What Is ACN About? Another Pyramid Scheme?

Welcome to my ACN MLM Review!

Is it a scam? fraud? Or another pyramid scheme? These are the common questions we hear and even ask ourselves when faced with new business opportunities. Fear not, we will answer these questions in this review.

What is ACN About? ACN is an MLM company that provides essential services not limited to residential but also caters to businesses, as well. These services are commonly used in every household and business establishment.

Undeniably, there is a wide market for service providers but the question is, can ACN obtain a significant amount of market share.

Can you imagine a company that does everything for you? Like a one-stop-shop, everything you need will be delivered right to your doorstep. From phone plans, internet connection to payment processing, and a whole lot more, here is a company that was uniquely established for your everyday necessities.

A multi-level marketing company that provides essential services to consumers, ACN offers a promising business opportunity to interested individuals. This is an MLM business that allows you to earn by selling and recruiting.

Without a doubt, you’re here because you want to improve your way of life by looking for business opportunities. Before we get started, I would like to commend you on taking the time to do your due diligence so you don't get taken by all of the scams and rip-offs that are found everywhere on the internet.

That's how you find the legit way to make money online!

Furthermore, I would like you to know that I'm not in any way paid by or associated with ACN Inc. This is an honest review for the purposes of providing you, the consumer, the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not ACN Inc is for you!

ACN MLM Review Summary

Product Name: ACN (American Communications Network)

Founders: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz

Product TypeTelecommunications, Residential, Business and other Essential Services

PriceIndependent Business Owner (IBO) start-up Fee is $199 plus $25 monthly Business Support Fee (to maintain business status)

Best For: People who want to avail of customized services and are willing to become an IBO and build a network of IBOs

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No

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What is ACN About?

ACN stands for American Communications Network, the brainchild of four entrepreneurs namely Greg Provenzano (President and Co-Founder), Robert Stevanovski (Chairman and Co-Founder), Tony Cupisz (Vice President and Co-Founder) and Mike Cupisz (Vice President and Co-Founder). 

These power four founded ACN in 1993 in Concord, North Carolina. With their countless years of experience and knowledge in the direct sales industry, and not to mention, the disappointment they had with other companies, they decided to start their own company—one that would stand out among the myriad of MLM companies.

ACN is one of those corporations that started modestly and eventually gained powerhouse applause globally. Actually, this company began as a reseller of long-distance services in the United States. After ranking 22nd in INC Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies in the USA, ACN was featured in numerous business and industry publications. In fact, four years after its founding, ACN expanded to its neighboring country, Canada.

Today, ACN is considered as the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy, and essential services for home and business. The company has dramatically grown and has expanded its services to residential and business services that are being enjoyed by over 26 countries worldwide. ACN now maintains a global network of Independent Business Owners or IBOs that promote the company’s services through its network marketing system.

ACN’s top priority is to operate with credibility, honesty, and integrity. They believe that establishing core values is important to keep the company going and that these principles must not be compromised.  ACN also commits to giving back to the community through their Project Feeding Kids and supporting charitable foundations such as Ronald McDonald House and other local groups.

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ACN Services

ACN is a proud provider of essential home and business services such as internet services, telecommunications services, wireless, and utilities. They cover almost all of our household needs. With just one click, you can have anything you want.

ACN essential services

Source: www.acn.com

Home Phone + High-Speed Internet + Bundles

Get your services from topnotch brands. ACN teamed up with AT&T, Frontier, and Spectrum in providing internet connection and phone plans. They offer customizable bundle options for convenience and flexibility. Streams, downloads, games are made faster than ever before. What’s more, you can stay connected with anything and to everything you love online.


Users are given the freedom to choose an energy plan that suits their home. They offer unlimited and competitive energy and natural gas rates at a low price, payable on a monthly basis with a 24/7 customer service.

Satellite Television

DirectTV and Dish are the two options offered in this category. Premium channels and free installation are the top features cable-subscribers can enjoy.

Security and Automation

Smart Homes are becoming popular these days. After all, protecting our houses is undeniably one of our topmost concerns. ACN partnered with Vivint. SmartHome in providing simple, affordable security and smart home automation. They offer business security solutions to homes, offices, healthcare, restaurants, and others.

Wireless Phone Service Plans

Smart Homes are becoming popular these days. After all, protecting our houses is undeniably one of our topmost concerns. ACN partnered with Vivint.SmartHome in providing simple, affordable security and smart home automation. They offer business security solutions to homes, offices, healthcare, restaurants, and others.

Identity Theft Protection Services

Peace of mind for all is now possible. IDSeal has got you covered. IDSeal works round the clock to ensure maximum protection against invasion of privacy. It helps you protect yourself from threats and also safeguards your business.

Merchant Payment Processing Services

This is a one-stop-shop designed to save you money. A simple and affordable payment processing that can be used for independent contractors, retail shopping, online store, hospitality, and restaurants. Secure and reliable, no unexpected fees, customized solutions and 24.7 customer service—Sphere is your meet or beat opportunity.   

