What is AdvoCare About? [The Complaints and Lawsuit!]

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What is AdvoCare about? AdvoCare has been operating since 1993 as a multi-level marketing company. In 2019, the FDC has issued that AdvoCare is a pyramid scheme which is why the company changed its entire commission policy. They are now known as a direct selling company.

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In this article, I will talk about what AdvoCare is about and how the company transformed from being an MLM to a direct selling company. I will also tackle its products, how you can join, ways to earn, and my final thoughts.

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 AdvoCare Review Summary

Product Name: AdvoCare

FounderCharles E. Ragus

Product Type: Direct Selling (Previously Pyramid Scheme)

PriceAdvoCare has a long-range of product lines to offer. The prices would range from $20-$80. There’s a one-time payment of $59 plus the shipping fee to become a product distributor of this company. Also, you would need to pay an extra $50 annually for you to be an active distributor.

Best For: People who are good at direct selling

Rating:25 /100

Recommended: No

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What is AdvoCare about? MLM to Direct Selling

AdvoCare was founded by Charles E. Ragus back in Texas in 1993. Based on the company’s overview, the meaning of AdvoCare is to have “the commitment of an advocate who cares”. The company sells health and wellness products, as well as weight management supplements. 

The product lines include supplements, energy drinks, shakes. In a matter of years, AdvoCare was able to build their business and make it a billion-dollar company. Along with hundreds of thousands of distributors around the U.S. 

FTC Regulated

In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the case against AdvoCare International. AdvoCare distributors claimed that whoever joined their company can quit their day jobs, gain financial freedom, and earn an unlimited income by selling and recruiting.

According to FTC, AdvoCare did not pay their distributors because they were selling products. Rather, they give commission for the recruits who pay a large sum of money who would want to achieve the promoted unlimited income opportunity which is a classic sign of a pyramid scheme.

The case alleged that at least 72% of AdvoCare’s distributors either earned nothing or lost all their money from the company. The remaining 18% earned at least a penny and $250 in a year and this does not include all their expenses in buying the products themselves.

AdvoCare income disclosure table.

Source: https://www.mlmnewsreport.com/

The settlement forces AdvoCare and the former executives to pay $150 million for consumer refunds. The company and the executives are also banned from any multi-level marketing. The two top promoters of the company are also forced to pay $4 million but are suspended because of their inability to pay and are also banned from any multi-level marketing.

FTC settlement with AdvoCare chart.

AdvoCare is also required to inform all their distributors about the case and how they can avail of the settlement. The company also offers a 100% refund for all unused products to distributors who would like to leave the business.

To see the full article about this case, you can visit the FTC page.

Currently, AdvoCare is a direct selling company. This will be discussed further in the article.

I know you’re wondering now what are the products that you can sell if you become a distributor.

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AdvoCare Products – The Spark AdvoCare

AdvoCare has many products available in the market today. The prices of these products would range from $10-$50 plus the shipping.

AdvoCare products.
Source: https:// Advocare.com

Here are the categories for the product lines of AdvoCare:

  • Energy Drinks: meal bars and Spark
  • Weight Management: appetite control, supplements for metabolism and energy, and meal replacement shakes
  • Sports Performance: Muscle recovery and building
  • Wellness: Fish oil, fiber drink, vitamins, probiotics, herbal cleanse, etc.

To purchase these products, one can transact through the company website or with the AdvoCare distributor.

I’m not going into too much detail on all the products of AdvoCare, but I’m going to tackle more on the Spark AdvoCare which is the most popular product of the company.

Spark AdvoCare

Spark is a popular sugar-free energy drink. This costs between $24.99 to a whopping $54.99 depending on the serving size, flavor, and the distributor you buy it from.

So, what’s great about this product? It will depend actually on your preference of taste.

If you check out some of the reviews on the internet, you’ll find mixed comments about the Spark. Here are some of them:

Spark amazon review.

Source: Amazon.com
Feel jipped Amazon review.
Source: Amazon.com

Some of the ingredients you’ll find in the AdvoCare Spark are the following:

  • Vitamin (A, B6, B12, C, and E)
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamine
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Niacin
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Choline
  • Chromium

AdvoCare Spark flavors:

  • Green Apple
  • Cherry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Grape
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Watermelon
  • Mango Strawberry
  • Vanilla Latte (Limited-Edition)
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Limeade

Side Effects:

There are some customers who say that they do not experience any side effects when drinking the AdvoCare Spark or any of the AdvoCare products. But there are also some people who experience some mild discomforts when using their products. Some may include the following:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Needed to drink a lot of water after a couple of hours

AdvoCare Compensation Plan

To become an AdvoCare distributor, you would need to pay a start-up cost worth $59 plus the shipping fee and tax. You’ll be able to get the Distributor Kit which already includes products that you can either use yourself or sell to your buyers.

If after a year and you still want to continue as a distributor, you would be required to pay $50 annually in order to be considered as active.

AdvoCare Opportunity.

Source: AdvoCare.com

Are there sales quotas?

No. Due to the adjustments done by AdvoCare to their compensation plan (previously pyramid scheme), there’s no sales quota for distributors anymore. The only requirement for you to earn your commission is by providing your SSN.

Eligibility to Earn Compensation
Source: AdvoCare.com

How do you earn?

As a direct selling company, you don’t need to recruit anyone in order for you to earn in AdvoCare.

There are two ways for you to earn.

  1. Retail Profits

If you become a distributor, you can buy the products at a wholesale price and sell them at retail prices. Simple, right? See the table below for the discount rates.

AdvoCare discount table.
Source: AdvoCare.com

2. Wholesale Commissions

If you register your loyal customers as “preferred clients”, you can sell AdvoCare products at wholesale prices

For example, if you happen to get a 30% discount and your client gets a 20% discount on their purchase, then you get a profit from the 10% difference. 

You can check the complete 28 pages AdvoCare up-to-date policies and their compensation plan here.

Reviews | Complaints | Rating

Currently, AdvoCare has multiple complaints under their hands. With the recent case issued by FTC, they are now bombarded with billing complaints on BBB.org.

The complaints? People are being charged on their cards even if they haven’t ordered or have ever heard about AdvoCare before. The charges were supposedly their “annual subscription” with the company. 

The good thing is that AdvoCare’s customer support is trying to answer all the complaints which is why BBB.org has rated the company A-. Although, they are still not accredited by the site even if they are recorded as 27 years in the business.

Here are some of the complaints you’ll find in BBB.org:

AdvoCare complaints from the bbb.org

AdvoCare Complaints 2 from bbb.org

Legit or Scam?

After AdvoCare has changed its entire business plan, I can now say that this company is legit. Being focused on the sales of its distributors and not giving a single penny on the recruits, it’s now considered as a direct selling company.

Before joining this company to become an AdvoCare distributor, you should know first if you can actually sell their products. There are a lot of companies in the market today that also specializes in health and wellness products or weight management that has cheaper product lines like MyDailyChoice or New U Life.

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  • No recruitment needed
  • Easy to understand the compensation plan
  • Multiple products to choose from


  • Expensive products
  • Lawsuits from FTC
  • Multiple repetitive complaints on BBB.org
  • History as a pyramid scheme

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