to earn Purium Reward Points you can use to claim free products
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The auto-ship program is not required
  • Possibility to upgrade as a Brand Partner

A few companies are offering convenient options for their customers who will remain loyal according to certain conditions. But we all know that enrolling as an associate is more beneficial.

Becoming a Brand Partner

Believe it or not but there are different ways for you to avail their enrollment packs. If possible, you can actually get it for free. If you comply according to their terms, of course.

Here are the packs you can avail:

Basic Pack $49

If you’re a loyal customer and would like to become a brand partner, once you avail this pack it will be given to you at a discounted price: $36.75


  • Brand Partner Digital Membership- unlimited access to marketing and training materials
  • 5 Gift Card Codes

Launch Pack $199

You can purchase this at $99 only if you purchase $250 worth of products. Or get it for free if you buy products worth up to $500. This option is only practical if you’re interested in consuming their products yourself.


  • Brand Partner Digital Membership– unlimited access to marketing and training tools.
  • 1 year of Dreams Platform- this is Purium’s own mobile app and upgraded online back office worth $99. This also gives you the privilege to maximize your network and profit.
  • The Green Foods Bible- a book by David Sandoval
  • Purium Shaker Bottle- Definitely BPA-free
  • Achievement Bonus Qualification- you’ll potentially earn $700. When you reach the rank of Director this entitles you to a one-time bonus of $200.  If you become an Executive, you will then be given $500
  • Unlimited Gift Cards for 1 Year!- you will start with 100 gift cards you can offer your family, friends or anyone. If it runs out, you have the ability to refill it within the year.
  • 15 European Gift Cards! – this gives you the capacity to build your business in Europe! Each card is worth 50 euros!
  • Qualifying Volume of 200- this is essential in advancing ranks the multilevel available in Purium
  • Matching Achievement Bonus–  immediate activation. This means that every Brand Partner you enroll that advances their rank to Director will give you $200 and anyone who turns into an Executive, you will be given a bonus of $500

Enroll for FREE!

You will only be allowed to enroll as a Brand Partner and avail the Launch Pack fi you’ll be able to meet the requirements on certain conditions.

  • If you can purchase products worth of $500, the launch pack is yours free of charge.
  • If you’re a Licensed Beauty and Wellness Professional you must submit the following:
    • Proof of being a Doctor or Beauty Certification and business card
  • If you’re a Social Media Influencer:
    • Proof of 10000 followers or subscribers, 500 likes, and comments on a post and 2000 views on IG Stories.
  • Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profits:
    • Submit a letter of determination and 501(c)(3) form

How To Earn From Purium

No one wants to put their money on anything that has no worth. These days, it’s crucial that we make the most of our time, money, and effort. We all wanted an assurance where we don’t just enjoy the benefits a company has to offer, but actually, make profits from it.

You might be looking for a venture to invest at and you’re probably here because you’re considering taking a risk on Purium. Let’s see whether Purium is worth it.

According to their compensation plan, here are the ways you can earn:

Ugly Truths Revealed

Expensive products

Some people might think that their products are a reasonable investment towards a healthier lifestyle, but a practical person would think otherwise.

Being healthy should not be so pricey. There are tons of different ways you can do to help yourself achieve the goals you want for an overall healthy body.

No proof for product claims

There is no proof that the 10-day Transformation program they are offering is valid. Even if you look for any clinical research done to prove that this program is effective, you won’t find any.

This program is expensive and yet there are no certainties available that it can work for you. We don’t want to spend money on anything.

Side effects

Not all products work for everybody. We all know that we have different types of bodies and the way a product could work for you may not to the same tricks to me. Unfortunately, many people are experiencing side effects like nausea, headache and irritability and a lot more

This doesn’t define that the product is working. Let’s say “no pain, no gain”. But this saying shall not apply to consume any organic supplement that’s supposed to help you achieve a healthier body.

Poor Customer Service

Several complaints regarding the taste of the product, the side effects and other concerns are out there. You might not believe that it all stopped at the products. Unfortunately, a company that doesn’t address the concerns of its customers is such a worry.

It seems like Purium is disregarding the complaints of people instead of helping them resolve the issues.

What I Like About Purium

Gift card system

I think it’s a very unique way of having people purchase and eventually, have them as a part of your team. Who doesn’t like gift cards anyway?

What Purium is emphasizing on this method is, you’re not just giving out discounts but an opportunity for them to have better health.

Effective Support and Training Tools

This company is not just committed to giving you the benefits of the organic products but they are also dedicated to providing you success.

You will be given access to marketing and training tools you need to grow in this industry. Unlike Traverus, they will actually teach you ways to generate leads. Weekly and monthly virtual training are just one of the perks you’ll get as a Brand Partner!

Is Purium A Scam?

You might have been questioning whether Purium is a scam or not…

Gladly, it isn’t.

Their products might have not worked for everybody but I do like the fact that they are aiming to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle. Despite my liking for their way of inviting people, which is through their gift cards, I still won’t recommend this company.

What I Would Recommend

The opportunity at any MLM company is great only if you were one of the people who were first to become a part of it. If you’ll start today in a networking company that is operating for decades, how much percentage of success would you still attain?

You’ll have little to no chance of making profits. This business model is quite inviting due to its compensation plan but has unrealistic requirements as well. We all wanted an assurance of real and passive.

If you think that’s impossible to achieve aside from being a part of an MLM company, you’re wrong. In fact, at Affiliate Marketing you have better chances of earning long-term and passive income.

If you want to find out how do not hesitate to check out Wealthy Affiliate today!












  • Gift Card System
  • Effective support and training tools
  • Certified organic products


  • Expensive enrollment fee
  • Pricey products
  • No proof of products claims
  • Product side effects
  • Poor customer service

2 thoughts on “Is Purium A Scam?”

  1. I like how their products are organic and natural and do not contain fillers or additives. I am not a big fan of the MLM model though and I would probably try something like affiliate marketing with Health products instead. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me a lot about making money online through a website and I think that Health Products would be a great niche for a website. Especially organic Health Products without a lot of additives.

    also then there would be fewer start-up costs. But I have never tried Purium so I can’t say for sure anything about it.

    • I like the organic part of Purium as well. But like you, I would rather try and find affiliate programs that sell organic products and make my own website which gives you much more freedom and a better chance of making money.


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