To find out more about their products and services, visit their official website at www.acn.com.

How to Make Money with ACN

In the ACN website, you will be presented with the ACN opportunity. Anyone who joins ACN will have the support of an “upline”. Even though we are building our own” downline”, we don’t have to do it alone. Apparently, this is one of the benefits claims when joining any MLM.  Nevertheless, you still need to understand how ACN can make your dreams come to life.

ACN concentrates on essential services that consumers already use on a daily basis. Unlike other companies where they have to spend millions in order to promote their products, ACN aims to work with individuals who can do the marketing themselves.

ACN Independent Business Owners (IBOs) can earn money in two ways:

  1. Residual commissions paid monthly based on their personal and down line customers’ usage of ACN’s services.
  1. Bonuses paid monthly and weekly based on customer acquisition personally or by IBOs on their team.

Making money with ACN is possible when you can find customers who are willing to remain in the service for a long period. You get paid each time the customer pays his or her bill or when you recruit a new IBO. In addition, you will also receive a bonus when a certain customer purchases another service. This means that you need to have convincing powers to persuade people from availing of these services.

How to Get Started with ACN

As mentioned several times in this article, ACN gives would-be IBOs an opportunity to earn an income from selling essential services that people are using. It is an off-the-rack business opportunity that can be made online.  With a global market of almost $2 Trillion, you have a high chance of becoming a part of this.

Everyone starts as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). The goal of an IBO should be to work his or her way through the earned positions detailed in the diagram below. The positions you achieve are based on the total number of customers acquired between you and your team.

ACN customer chart

Source: https://static1.squarespace.com

The IBO start-up fee is $199 which covers the cost related to establishing and servicing your business.  This fee allows you to carry out your business in whichever country ACN operates. There is also an additional fee of $25 as a Business Support Fee which is paid monthly. This fee allows you to retain your business status with ACN.

In exchange, ACN provides a full range of extensive IBO and customer support services, so you can focus on what matters most – building your business.

IBO Supports Tables

Business Tracking + Commission & Reporting System

Personal Customer List

Personal Online Storefront Where Customers

Can Learn More & Sign Up

Personal Website So You Can Share the Business

ACN Social Networking Sites

Training Material & Marketing Tools

Personal Development Center (Success On Demand)

The Benefit of ACN's Product Development and Market Analysis

Quarterly Subscription to Success Magazine

IBO Alerts

IBO Services (Chat and Text Messaging)

Conference Calling

Video Web Conferencing Services

Recognition Programs

Product Reports

Bonus Program

Incentive-Based Trips

Customer Support comprises of:

  • Customer Care in multiple languages
  • Customer Provisioning, Activation, Billing Maintenance
  • Customer Incentive & Retention Programs
  • Product Development, Information, Support & FAQs
  • Online Account Access

ACN Compensation Plan

As ACN puts it, their business opportunity has been designed to help an individual build a successful business. That is, being able to produce immediate income, as well as long-term residual income.

Qualified team trainer

ACN Earned Postion table

Source: https://www.mlmlegal.com/profiles/mlm-profiles-ACN.htm

The ACN Plan is actually simple and understandable. More so, it works to your advantage when you keep advancing to a higher level. As we all know, the higher you go, the greater income you’ll have!

Reviews | Complaints | Ratings

Whenever I want to probe the authenticity of a particular business or an MLM company for that matter, my go-to site is BBB.org. This is the first site that I always check since I believe that in order for a business to be considered legitimate, it must go through the legal process and must possess the right accreditation.

ACN is one of those MLM companies that have earned both praises and criticisms from its employees and clientele. While some people think highly of the company, there are those who have openly shared their disappointments over the company’s failure and negligence in dealing with the pressing issues.

Let me share with you the diverse reactions from different people.  

ACN BBB complaints.

Source: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/ACN-Reviews-E31927.htm

Is ACN a Scam or Legit?

Now, what? It’s time to answer your question. After reading those comments, you might think ACN is a scam or a fraud because of the notion that MLM companies mostly operate as a pyramid scheme. I honestly believe that ACN is a legit company despite the criticisms people have made against them. As we are all aware, no company is perfect and that people will always have their two cents about something.

The problems that ACN has encountered (or are still facing today) are no different from other MLM companies. However, the brutal fact is that MLM companies contain flaws no matter how they are well presented to the public.

Even though ACN aims to provide quality services and adhere firmly to their core values, there are still loopholes that need to be addressed. With that being said, I strongly advise you to contemplate on the facts presented here before making any decisions in enlisting yourself as an Independent Business Owner.

Looking for an income opportunity can be daunting for anyone who wants to start in MLM. You always have to consider the fact that you still have a boss and that you are under his authority. Also, the income you earn is nothing compared to the money you’re bringing into the company.

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  • Variety of Services
  • Variety of ways to earn
  • Easily Understandable Compensation Plan


  • Poor Customer Service
  • Instances of customers being charged for services not rendered.

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